Tips and tricks

Q1: How does the email drag and drop function work?

A1: Emails can be dragged from a Microsoft Outlook Client and dropped into the Communications tab for a Project or Linked Entity to automatically create a new communication or a follow up communication. This feature is only available in X-Info Connect client software version 5.1.3 and above.

Here’s how it works:

  • Firstly click on the Communication tab for the Project or Linked Entity within X-Info Connect
  • In Microsoft Outlook, select the email (or multi-select if required)
  • Drag the email into the Communications Summary window and drop
  • The email will be added as a new communication.

Q2: I’ve just tried to enter the URL for X-Info WebConnect OR X-Info Maps but it’s not working.  How do I fix it?

A2: Check the URL. As part of our ongoing process improvement strategy, we have implemented changes over the last year.

  • The website address may have changed from http to https, which is a secure protocol. The transition to https has been introduced as an additional security measure.
  • In preparation for the upcoming release of the DBYD Referral Service of the Future by the Australian Association Dial Before You Dig Service, X-Info Maps and X-Info DBYD suite clients’ URLs are being progressively updated and personalised. All clients will receive communications from Mipela regarding this as they are changed. We will always send notifications to business owners regarding changes of this nature, however sometimes not all users are made aware, or forget about the changes.

Q3: Does X-Info software support GDA2020?

A3: X-Info Maps version 6.0 now supports datasets with 2020 projections such as GDA2020 to align with the new continent-fixed datum, bringing the coordinates of Australia’s mapped features back into line with global systems.

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the Mipela Support Team at