Make the move to mobile communications

Today, our increasingly dynamic and mobile workforce needs more than just email and a calendar on their desktop or smartphone. Whether in, or away from the office, the ability to analyse data from multiple business systems is crucial for smart, on the go decision making.

With X-Info WebConnect business process software you can quickly and conveniently navigate company databases that were designed for the desktop, on a browser.

X-Info WebConnect was built from the ground up to adapt its interface to modern desktop or touch based mobile devices, regardless of operating system or browser. It is an innovative and responsive, cloud hosted business process software product that allows users to easily interact with critical business information.

Business Process Software AustraliaX-Info WebConnect empowers your connections and puts the pulse of your business in the palm of your hand.

X-Info WebConnect is a registered and certified Australian Made product.

Simplify the access to your data

Using X-Info WebConnect is simple. The interface is intuitive and accessed on a browser. With just a few taps or mouse clicks you can easily navigate and modify your data, or report on the information and communications within your business.

Use your preferred device

Designed to operate on desktop and mobile devices, X-Info WebConnect optimises the presentation of data to suit the display on which is being used. Whether you’re in or out of the office, navigating complex business data is easy and natural, even on a small screen.

Stay focused on your tasks

X-Info WebConnect’s innovative role centric user interface tailors itself to reveal only the tasks and data appropriate for each user. Roles control how each type of user interacts with WebConnect. They simplify the interface and define how users search for information and what data can be viewed or edited.

Open up your information channels

Ensure the right information is available to the right people. X-Info WebConnect lets you open up and precisely control the pathways to your business data.

Host your data in the cloud

Take your connections beyond the confines of your office network. X-Info WebConnect business process software gives users the freedom to access critical business knowledge wherever an Internet connection is available.

Simple Interface

X-Info WebConnect’s clean and logical interface takes your complex business information and makes it simple to navigate even for inexperienced users.

Industry Specific Data

X-Info WebConnect leverages the power of the X-Info Suite and can be tailored to use any of its data including business objects, contacts, communications, procedures and spatial data.

Rich Media Fields

Go beyond the limits of standard data fields like text, numeric, date and time. X-Info WebConnect lets you use a variety of rich media fields to define your business objects including images, documents, lists, geometry and maps.

Dynamic Reports

No matter where you are, keep your finger on the pulse of your business with personalised dashboards. All your critical business activities and processes can be viewed spatially, graphically or in tabular format.

Mapping Services

Locate and navigate your business objects spatially using a variety of interactive mapping services including X-Info Maps.

Locating Information

In every business different users need to focus on their own data. Customised QuickFinds streamline decision making and simplify the task of locating data by showing only those fields that are relevant to particular user groups.

Adaptive Interface

Whether you are using a mouse and keyboard on a desktop, or swiping and tapping on your mobile, X-Info WebConnect is configured to meet your needs.

Advanced Customisation

X-Info WebConnect is extremely flexible and customisable. Extending and tailoring its interface for your specific needs is simple using the administration tools found in X-Info Connect.

Role Based Security

X-Info WebConnect’s security features control how users interact with the system. User group security settings define each user’s role, their tasks and what data they have permission to access.

System Requirements
WebConnect Client

Google Chrome

WebConnect Server
  • Windows Server 2012 or newer
  • IIS7 or newer (with ARR and URL Rewrite modules for Reverse Proxy)
  • X-Info Connect
System Architecture

Key applications

  • Land Access and Negotiation
  • Community and Key Stakeholder Consultation
  • Cultural Heritage and Native Title Management
  • Project Environmental Impact Studies
  • Planning Studies for Site and Corridor Selection
  • Issues Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Property Management
  • Tenement Management
  • Media relations
  • NGO relations
  • Government relations
  • Investor relations

Current sectors

  • Energy Exploration
  • Energy Generation and Distribution
  • Mining and Resource Development
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Pipeline, Power, Telco, Road and Rail Infrastructure
  • City and Regional Councils
  • State and Federal Government
  • Engineering, Construction and Communications Consultancies
Case studies
Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation
Beach Energy
City of Rockingham
City of Sydney
Epic Energy
First Gas
Queensland Urban Utilities