In Australia materials need to be tracked whilst being treated and/or disposed of during remediation projects. Typically this involves multiple movements. Associated data required for compliance and environmental reporting is captured throughout this process from several sources including EPA Transport certificates, onsite weighbridge data, stockpile GPS data, timesheets, external compliance reports and financial data.


With so many steps in the process it can be difficult to keep the data all in one place. Australia-based geospatial mapping specialist Mipela provides the perfect materials tracking software solution through its X-Info Suite, which automates the onerous reporting requirements to save significant time and effort.

Give yourself the cost and value edge over the competition.


Key Benefits

  • Provides a repository for all materials tracking information
  • Automates the generation of a variety of reports and import of data from different sources and systems
  • Materials tracking software enables field data capture using a mobile app
  • Provides a spatial view of stockpile locations and current status/contents.