From hotels to hospitals and schools to service providers, the confidence of dealing with an experienced commercial plumber means that with both scheduled works and in the event of an emergency, the job will be completed in the minimum of time, allowing business to continue normally as soon as possible.

With highly-skilled, professional plumbing engineers, at Plumber Rocklea we provide exceptional installation and repairs for industrial and commercial client across a diverse range of sectors, from manufacturing, to production, to food processing, to mining. As plumbing specialist, we hold most of the stock that you are likely to need at our premises. When it comes to the crunch, we have the expertise and the equipment to keep your facility running. As well as high standards of work, we combine efficiency and cost-effectiveness too.

Each engineer in our team is qualified, registered and a time-served expert in their field. Businesses enjoy our punctual reliable service and guaranteed work. Only when you are satisfied with our work, are we satisfied in the result.

We provide complete plumbing design and installation services too, so if your facility is being created from the ground up, or if you are planning to expand your premises, speak with us first. Our skilled, professional engineers carry out a lot of installations for large projects across all kinds of industry sectors.

One of our key services is the prevention of events that are likely to force the closure of your facility with ongoing plumbing maintenance. Regular site visits to test and check your plumbing and drainage systems enables us to pre-empt any foreseeable issues, so allowing your business to continue running smoothly. Being able to depend on a first-rate plumbing company, capable of annually servicing your organisation’s mechanical and electrical systems, who can also ensure they are running safely and cost-effectively makes sound business sense. Our plumbers can also maintain your heating, ventilation and cooling systems too.

We are also backflow prevention specialists. A major concern for our local council since the 2011 floods we can survey, install, repair and test all types and sizes of backflow devices to ensure complete compliance with Government guidelines and requirements.