A word from the boss

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter for 2021!

Repeatable Activities to capture data and automate processes

In this edition, we are excited to release X-Info Connect version 6.0, share APA Groups client success story, introduce some new Wantoks who have joined the Mipela team recently, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

To open I would like to introduce the following new team members, Sina Ebadi – Products Team Lead, Sam Liyanage – GIS Specialist, Matthew Favento – Software Engineer, Rob Collett – Solutions Specialist working on our X-Info DBYD Next Generation RSOTF project. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our most recent new client Pipe Craft in Western Australia to the extended Mipela family.

The big news internally at Mipela this quarter is the release of our 2023 Strategic Plan, focused on the theme of Lifecycle and the three words to guide us in what we do day to day are Responsive, Repeatable, Reliable where  our success will be measured by simplifying how people work. I’ve seen the Technology World change so much over the last two decades and it will keep changing – we need to keep changing with it. Our ability to change is what we do and hence a lifecycle approach to process and data management is critical to meet these challenges. Our X-Info suite of solutions address how you standardise data, manage change, execute work processes, drive quality, and connect with stakeholders. Our lifecycle management approach to centralising technical information and keeping it up to date and accessible means knowledge workers can be more efficient and achieve higher levels of performance. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to our Client Success Team.

To close I would like to acknowledge two very special Wantoks who were equally worthy winners of the 2020 JUSTIN FIELKE WANTOK ANNUAL PRIDE AWARD for their huge impact across the business internally and externally with our clients. Adam Herbert has been with us for just over a year, Alana O’Connor over six years and I will note the first at Mipela to win this annual award a second time (last in 2016). Congratulations to you both, thank you for your significant contributions, living our values and leading by example!

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director