Let there be Cake!

Recently, our Senior Software Engineer, Craig Williams celebrated his 10th anniversary with Mipela. Craig’s hard work and intelligence has been integral to the evolution of Mipela’s suite of products over the past decade. When asked to reflect on his time at Mipela so far, it’s the people and the culture that have defined his experience.

Craig said, “It’s funny – on my first day here we had cake. On my 10th anniversary we had cake and today we had cake. So, I’m thinking – can anything be better than cake? But really… it is about the people – and that’s a true credit to Hayden. What you guys (sic) are doing now is the best thing about working at Mipela, getting together and having a laugh… and hopefully some more cake!”

The wonderful pavlova in the photo was made by Jaci from organic eggs from Mia’s chickens who eat the office food scraps (see also our article on Corporate Responsibility for context).