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X-Info Maps – common or new methods of importing layer data

Did you know that you can use automated services to keep your layer data up to date in X-Info Maps using Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS), or ESRI Mapping Services (available in X-Info Maps version 6.0)?


  • Moving to WFS, WMS or the ESRI REST integration will keep your GIS data current
  • It removes the need to supply your data to Mipela Support and risk it being out of date until the next update
  • No more having to manually supply your data – eliminate emails with attachments, file shares and FTP!

Tell me more about WFS and WMS…

Layers added into X-Info Maps can be published as WMS and WFS so users can view and manipulate the layers in their selected spatial software, eg. ESRI ArcGIS or MapInfo.

WMS works a little differently than the other dataset types as it requires some advanced configuration of the import selection.

WFS versions supported:

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 2.0

WMS version supported:

  • 1.0

Authentication Methods

  • Basic – uses reversible Base64 encoding instead of encryption
  • NTLM – NT Lan Manager security protocol used for authentication
  • Digest – an authentication where a web server uses the credentials with the web browser
  • Auto – automatically authenticates users

Tell me more about the new ESRI Mapping Services supported in X-Info Maps version 6.0

ArcGIS Server map services host map data in cached (tiled) or non cached (dynamic) format. For ESRI Mapping services, sets of raster (imagery) and vector (feature) data are consolidated into layers and made available as one web service. ESRI Mapping services for both features and images can now be imported into X-Info Maps and X-Info DBYD suite Projects using defined URLs to display these layers.

Authentication Methods

There are three authentication methods that can be used for ESRI Services:

  • None – requires no further authentication
  • Generate User Token – requires a Username, Password and Authentication Service URL
  • Generate App Token – requires Client ID, Client Secret and Authentication Service URL (a default is provided)

If you would like more information on the use of WMS and WFS or ESRI from X-Info Maps, and how we can set this up for you, please contact the Mipela Support Team on 1300 857 870 or at