Mipela and Corporate Social Responsibility

Buzz words like zero waste and waste reduction have been all the rave recently, with good measure.

While Mipela has always aimed to uphold environmental obligations as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we’re also continually looking for ways to step up further in line with the environmental change conversations that have been happening recently.

As an office full of bike riders, public transport users and home gardeners, minimising the environmental impact of our business has been a no brainer.

More reusable coffee mugs and water bottles are popping up around the office and our work fridge is stocked full of reusable containers with home grown salads and homemade meals.

  • Our compostable waste goes to the compost bins and then onto the gardens where those homemade salads come from
  • Our food scraps go to a staff members’ chickens who make the eggs that go into our morning teas (sometimes when we’re really lucky)
  • Our toner cartridges go to Planet Ark for recycling
  • Our paper and cardboard is also recycled
  • We even buy recycled toilet paper from www.whogivesacrap.org.

In addition, the office has also jumped on board the COEX initiative implemented recently by the Queensland Government and we’re donating this money to charity.

Bit by bit we’re making changes and we encourage you to do the same because while the efforts might seem small, every little bit counts!