Rockhampton Regional Council needed to amalgamate their asset datasets into a new system due to the merger of the former councils of Fitzroy Shire, Livingstone Shire, Mt Morgan Shire and Rockhampton City.


MapInfo and ESRI water, stormwater and sewer assets were migrated into a new ESRI file Geodatabase in Council’s Geographical Information System (GIS) facilitated by Mipela GeoSolutions’ Services team.


The intent of the new scheme of approximately 185,000 assets was to contain the essential attribute information that users would need to commonly reference in the GIS leaving the operating data stored within Council’s Asset Management System (Conquest).

Rockhampton Regional Council

Migrating data with Mipela GeoSolutions Services

Rockhampton Regional Council was formed from the former council’s of Fitzroy Shire, Livingstone Shire, Mt Morgan Shire and Rockhampton City. With more than 1,300 employees serving more than 111,500 people in 70 unique communities throughout the region, it is little wonder they had some challenges relating to their spatial data.

Mipela GeoSolutions have been working with the GIS team at Rockhampton Regional Council in order to assist them with the amalgamation of their MapInfo and ESRI asset datasets. Staff from both organisations have now moved all of the old datasets into the new ESRI file: Geodatabases and Feature Classes. This represents an almost exact doubling of the asset objects in their database and a more efficient way of managing the vast amounts of spatial data that staff contend with on a day to day basis.