Land access management can be a time consuming, stressful nightmare, especially when it comes to meeting legislative requirements and reporting. Then there’s administering land owner details, managing new acquisitions and the list goes on and on. Now you can eliminate the unnecessary access management stress with Mipela’s X-Info Suite land access software solution.

Mipela offers a fully configurable solution that allows businesses to store, maintain, track and analyse information for their business and provide access to all users regardless of location.



“Australian electricity transmission specialist ElectraNet was in a ‘world of pain’ with its ‘old’ system. Having X-Info Connect implemented has been an outstanding success, resolving all of the issues it faced. X-Info Connect has provided ElectraNet with a flexible, intuitive system that allows us to build business processes that provide positive outcomes”, said David Manley, Landholder Liaison Coordinator at ElectraNet.



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