Something GISsy – “Different” GIS data uses

And to finish up, here’s a couple of fun scenarios for using GIS data…

Strava: Global Heatmap

It is a visualisation of two years of trailing data from Strava’s global network of athletes. To give a sense of scale, the new heatmap consists of:

  • 700 million activities
  • 1.4 trillion latitude/longitude points
  • 7.7 trillion pixels rasterized
  • 5 terabytes of raw input data
  • A total distance of 16 billion km (10 billion miles)
  • A total recorded activity duration of 100 thousand years

What3Words: every 3m2 in the world a unique 3 word address

Postcodes are frequently inaccurate, street address searches drop pins in the centre of buildings and many places, like entrances, parks and beaches don’t have an address.

With what3words, you can find or share any precise 3m2 in the world using just three words:

2021 Crowd Favourite : Evergiven

The ship that keeps giving…

Drop anchor on this page and play with the interactive map, which lets you move the infamous ship anywhere on the globe to jam other waterways, compare it to the size of the closest water body near you, or drop it on land to add to your town’s list of monuments. Hello Brisbane River!