Altitude Cycling Racing Team update

As 2018 draws to a close Mipela GeoSolutions will be handing on the naming rights sponsorship of the Altitude Cycling Racing Team, as it’s time for others that add great value to be recognised accordingly.

It has been wonderful to see the team develop over the last five years in the QRTS and myriad of events that occur in Queensland’s cycling calendar. The success they’ve achieved on building community through cycling is a credit to the integrity of the values they uphold, in particular “Attitude”. The hard work of the support structure that has been developed, along with the camaraderie of ALL involved from the generosity of the support people who attend the events to assist the riders. To the sponsors and to see a few riders progressing towards their dreams of becoming professional cyclists, it has been amazing to be able to play a small part in it.

The foundations have been well set and we look forward to following the Altitude Cycling Teams journey as they continue to grow and prosper powered by Allsports Physiotherapy into 2019.