Service Management and Field Service Software Solutions

X-Info Service suite is a field management software that captures information relating to field based tasks via a mobile data capture app, allowing a user to capture of confirm information and then making this information available in real time between field workers and the office.

It can be used for many different applications across the Energy and Infrastructure industry from assigned maintenance tasks such as wellsite inspections to landowner interactions or even reporting damaged assets.

This significantly reduces the time it takes to assign, execute and conduct tasks in the field, with no paper to be lost or spreadsheets to be reentered. Workflows in the background of X-Info Service suite can further automate the flow of data to instantly produce reports, assign next steps to other workers and notify other people of completed or escalated tasks via email or SMS.

Mipela GeoSolutions enables clear competitive advantage with its X-Info service management software and field service software solutions.

Field workers can also utilise the functionality of their mobile devices to capture audio, video and pictures or even use the talk-to-text function of their device to quickly and easily provide information in written format.

  • Easy to use user interface is available to users on iOS or Android devices
  • Can be used in remote areas – online and offline
  • Device based functionality like talk-to-text, photos, video and audio files can also be used to simplify the user experience
  • Has a spatial component to ensure users are at the right location
  • Tasks can be either pre assigned to a user or adhoc
  • Enter the data once, use it many times
  • A paperless way to capture or confirm information
  • Additional workflow automation such as report creation, emails, or triggering another task available
  • Can integrate with other systems.
x-Info service management software
Work Instructions and site data can be passed to field service technicians via hand held devices or computers
  • Service management software includes predefined forms ensuring Work Instructions are clear and consistent to both the client and field service technicians in a consistent format
  • New forms can be created and pushed out to technicians in real time by office based staff
  • Available via a mobile app or browser based portal
  • Gives field technicians relevant, up to date data available without the need to travel back and forth to the office
Field service software management UI
All site data and work information is stored electronically
  • Data needs only be entered once whilst on site and is immediately available for use by office based staff
  • All communications, contacts, procedures, documents and mapping can be recorded against each job
  • Information can be searched by any relevant field (eg. job number, field site, etc.) or by keywords
  • Electronic information becomes single point of truth, eliminating issues related to version control
field service management software
Pictures and videos can be captured
  • Utilises the functionality of the mobile devices to capture audio, video and pictures or even the talk-to-text
  • Ability to share real time visuals enhances communication between stakeholders
  • Enhanced reporting through visual confirmation of work completed
Australian service management software solution
Timesheets can be completed on site and submitted automatically
  • Tasks can be date stamped and geospatially confirmed to increase traceability
  • Data is available in real time, no waiting for field workers to return to the office
  • Ability to run real time resource utilisation reports
Australian field service software X-Info
Site locations and geospatial information can be accessed by technicians via maps
  • Ability to track workers in the field
  • Provides a visual representation of assigned tasks locations to optimise work assignment
  • Remote service management locations that may not appear on maps can be pinpointed for clarity.



Communication between the data storage in the Connect connections and the data capture in the Aware Client (Android, iOS, Windows software) is handled through the Aware API which is part of the X-Info Connect Server.

xi aware data capture field service software

Key applications

X-Info Service suite service management software transforms maintenance tasks into a simple user experience enabling the Energy and Infrastructure mobile field service workforce to locate where they are, view their data and record what’s happening wherever they are, eliminating the need for paper filing, storage, and maintenance.

Current sectors

  • Field service management
  • Energy exploration
  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Mining and resource development
  • Water and wastewater
  • Pipeline, power, telecommunications, road and rail infrastructure
  • City and regional Councils
  • State and Federal Government
  • Engineering, construction and communications consultancies
Case studies
Zinfra and Tasmanian Gas Pipeline