Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) identified that manually processing DBYD requests was demanding on time and money. To be more efficient, CHRC recognised the need to install an automated system. They also identified key resources that when unavailable due to leave or sickness, were unable to respond to enquiries in a timely manner.


Mipela GeoSolutions proposed that CHRC implement X-Info DBYD suite online to assist with reducing enquiry response times and risk mitigation. The solution was straight forward, and easy to implement, with both Mipela GeoSolutions and CHRC working together to produce the solution.


X-Info DBYD suite allows CHRC to focus on activities that are of greater benefit to the organisation, rather than being tied up producing responses to DBYD enquires.

Central Highlands Regional Council

Another X-Info DBYD suite online activation for Central Highlands Regional Council

Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC) are a Central Queensland Council that has the responsibility of maintaining many thousands of assets, including storm water, water mains man-hole pits and many other associated underground services.

To protect their investment from damage, CHRC has implemented Mipela GeoSolutions’ X-Info DBYD suite online system to enable protection of their assets, reducing the need to respond to incidents that occur by third party construction works.

By using Mipela GeoSolutions’ X-Info DBYD suite, Central Highlands Regional Council can focus on their core business functions of providing continuous services to the community, ensuring high availability of these services and reducing the risk to assets and related infrastructure.