A word from the Boss

“Improve Reliability”

Welcome to Autumn’s GeoSolutions News

In this edition, we are thrilled to share Gas Pipeline Victoria and Ampol’s client success stories, welcome two new Wantoks Shelley Fitzgerald and Silke Nawrocki, and three new clients Elington Village Energy, Whitehaven Coal, and Inner West Council to the extended Mipela family. Rolling in 83 days, one of our #projectMAD initiatives, aimed at bringing like-minded individuals and businesses together to Make A Difference (MAD) to those with Multiple Sclerosis by riding with us in Brissie to the Bay, whilst raising awareness and funds for MS Queensland.

It has been an exciting start to 2024 with some big projects underway. Our Kamapim continuous improvement process carries on with this year’s focus on the theme of “Alignment” (identifying capability gaps and cross-organisational dependencies). Doing so will help us create strategies for improving our cloud platform and services, ensure stakeholder alignment, and facilitate relevant organisational change management activities. Numerous industry events are happening across several states (so good to be able to see people in person) including our sustained sponsorship of the APGA New Zealand Seminar and Golf Day in New Plymouth this month. Our Digital Transformation Stage continues with the enhanced security phase of our new Modern Hosted Platform activities well underway, targeted for completion at the end of May, positioning us with the most up-to date secure, resilient and efficient platform for the X-Info suite of assurance solutions.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Effective land management across the Gas Pipeline Victoria

The Gas Pipeline Victoria (GPV) is part of the Solstice Energy Group. It owns and operates a 182km high pressure transmission pipeline from Carisbrook to Horsham in south west Victoria. This pipeline is integral to the supply of gas to the regional Victorian towns of Avoca, Ararat, Stawell and Horsham.

GPV operates the pipeline in accordance with a safety case as administered by Energy Safe Victoria under the Gas Industry Act, 1997. It also operates under the Australia Standard AS 2885 – the standard for high pressure pipeline systems.

Later last year, GPV and Mipela commenced a project to provide GPV with a software solution to manages its lands management reporting requirements. A system was established incorporating all land parcels along the pipeline and its easements. This system, X-Info Lands Management, provides GPV users with the ability to add communications or interactions, search land parcel engagement history and provide reports to the regulators from a secure, browser based portal. This information is also spatially represented in the portal in an interactive map activity. Field users can also enter information via a mobile data capture app called X-Info Aware. X-Info Aware is fully integrated into X-Info Lands Management so the data is entered once only. Supporting document such as Notice of Exercise, Easements and other agreements can also be created, issued and managed through the supporting workflows within X-Info Lands Management.

System Administrator and GIS Team Lead, Gillian Bennett said, “X-Info Lands Management will become a crucial part of how we manage this pipeline. As we, as a business, become more familiar with the power of X-Info Lands Management, we will continue to make enhancements to optimise our processes and align with reporting requirements. X-Info Lands Management has the flexibility to be able to support these changes and Mipela has the business processes in place to ensure this happens effectively.”

Mipela also provide a number of solutions to other parts of the Solstice Energy Group and looks forward to this ongoing business partnership.

It’s the stuff you don’t see that’s keeping you safe

There are some compelling reasons that Mipela does not provide a self serve portal for its X-Info Assurance suite clients. We provide you with additional levels of assurance so that your critical business infrastructure is being adequately protected.

We minimise the risk by providing a rigorous change management and approval process for any changes or updates to your automated response system.

We also provide traceability and history of all enquiries, not just the last 90 days. This information can be critical to resolving reinstatement issues.

Mipela clients can rest assured that consideration and measures have been put in place to ensure optimised security for critical business infrastructure asset owners.

We also provide the tools within X-Info Assurance suite to make sure you’re prepared and able to capture communications against each enquiry that may later support retrospective asset damage.

If you’d like to learn more detail on how we continue to provide our clients with more and more assurance, just contact our Client Success team.

x-infocus tips and tricks

Digital cadastral database (DCDB) data updates and managing parcels in X-Info Connect Stakeholder and Landholder Management connections

It’s important to review and update parcel data within Stakeholder or Landholder Management systems to ensure that you’ve got the most recent parcel updates or new parcels from subdivisions.

Q1: How regularly do you recommend completing a DCDB parcel update?

A1: Ultimately the frequency is up to you and if you’re able to get the data, how frequently it’s received. If we’re completing the DCDB update for you, we’d recommend every 6 – 12 months. If you’re providing the data to be updated, we can set up an update process and run it as frequently as every two weeks.

Q2: We don’t have the resources to complete a review and update of the current parcels in X-Info Connect, can Mipela help?

A2: Whether it be updating parcels you have identified to upload, or completing a full DCDB update where we review the current DCDB data against your assets and update, the Support Team at Mipela can assist.

Q3: I don’t have a specific buffer for parcels I’d like uploaded into X-Info Connect, can we review spatially against an asset to see what needs to be imported?

A3: Mipela’s Support team can prepare a list of properties to review spatially against your asset/s to see what’s currently in X-Info Connect and what needs to be added.

If you would like further information or assistance in completing a parcel update, please contact the Mipela Support Team at support@mipela.com.au.

Ampol joins our Client Community!

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Mipela client group – Ampol! In the latter part of 2023, Ampol embarked on a journey to enhance their responsiveness to BYD enquiries, and we are delighted to share that they have chosen to elevate their processes with the advanced capabilities of the X-Info Assurance suite.

As the largest transport energy distributor and retailer in Australia, Ampol manages a network of assets spanning various regions in New South Wales. What sets Ampol apart is their unique approach to handling BYD inquiries. Employing a meticulous process, they ensure that every inquiry receives an immediate response and that all excavation works undergo assessment by specialised staff before commencement.

We are particularly pleased to highlight the proactive role of Dean Allison, the NSW BYDA Pipeline Supervisor at Ampol. His swift and dedicated support in transitioning to X-Info Assurance suite reflects Ampol’s commitment not only to the wellbeing of their assets but also to the safety of anyone involved in excavation activities.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Ampol! We look forward to a collaborative and successful partnership, leveraging the capabilities of X-Info Assurance suite to enhance efficiency and safety in their operations.

#projectMAD Special Invitation (14th Year) – RideWithUs!

#projectMAD is an initiative aimed at bringing like-minded individuals and businesses together to Make A Difference (MAD) to those in need.

Rolling in 83 days is this year’s MS Queensland’s Brissie to the Bay, which marks a very special day in our calendar each year that we get to ride with an AMAZING group of people.

Mipela GeoSolutions in partnership with AWS, ISGQ, MC Global, Powered, Sentanil Systems and our Community of awesome fundraisers have chosen to again support “the ride to fight MS”. So whatever stage you’re at in your cycling obsession you can be part of the “Mipela GeoSolutions Powered by AWS Social Cycling Team”, pedalling for good and aiming to raise $15,000 for MS Qld in 2024, making a difference to the lives of those Queenslanders with multiple sclerosis.


Staff profile

Meet the Maestro: Craig Williams

Ever wondered who the wizards behind the scenes are, conjuring up the software magic that keeps your data game on point? Well, hold onto your hats, because we’re about to give you the lowdown on the rockstars of our Products Team.

This time, it’s all about Craig Williams.

The Code Guru

Picture this: 20+ years of pure dedication to the Mipela crew. This Wantok (yeah, he’s practically family) is not just any Senior Software Engineer; he’s the maestro orchestrating the symphony of code that powers our X-Info suite of products.

Craig’s got the brainpower, the creativity, and a mad love for software development. Whether it’s busting out the next big thing or being the go-to guy for killer problem-solving – Craig’s the man.

Craig’s Vibe

When he’s not rocking the keyboard, Craig’s living his best life. Picture him cutting through the water, catching the latest flicks, jet-setting around the globe, and of course, indulging in some serious chocolate therapy. It’s our way of celebrating victories, big and small.

At Mipela we’re all about the awesome folks who make our products shine, and Craig Williams is the real deal. So, buckle up, because this is just a sneak peek into the squad that’s making sure your ride with the X-Info Suite of Products is nothing short of epic.

I’m in a pickle

Have you ever gone to log in to X-Info WebConnect (or any other web application for that fact) and it just doesn’t do what you want? Here are three of the most asked questions and what you can do. Of course, you can always contact our Support team if these don’t fix the issue.

Q1: The log in page isn’t working as expected. What can I do?

A1: You can clear you cache by holding down the “Ctrl” key and then pressing the “F5” key.

When you use a browser, it saves some information from websites in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues.

Q2: I could log in before but now I can’t. What can I do? I know the URL is correct.

A2: Are you on the same computer? In the same location and on the same Wi-Fi connection as you were when it last worked? If the answer to any of these is NO then the quickest way to see if it’s your network setting, is to hotspot to your mobile phone Wi-Fi. If you can now access X-Info WebConnect and log in, you will need to talk to your internal IT Team for assistance.

Q3: I can only see some of the page, and when I scroll down I can’t get to the bottom of the page. What can I do?

A3: Zoom out by holding down the “Ctrl” key and then pressing the “-“ key, each press of the “-“ key should make the page slightly smaller.

Stop zooming when you can see the scroll bar and move it down to the bottom of the screen display.


The following posts are from previous newsletters.

A Word from The Boss

“Enhance Security”

Welcome to Summer’s GeoSolutions News

In this edition, we profile a couple of client stories, detail how to best manage user management change requests, present some more X-InFocus tech tips, provide some insight in our next major software release, update of our teams’ activities in connecting people with information, and offer an exciting 2024 giveaway.

We welcome Paulina Lee, Senior GIS Specialist, to our Solutions team in Brisbane.

2023 has been a busy year, 37 solutions projects delivered, the release of version 7 of the X-Info suite, migration of all our clients to our new AWS Cloud Platform, culminating with the successful rollout of Before You Dig Australia National Referral Service Format changes in our X-Info Assurance suite completed on 23 November, the end is in sight. It has been such a pleasure to catch up with so many clients personally, whether it was in meetings, an event, sharing a bite to eat or a coffee across the country over the last few weeks. It is such a privileged to be able to travel and am reminded how lucky we are to live in this part of the world.

To service the dynamic energy and infrastructure sectors at such a significant time, as we all look to navigate the hugely complex and challenging energy transition that is well and truly underway (where hiring and retaining the resources to deliver on our commitments while keeping up to date with the risks of cyber incidents, business disruption, changes in legislation and regulation) is accelerating our digital Transformation Stages.

2024 see us start to align the Next Generation of X-Info Suite with our new AWS Platform, will see us identify capability gaps and cross organisational dependencies. Doing so will help us create strategies for improving our cloud platform operations, ensure stakeholder alignment, and facilitate relevant organisational change management activities. It is certainly exciting to be heading into the new year.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and welcome our most recent new clients, Ampol and Energy Queensland, thank the significant number who have renewed and congratulate one of our long-term valued clients Australian Gas Infrastructure Group’s Dampier Bunbury Pipeline team on the successful migration and modernisation of their X-Info Assurance suite automated enquiry response and third party works solution to our hosted AWS platform.

On behalf of the Mipela team thank you for your trust and support throughout 2023. Wherever you might be with friends and family over the Christmas period, we send our best wishes for a rewarding and successful New Year which we look forward too with excitement and confidence. Travel safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Mipela are Proud to Protect Qeno’s Botany Assets using the Power of X-Info Assurance suite

Qenos is the powerhouse shaping Australians’ everyday experiences by transforming low-value gases into high-quality polyethylene and resins.

As the exclusive Australian leader in this field, they maximise the potential of our natural resources. A crucial ally to Australian manufacturers, Qenos stands out with unmatched technical support, stellar customer service, and a nationwide distribution network ensuring swift polyethylene delivery via a dedicated container fleet. Their premium product range, from PE100 for pressure pipes to Alkatuff for robust environments, guarantees top-tier quality.

With an ongoing commitment to improvement, Qenos have automated their asset protection using X-Info Assurance suite to free up important resources and guarantee almost immediate responses to all BYD enquiries.

“It’s reassuring to know that Mipela are providing the assurance we require with very quick BYD enquiry response times and security practices fit for critical infrastructure,” said Mark Walker, Qenos Offsite Storage & Pipelines Manager.

Beyond elevating daily life with safer and cleaner solutions, Qenos is a premier manufacturer, importer, distributor, and exporter of specialty polymers through their in-demand eXsource specialty distribution arm.

Update on our process improvement Kamapim project

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s with a sense of accomplishment and excitement that we reflect on the journey of the past 12 months at Mipela. In this time, we’ve invested significantly in expanding the knowledge base of our team, and it’s so good to observe the blossoming of key themes that have fuelled our growth and success.

One of the focuses every year has been the evolution of our product roadmap. The dynamic nature of our product development has been a testament to our dedication to providing solutions that make a real impact. Spoiler alert – you will need to wait to find out what we have planned next.

Furthermore, our dedication to continuous improvement has been a guiding principle in shaping how we develop our products and nurture our people. The journey of growth extends beyond software enhancements; it encompasses the development of our team members and their skills. The strides we’ve made in this area are evident in the achievements of each team member.

Of course, for my little article here, we can’t overlook the critical aspect of cybersecurity. In 2023, our steadfast commitment to fortifying our digital defences has been unwavering. It’s an integral part of our ethos as we strive to ensure the safety and integrity of the solutions we provide to our clients.

As we approach the close of a BIG year, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the collective growth of our team. We’ve not only grown professionally but have also deepened our understanding of one another. This camaraderie has been pivotal in navigating personal challenges, professional challenges, and the unique demands of our industry.

Looking ahead, the forecast for 2024 is very busy, with a touch of crazy.  The momentum we’ve built shows no signs of slowing down, and I am sure after a little rest we will return full of beans and ready for more.

In the spirit of the season, I hope you get to gather with your loved ones to celebrate. To all the dedicated members of the Mipela team including our Managing Director, colleague, and friend Hayden McDonald, thank you for your hard work, commitment, and the unique contributions you bring to the table. To our valued clients, it’s your trust and partnership that propel us forward, and for that, we are truly grateful.

As the festive season approaches, may it bring you moments of calm amidst the hustle, laughter that warms the heart, and an abundance of love that leaves you blushing.



X-Info Assurance suite Insights: Enhancing your Enquiry Experience

Q1: What level of detail can I expect in the responses generated by X-Info Assurance suite?

A1: X-Info Assurance suite’s automated enquiry response system goes above and beyond, delivering comprehensive responses tailored to your inquiries. The generated responses not only include all the information provided in the enquiry but also feature disclaimer details, intricate area maps submitted by the enquirer, and closeup strip maps highlighting assets and key features in the vicinity. Additionally, the system can provide specific instructions based on the asset, asset type, and activity type. As part of our commitment to excellence, we can attach supplementary documentation, such as guidelines for activities near significant trees, to the response email.

Q2: Can Mipela assist in modernising my spatial asset data?

A2: X-Info Assurance Suite clients have access to Mipela’s dedicated team of GIS experts. Whether you need custom symbology, background imagery, or assistance with merging and splitting layers, our team is here to ensure that your spatial asset data is not just up to date, but optimised for maximum utility.

Q3: What if a BYDA enquiry encounters processing issues?

A3: Occasionally, processing issues may arise, often due to temporary unavailability of remote GIS data or network connectivity issues. X-Info Assurance suite is equipped with proactive monitoring tools that continuously assess all enquiries, ensuring maximum uptime and data security. In the event of a processing hiccup, X-Info Assurance suite will persistently process pending requests until the necessary data becomes available, safeguarding your assets throughout the entire process.

For further information or assistance with X-Info Assurance suite, feel free to reach out to the Mipela Support team. We’re here to enhance your X-Info Assurance Suite experience.

Product Update

Exciting News: X-Info Connect version 8 – Elevating Solutions and Experiences

We’re thrilled to share a sneak peek into the future as we embark on the development journey of X-Info Connect 8!

Our aim is to empower clients with seamless workflows, facilitating connections and the exchange of information. Anticipated for release in late 2024, this new version promises to be a game changer, offering innovative solutions to meet your evolving needs.

The development of X-Info Connect 8 is already in full swing, with our dedicated Products Team gearing up for an intense year ahead. Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect from this upcoming release:

Enhanced Performance: X-Info Connect 8 is designed to deliver superior performance, ensuring a smoother and more efficient user experience

Optimised Data Storage: We’re committed to maximising the efficiency of data storage, making it more streamlined and effective

Dynamic Integration: Enjoy a new level of flexibility with dynamic integration capabilities that adapt to your evolving requirements

Flexible Database and Process Design: X-Info Connect 8 will offer enhanced flexibility in both database and process design, providing you with solutions tailored to your specific needs

Advanced Security: Security is paramount! X-Info Connect 8 will feature enhanced measures to safeguard your data, ensuring a secure and worry free experience.

These improvements will be packaged in a modern application that leverages current technology trends. This represents a significant transformation in the architecture and will also allow for a seamless migration.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the development stages of X-Info Connect 8. We are committed to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


The world famous, limited edition, Mipela mousemat calendar for 2024 is now available. Contact us if you would like some sent to you.

Staff Updates

Staff profile – Alek Hillier, Support Team Leader

Over the past seven years, Alek has moved through the ranks of Mipela, starting as a Support Specialist then progressing to Senior Support Specialist before transitioning to the Solutions Team as a Senior Solutions Specialist. Her knowledge bank, expertise and commitment to supporting our clients is outstanding and fared her well earlier this year, as she transitioned back into the Support Team within her new role of Team Leader.  

Most of you have likely corresponded with Alek over the years, but we found out some of the things you may not know…  

1. A TV show you recommend to everyone? 

A show I’ve recently finished watching has been The 100 and loved every episode of it! Should be on everyone’s watch list.  

2. Something you’ve recently learned about yourself? 

That I love painting, although not very good at it. 

3. Your favourite book from childhood? 

I wasn’t much of a reader in my childhood, but I remember a couple books being my favourite. Anything Julia Donaldson (which my daughter loves as well!) but also Deadly! By Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman, a weird, wonderful and hilarious book. 

4. One thing we would never guess about you? 

I LOVE to ride dirt bikes. I was lucky enough to have a trail out the back of our childhood home and would go riding most weekends. 

5. If you could get anything for Christmas this year, what would it be? 

A kid free spa day/s/week! sounds like heaven. 

Ensuring Smoother User Management: Your Collaboration can Expedite the Process

At Mipela, we understand the importance of a swift and efficient user management process. Whether you’re requesting to add a new user, remove a user, or alter someone’s permission level, your needs are our top priority. However, we often encounter challenges in identifying the requestor and verifying their authority to make these changes.

The Challenge of Identifying Requestors

Our Support team receives a multitude of user management requests on a daily basis. However, we don’t always have the complete information required to process these requests promptly. One significant issue we face is not knowing who you are or whether you have the necessary authority to make the request.

Securing Authorisation Delays

Obtaining the required authorisation can sometimes be a time consuming process. In certain cases, we may not receive a response from the authorised person within your organisation on the same day, causing delays in executing your requests. We recognise that this can be frustrating, and we are committed to improving this aspect of our service.

How You Can Assist Us

We believe that your collaboration can play a vital role in expediting the user management process. To ensure a seamless and efficient experience, we kindly request that you take the following steps when emailing our Support team for user changes:

CC Your Manager: When sending an email to our Support team for user changes, please make sure to cc your immediate manager. This will allow them to confirm your request and expedite the authorisation process, eg.

Subject: User Access Request for Lands Management Site

Hi Support

Can you please provide access for K Thompson to our Lands Management site as a Field User? I have cc’d in my manager, H McDonald, who will reply to this email to confirm my request.



At Mipela, every request is genuinely important to us, and we want to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for you. Regardless of which team member your request is assigned to, having a record of the request being authorised by your manager is vital. The sooner we receive this authorisation, the quicker we can act on your request, ensuring minimal delays and a seamless process.

Your cooperation will greatly enhance our ability to meet your user management needs promptly and efficiently. We appreciate your continued support.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team.

SA Power Networks – Committed to Ensuring Security

In the fast-paced realm of data privacy and online security, today’s conversations might seem obsolete by next week. Trends evolve swiftly, and the demands on major service providers are continuously scrutinised by both regulatory bodies and consumers alike.

Long time Mipela client, SA Power Network takes a proactive stance in addressing risks, employing dynamic layers of security and swiftly implementing initiatives to stay ahead of the curve.

In the constantly evolving landscape of security, where potential breaches and client privacy concerns arise weekly, it’s comforting seeing a client such as SA Power Network committed to developing an increasingly sophisticated approach to these critical areas.

‘Tis the Season

As the festive season approaches, we want to ensure you are well informed about our Christmas trading hours. Our team has been working tirelessly throughout the year, and it’s time for them to enjoy a well deserved break. However, rest assured that we’ll have a dedicated skeleton staff available to assist you should you need any support.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this holiday period.

A Word From The Boss

Cloudy outlook?

Welcome to our Spring newsletter for 2023!

In this edition read on to discover how Mipela GeoSolutions migrate to modernise through its digital transformation stages. For something a little different, we profile one of our all rounders, Jacqueline Button, talk about reporting fatigue, provide some updates and discuss an invasion of New Zealand.

To cloud, or not to cloud? 
This is the question posed by IT professionals as they ready their organisations for an agile future.

For Murat Yanar, director of Migration Workloads within the Worldwide Specialist Organisation at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the answer is clear. “Innovation starts with cloud migration,” he says. “Helping our customers lift and shift their applications, data and infrastructure today opens up new opportunities for them to modernise tomorrow.”

When you are considering your journey to the cloud, you need to look at your short, medium, and long term requirements. Asking yourself the following questions is a great starting point:

  • Is your current platform urgently in need of a refresh?
  • Do you develop or redevelop solutions in-house?
  • Do you utilise SaaS offerings?
  • Do you need or want to have dedicated hardware?
  • Do you want managed infrastructure or do you want to do it yourself?
  • How much effort do you want to put into managing your compute?
  • Are you growing IT?
  • Is a Capex or Opex billing model preferred?
  • Are there any security policies, regulatory or compliance requirements that need to be met?
  • What Disaster Recovery requirements exist? How long are backups required to be retained? How quick is it to recover from a backup?

Finding the answers to these questions can be difficult, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Client Success team for a copy of our White Paper drawing on fifteen plus years of cloud experience, expertise, and industry best practices. To discover more about the benefits Mipela have gained from moving to the AWS platform check out our article in this months Australian Pipeline Magazine.

On an exciting note, Adam Herbert, Alana O’Connor and Aleksandra Hillier look forward to travelling west to see our Clients and Industry Colleagues in Perth 14-17 October for the 2023 Australian Pipeline Gas Association Annual Convention & Exhibition. This year’s theme focuses on “Power of the Present, Force of the Future”. Join us for a coffee at Stand 53 to learn more about how we are delivering assurance for your data, systems, people, projects and operating assets with our focus on enhanced security, improved reliability, and increased performance for the clients we service and fuel your business sessions with some M&M’s on us.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and welcome our most recent new clients, CS Energy, Equis, Gas Pipelines Victoria, MIPAC, QENOS, Warrego Energy and thank the significant number who have renewed their annual contracts, we greatly appreciate your support and thank you for the trust you put in us.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Our cloudy outlook has never looked so rosy

Mipela GeoSolutions is making its mark with clients as it finalises the migration of its X-Info Portal hosting platform in Amazon Web Services as part of a digital transformation of the X-Info suite of applications. The phases of this project are to migrate and modernise, so the Mipela team can in turn enhance security, improve reliability, and increase performance.

“We are continuing with our digital transformation, with the migration phase of our new X-Info Portal hosting platform in AWS (Amazon Web Services) now complete,” Mipela GeoSolutions Founder and Managing Director Hayden McDonald said.

“This has been one of our most significant projects Mipela has undertaken and we thank our valued clients for their continuous support.”

“We now move into the modernisation phase to leverage the new capabilities for our X-Info suite assurance solutions, with our focus on enhanced security, improved reliability, and increased performance for the clients we service.”

Having now migrated to AWS, the X-Info suite can introduce a variety of benefits for clients.

“By lowering our risk profile through improved reliability, we can now focus on increasing our performance and enhancing security,” McDonald said.

“This digital transformation will also leverage insights to improve sustainability and corporate transparency.”

“Finally, the new hosting platform will improve the employee and client experience to increase productivity, therefore reducing operating costs.”

Update on our process improvement Kamapim project

Exciting times of growth and assurance @ Mipela

It’s been an incredibly busy time this past quarter and our team has been on a roll, with a strong emphasis on change and assurance. We believe that the only constant is change, and we’ve embraced it wholeheartedly to better serve you, and to better care for our team.

Insightful Industry Briefing

First off, we had the privilege of having Karen Thompson grace us with her insights into the Critical Infrastructure sector. Her industry briefing was a powerful reminder of how staying informed and adaptable is key to success in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. Karen provided us with invaluable insights, helping us stay ahead of the curve.

A Journey Through X-Info DBYD suite Evolution

Jacqueline Button, our very own historian, took us on an incredible journey through the history of our X-Info Dial Before You Dig suite, delving into the remarkable transformations that occurred during its rebranding to the X-Info Assurance suite. We were reminded of how our commitment to improvement has been a constant, and our mission to provide you with the best services remains unwavering.

Compliance and Legislative Updates

HR & Business Consultant, Dianne Evans, is always at the forefront of compliance matters (nothing escapes her), enlightened us about the latest updates and legislative changes. These changes offer more comprehensive protection and support for our employees.

Government Initiatives and Our Vigilant Team

Everything is so fast paced, it’s not hard to miss the multitude of initiatives being rolled out by local, state, and federal governments. Fortunately, we have a dedicated team who keep an eye on these developments. Their craving for information ensures that both our internal team and, most importantly, our clients receive the care and support they need, no matter the external changes.

As we continue to move ahead with our sights on the Christmas period, we are excited about the upcoming opportunities for growth, innovation, and further strengthening our partnerships with our clients.


Map Activities

Map Activities provides a simplified approach to viewing and updating data in X-Info Connect and X-Info WebConnect. A Map Activity displays data relevant to users visually in a map and enables you to communicate tasks and outcomes in a clear and engaging way.

Q1:  What can be done from a Map Activity?

A1:  A user can use a Map Activity to search for data within the application and display results in a map. Once a map is displaying, other functions can be used to assist users with daily work activities such as displaying spatial data and displaying different layers in a map, viewing more information about the features in a map, or accessing related data in the same or new tabs – allowing a user to complete tasks using contextual activities.

Q2: Can our own data be imported into a Map Activity?

A2: Yes! A Map Activity is made up of layers which are shown in the map display and can be turned on and off by the user. This can include Internal Data (such as geometry fields in X-Info Connect), External Data (spatial data from external sources such as WFS, WMS, Tile Services, Shape/Tab files, ESRI Rest Services, Post GIS and others) and a Geocoder (datasets like Open Street Maps that enable street address searching).

Q3: Can one or multiple layers in the Maps Activity be searched on?

A3:  Layer searches can be set up by an Administrator and can be configured to include one or many layers in the search. Users can enter text to search across single or multiple layers included in the map search. The results will display grouped by layer name with the number of matches in brackets.

If you would like further information or assistance setting up a Map Activity in your application, please contact the Mipela Support Team at support@mipela.com.au.

Product update

X-Info Aware update

Development for the next release of X-Info Aware is underway. This release will include compatibility for iPhone 14 Pro MAX and iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and support for iOS 17, along with maintenance and fixes to enhance useability.

X-Info Assurance suite update

X-Info Assurance suite will be releasing version 7.0 in the coming months to support the implementation of Referral Service format changes by Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) in November 2023. These changes will be supported within the X-Info Assurance suite application to ensure this information is available to users without impact.

Additional supporting updates will be included in the version release.


Let us in!

As security gets tighter and tighter, at Mipela we have noticed that some important information is not reaching all our clients’ email inboxes. This information could be about critical software updates, outage notifications and other information. From time to time there may be instructions on things we need you to do to ensure things continue to go smoothly.

If you are a Mipela client, please assist us in ensuring you get our messages and look to have the following emails whitelisted by your IT team:



Doing this will go a long way in helping Mipela make sure you are always informed.

Staff update

Staff profile – Jacqueline Button

Jaci first began working for Mipela in 2018 as a Business Development Executive within the Client Success team.

As the years progressed, with a multitude of varied skills and a passion for understanding how our solutions could best serve our clients, she has had the opportunity to support our clients from the Support and Solutions services teams as well.

In July this year, Jaci entered into her newest role at Mipela as Solutions Project Coordinator which has allowed her to elevate her knowledge, coordinate internal and external projects, support Client Success in optimising solutions and liaise with Support to manage client needs post GoLive.

What to know more about Jaci? We asked her some important questions!

What movie can you rewatch over and over again?

Deadpool – I laugh continuously

If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?

Given my love of food – a Baird’s Beaked Whale would be awesome – they have 13 stomachs!

What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?

Balut (fertilised duck eggs) – well I never actually ate it, I got close, but I just couldn’t…

Providing you that extra level of assurance

Nearly all of Mipela’s clients are part of the critical infrastructure sector. We understand the obligations for our clients around mandatory cyber incident reporting.

We feel strongly that we have a social responsibility to provide our clients with the assurance that the systems we provide or manage on their behalf are done so with their obligations considered, as well as other compliance regimes that are quickly becoming everyday mandates.

The Mipela team takes this commitment very seriously and is committed to providing the assurance that the industry expects as a baseline around secure availability, reliability, confidentiality and maintained data integrity.

We proactively monitor our cloud hosted client servers in a number of ways to ensure we are providing a secure and well protected environment.

Ask us for more info on how we are assuring your data is protected if you’re keen to learn more.

Do you have reporting fatigue?

As we head towards the end of the financial year, many of our clients have found themselves navigating an increased web of reporting requirements. Whether it’s monthly reporting, regulatory compliance, or shareholder reports, the demands for data are unrelenting.

Now is an opportune moment to re evaluate your reporting processes and ask yourself: What am I reporting on, what is my team reporting on, how frequently, to whom, how long is it taking us and what data are we capturing for these reports?

The world of data collection and data distribution is evolving, and there’s a clear trend towards reducing reliance on traditional tools like spreadsheets and word documents. Instead, there is an increase in requests to automate the reporting of critical data sets. Why? Because it’s about safeguarding your valuable information from residing in unsecure documents in vulnerable locations on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and more. It’s also about automation, accuracy and security of information.

Our team are acutely aware of the importance of data sharing and reporting for the Critical Infrastructure sector.

This Easter, instead of wishing for more time to compile reports, or thinking of a more secure way – why not send your wish list to your Client Success Account Manager or give them a call.

Mipela has invaded New Zealand!

In 2019 the pandemic struck and the way we worked changed significantly with most of us rushing out to buy gym equipment and a new desk. The Mipela team were no different and quickly adapted to this new way of working.

In July 2021 our Client Success Team Lead, Karen Thompson (KT for those who know her) took it a step further and moved her working from home office to a new home in Central Otago in New Zealand.

“Nothing has changed,” said KT. “Oh, except the time difference, but this allows me time to get a few things done before others start work – especially in the summer with daylight savings.”

Having gotten most of her kiwi accent back, KT is now actively engaging with potential kiwi clients.

“Kiwis love to hear of one of their own coming home to roost and it’s a great conversation starter with new contacts,” said KT.

KT’s focus in NZ is strongly on the energy and infrastructure industry, particularly around the renewables, and a few left field opportunities as well.

KT obviously continues to support her Australian client base as well, spending a lot more time than she used to on video calls.

In her spare time KT has also taken up every Southern girl’s favourite hobby, breeding sheep and is actively involved in the NZ Valais Blacknose Sheep Society as a committee member. KT is also on the committee for the Central Otago Riding for the Disabled.

A Word From The Boss

Gratitude in Migration: Honouring Our Valued Clients for their Tremendous Support

Welcome to our Winter newsletter for 2023!

In this edition, we are delighted to share RREDD’s Stakeholder Management client success story, excited for the pending release of X-Info Connect\WebConnect Version 7, welcome two new Wantoks, herald recent team promotions, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams’ activities in connecting people with information.

I cannot believe that it is June already and our digital Transformation Stages continue with the Migration phase of our new Hosting Platform in AWS completed. This has been one of our most significant projects Mipela has undertaken and would like to take this opportunity to thank our Valued Clients for their tremendous support. We now move into the Modernisation phase to leverage the new capabilities for our X-Info Suite assurance solutions with our focus on enhanced security, improved reliability, and increased performance for the Clients we service. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Success or Support Team at any time for further information.

It also gives me great pleasure to congratulate another long term client, ElectraNet, who have also recently completed their on-premise X-Info Suite modernisation project. Another amazing project in positioning their future securely in simplifying their day-to-day activities and technical assurance of their people, processes, and systems in these significant solutions that support their business.

I would like to recognise how excited we are to welcome Alek Hillier to the Mipela Leadership team as of 1 July in her new role as the Support Team Leader, which I know she is really looking forward too and will excel at – having worked closely with all our clients over the last seven years. Jaci Button transitions into her longer-term project management role as our Solutions Project Coordinator after her outstanding work and dedication as the Acting Client Experience Team Leader over the last eleven months. Jaci consistently went above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best possible service, whilst ensuring that everyone is well-informed and prepared to tackle any challenges that come our way. Jaci should ease into this new role well. Alana O’Connor has been promoted to Solutions Architect, recognising her as our X-Info subject matter expert, internally sharing her knowledge in the day-to-day delivery of our solutions in the Services team, and externally assisting our Client Success team to accelerate the value we offer our new and existing clients due to her industry and process expertise.

It is also a pleasure to introduce our most recent Wantoks, Joel Casey (Solution Specialist) and Adrian Guina (Finance Coordinator).

It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our most recent new clients CS Energy, Qenos, McConnell Dowell BMD JV and Total Eren Australia H2 to the extended Mipela family.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Focus on the complex, the urgent and the sensitive

RREDD’s focus is on the complex, the urgent and the sensitive. Specialising in community engagement, dispute management and Indigenous engagement, Director, Craig Jones has more than thirty years’ experience working with Indigenous communities to progress development.

Many of the projects the RREDD team work on are complex matters and require fastidious record keeping. When looking at a solution to manage the information associated with these projects, Craig turned to Mipela.

X-Info StakeholderManagement is used to manage stakeholder and interaction records across multiple projects for RREDD. These projects vary from pipeline dig-ups, requiring cultural heritage consultation, to specific mediation matters between companies and community or between Indigenous people and groups. Mipela’s cloud solution, X-Info StakeholderManagement ensures Craig and the team always have access to record key interactions with stakeholders. They are also able to visualise important locations with the integrated web mapping. That visualisation can often be really important and Mipela also provides map outputs for Craig and the team to support key discussions.

Craig describes the use of the X-info StakeholderManagement and the mapping system as significant in RREDD’s day to day practice. “The mapping and the stakeholder management system help to provide key data and visualisations that build trust with parties and enable us to keep track of our engagements with groups and individuals. Ultimately, the system builds a picture of our work which contributes to the management of social risk and positive outcomes between parties” said Craig.

Update on our process improvement Kamapim project

Taking leave from the normal business and continuous improvement aspect of Kamapim, in June we were very fortunate to have a Health & Wellbeing (Gutpela Taim) session presented by our own, Mia Slattery.

In true Mipela fashion – Mia opened with a favourite quote:

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.

– Maya Angelou

It started with a deep dive into Mia’s history including all the places she has lived and travelled too, some funny stories and great photos!

Mia has moved from industry professional and wife, to industry professional, wife and mother of two (all in just a few short years)!

As our Administration Manager, Mia wanted to ensure that we all know how to look after ourselves, make time for ourselves and also look out for and support each other.

Whilst at Mipela we have many programs in place for team support, Mia’s tips for us to take away were simple and effective. I hope they benefit you too!

Making light work of Safety Management Studies

Australia’s largest gas pipeline network owner and operator, APA Group is responsible for more than $21 billion of energy assets across Australia.

Under Australian Standard AS/NZS 2885, APA Group and other gas pipeline asset owners are required to conduct cyclic Safety Management Studies (SMS) for all pipeline assets to ensure Australian pipeline standards and regulatory compliance are periodically maintained. Also it ensures the key stakeholders are fully informed of the processes and the operational risks associated with the assets are well understood and managed.

Since 2018, APA Group have been using Mipela’s X-Info SMS suite to automate this process and continue to utilise X-Info SMS suite to efficiently manage periodic reviews of safety management studies and conduct interactive validation workshops using GIS information and aerial imagery data.

WA based Risk Engineer, Kashif Kazi has conducted SMS workshops for various APA pipeline assets in WA State, namely Leonora Gas Lateral, Parmelia Gas Pipeline, Thunderbox Lateral, Jundee and Wiluna Gold Lateral.

“X-Info SMS suite provides a standardised and efficient approach to conduct the validation workshops and a tool to prepare required SMS inputs, collate data and produce outputs. This not only saving time but providing a consistent methodology for 5-yearly periodic operational SMS reviews for all APA assets. The system generates reports that show the spatial representation of threats, assets, and risks using the current and historic SMS review data for each asset, interactive use of GIS and aerial imagery mapping so staff can quickly reference and assess the status of any generic or location specific threats. This enables SMS workshop participants and key stakeholders to better plan resources, create appropriate actions, as required, manage and minimise the pipeline risk for as low as Reasonably Practicable,” said Kazi.

Looks like Kazi and APA’s other state based Risk Engineers are smashing these SMS studies out of the park!

Safeguarding access and data integrity – the significance of using personal credentials to log onto software

We know you hear this regularly… maintaining the security and integrity of confidential information is crucial for any organisation.

Cyber security is the biggest risk to business in 2023. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that makes the biggest impact.

At Mipela we place great importance on not sharing individual login credentials, highlighting the need for our clients if we need to trace unauthorised access, manage user departures, and to safeguard third-party or contractor access. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to raise awareness about the risks associated with sharing login details within a business or among contractors.

Individual logins enable Mipela to identify any unauthorised actions or data breaches in an event. This helps in maintaining the integrity of sensitive information and mitigating potential risks associated with our client’s data.

In many instances, businesses collaborate with third-party vendors or contractors who require access to internal systems. By mandating individual login credentials, Clients can exercise tighter control over external access. This allows for granular management, such as assigning specific privileges, and terminating access when the collaboration concludes. It reduces the risk of unauthorised access or inadvertent exposure of sensitive or personal information.

By implementing and reinforcing these best practices, Clients can fortify their data protection efforts and ensure a safer digital environment for their operations and their stakeholders.

To update your authorised users, remove previous team members access or request new user access please email us at support@mipela.com.au

A Word from the Boss

Providing essential assurance solutions

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter for 2023!

In this edition, we are thrilled to share Beach Energy’s Stakeholder Management client success story journey over the last two and half years, welcome back two Wantoks who have recently returned from maternity leave, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams’ activities in connecting people with information.

To open I would like to recognise how excited we are to have Aleksandra Hillier (Senior Solution Specialist) and Mia Slattery (Administration Coordinator) back with us from maternity leave and the energy they bring to the team. We understand that the transition back to work after a period away can be challenging, but we want to assure you that we are here to support you every step of the way. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our most recent new clients PIE Solutions, Plummers Industries and RREDD to the extended Mipela family.

It has been an exhilarating start to 2023 with some big projects successfully delivered, our Kamapim continuous improvement process carries on with this year’s focus on the theme of the three C’s (Communicate, Collaborate, Change), numerous APGA events across several states (so good to be able to see people in person again) including our sustained sponsorship of the New Zealand Seminar and Golf Day in New Plymouth. Our digital Transformation Stage continues with the mobilisation phase of our new Modern Hosted Platform completed in February we are now well underway with the migration targeted for completion at the end of May positioning us with the most up-to date secure, resilient and efficient platform for the X-Info suite of solutions.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Reporting Stakeholder Information to the Regulators

Beach Energy is an ASX listed, oil and natural gas, exploration and production company headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded in 1961, Beach have operated and non-operated, onshore and offshore, oil and natural gas production from five producing basins across Australia and New Zealand.

Beach recognises its intrinsic role in supporting communities, by actively contributing to sustainable environments and the health, safety and wellbeing of the people living in the areas where it operates. Its community investment strategy focuses on three key areas; education, environment and health, safety and wellbeing.

Beach’s community relations team were looking for a way to capture, manage and measure its stakeholder management to gain a better level of understanding of stakeholder communications across the business. Enter Stage Left – Mipela. The team from Mipela have worked with the Beach team to deliver a stakeholder management solution to assist them with community engagement and consultation processes, with consideration made to land access requirements.

As part of the consultative process, it was also identified that the following functionality could be included in the proposed solution, using X-Info Suite:

  • Stakeholder engagement including agreements, grievances, commitments, communications, records management and reporting
  • Community investment and grants management including contracts, correspondence and reporting
  • Landholder land access including notice of entry, payments and reports.

Both teams recognised the best way to work together was to adopt a continuous improvement approach to the solution – delivering more and more functionality as the solution matures. Whilst some enhancements have been simple configuration changes to workflows, others have been major feature developments, which are now available to other Mipela clients.

Being able to create bulk emails, correspondence and SMS messages against multiple stakeholder contacts simultaneously has demonstrated a huge amount of value to the Beach community relations team. The consistency of messaging and significant reduction in time taken to issue information means the community relations team can get on with other tasks.

“We can now quickly distribute communications to a targeted list of stakeholders and have it automatically recorded as an engagement in X-Info Suite for future reporting purposes,” said Linda French, Group Manager Social Performance and Community at Beach Energy.

Recent industry highlights of regulatory reporting compliance becoming more and more important, has lead to the development of significantly improved reporting from X-Info Suite. Being able to automatically create a report that demonstrates stakeholder engagement from both detail of each email, call, text and in a tabular engagement log summary at the push of a button has been a real advancement for Beach.

“To satisfy different regulatory requirements, we must be able to provide details of our stakeholder and landholder engagement – including extracts of all emails and summaries of engagement,” said French.

“Being able to capture, then create a report that details engagement with relevant persons from a single system like X-Info Suite is a powerful tool when you are accountable to present evidence to regulators. This engagement report has saved a phenomenal amount of manual handling. I am absolutely thrilled with this new functionality,” French added.

Both teams will continue to improve on the value that X-Info Suite delivers to Beach.

Global Excavation Safety Conference awards Australia’s Glen “Cookie” Cook as the World’s Damage Prevention Hero of the Year 2022

Earlier this year, our mate, Cookie popped into Mipela to have a yarn about what he does. He is quite honestly one of the nicest blokes you will ever meet. His passion for electrical safety is unsurpassed. So much so, he was recently crowned the world’s Damage Prevention Hero of the Year at the Global Excavation Safety Conference held in Tampa, Florida in February.

“Cookie” is a Principal Community Safety Specialist for Energy Queensland, with close to 30 years of experience working within the construction and utilities industries. Glen has shared his knowledge and passion with many Australian and international power companies. One of his biggest achievements has been his work as a driving force behind the lookupandlive.com tool, allowing workers to plan their work near powerlines in a safe manner. He is considered an expert and ambassador for powerline safety.

The Mipela team would like to congratulate Cookie on his global achievement – we knew he could do it!

Adding extra assurance to your BYD automated response system

Over the past few months, the team at Mipela have been working to increase the level of assurance of its BYD automated response system, X-Info DBYD suite (now referred to as X-Info Assurance suite).

Behind the scenes, all Mipela cloud hosted clients have been migrated from email referrals to webhook and API uploads to SmarterWX Sentinel. This increases security measures, reduces the risk associated with extra moving parts of the processing workflow and improves processing performance of incoming BYD enquiries significantly. Mipela X-Info Assurance suite clients are experiencing top ranking performance with their response processing times, with several in the top 10 responders within the nation.

Other measures recently implemented include:

  • Enhanced validation of dynamic data sources such as Oracle Spatial, Esri REST, WFS and WFMS
  • Validating projection libraries and dependencies for corruption and availability.

The Mipela team are committed to ensuring asset protection isn’t just about monitoring BYD requests and will continue to provide those additional levels of assurance that asset owners need in this ever changing world.

A word from The Boss

Delivering Assurance

Welcome to Summer’s GeoSolutions News

In this edition, we share some interesting use case scenarios of X-Info Suite software solutions from a few clients; introduce some new Wantoks who have joined the Mipela team recently; present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams’ activities in connecting people with information.

We welcome the following two new Support Specialist team members in our Support team in Brisbane, Chris Berry and Jane Wong.

It also gives me great pleasure to congratulate two long term clients – Epic Energy who recently completed the migration and modernisation project of their X-Info Suite of solutions into our cloud hosted environment in November and Powerlink Queensland with their on-premise X-Info Suite modernisation project that went live over the last weekend. Both amazing projects due to the collaborative nature of the work undertaken for all involved and in positioning their future securely in simplifying their day-to-day activities and technical assurance of their people, processes, and systems in these significant solutions that support their respective businesses.

2022 has been a busy year. With the end in sight, it has been great to catch up with so many clients personally – whether it was in meetings, an event, sharing a bite to eat or a coffee across the country over the last few weeks, I am reminded of how privileged we are to live in this part of the world. To service the dynamic energy and infrastructure sectors at such a significant time, as we all look to navigate the hugely complex and challenging energy transition – where hiring and retaining the resources to deliver on our commitments, while keeping up to date with the risks of cyber incidents, business interruption, changes in legislation and regulation. This has accelerated our digital Transformation Stages with the recent release of the X-Info suite’s product roadmap taking us through to 2032 and our new Modern Hosted Platform coming in 2023 is certainly exciting to be heading into the new year.

To close I would like to acknowledge several extraordinary Wantoks (teammates) for their significant years of service milestone in 2022, who’s passion and initiative to go above and beyond to see their teams succeed and to make our clients happy is second to none. Craig Williams our Products Team Architect and X-Info Suite wizard recently celebrated twenty years of service in November. Our Products Support & Training Coordinator, Kirsty Beer who in May acclaimed fifteen years of service. Carol Higson our Finance Team Manager, Dirk Craigie (recently moved onto Fyfe) and Neil Briton (Solution Specialist and inhouse GIS guru) ten years of service are all proudly recognised on the Cirina Di Pierro Wantoks honour board along with Sebastien Hansmar (promoted to Senior Support Specialist in July) who we observed over five years of service in October this year. We take pride in all your achievements and commitment as Wantoks to be emulated, as it is great people that make great companies – thank you.

On behalf of the Mipela team thank you for your trust and support throughout 2022. I wish you ‘Compliments of the Season’, safe travels to wherever you might be with family and friends, best wishes for a rewarding and successful New Year which we look forward too with excitement and confidence, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

APGA POG Incident database

The overarching Standard that applies to the pipeline industry in Australia is AS 2885. AS 2885 relates to design, construction, testing, operations and maintenance of gas and petroleum pipelines that operate at pressures in excess of 1050kpa.

In 2013 the APGA Pipeline Operations Group (POG) selected X-Info Suite to host the Pipeline Incident database. This database is used to record all near misses and incidents of pipelines designed and constructed in accordance with the scope of AS 2885.1 (and superseded Standards) and operated and maintained in accordance with AS 2885.3.

The work the POG members do in this space enables owners and operators to generate relevant information and, in turn, knowledge to support and strengthen the operational risk management of this network of essential infrastructure. It assists in developing mitigation strategies (such as efficient emergency and contingency procedures) and on reliability of operating system through each pipelines lifecycle at a time that is so important in the energy transition.

More information on the APGA POG Incident database is available here.

What integration with SPEAR means to Jemena

In the version 6.5 release of X-Info Connect a few months ago, we introduced an integration between X-Info Connect with the Victoria Government SPEAR System.

SPEAR is an online system that allows subdivision planning permits, certification applications and other land administration dealings to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved and tracked online. Complete end to end workflows are built into SPEAR allowing applications to be lodged online with Land Use Victoria for registration.

As a Referral Authority, Jemena uses SPEAR to receive and respond to Council referrals in the planning and subdivision application process.

X-Info Connect has been configured to integrate with the SPEAR system via an API and connector to capture records of online applications for plans of subdivision.

Gail Ervine, Subdivisional Officer, Strategy & Commercial – Electrical Distribution at Jemena relies heavily on regularly receiving information to support plans of subdivision within the Jemena Electricity Distribution network using X-Info Connect.

Previously Gail would manually update this information into their subdivision solution, X-Info Connect. The information is now automatically fed into X-Info Connect from SPEAR via an API and a connector on an hourly basis or pushed import, as required. Since the release of this new functionality, reviewing subdivisions has become much more timely and efficient with automation reducing input errors.

“Not only has the time taken to manage applications reduced dramatically, there is also no room for human error or omissions.” said Gail.

Jemena plans in taking this functionality into other areas of its operations.

Sentanil product focus

It has been a busy few months for Sentanil’s CMS (Construction Management System). Sentanil Systems is Mipela’s sister company.

CMS, a QA based gas and water pipeline data management system, has been and is currently being used on the following projects:

Pipecraft DBNGP Loop 1 Extension and WHR Interconnect pipelines for AGIG

  • These two pipelines (16 km and 1 km respectively), which were constructed in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, achieved practical completion in early November
  • CMS was used to ensure pipeline quality compliance with AS 2885 and the associated MDR and third party validation requirements
  • The CMS QA data was merged with the as-built survey pipe/weld data, and imported into X-Info Connect, where it will form the mapping and pipeline integrity baseline of AGIG’s on-going operation and maintenance of these 2 pipelines.

Nacap NGI pipeline construction for APA

  • Nacap commenced construction of the 600km long pipeline from CS 7 on the DBNGP, just east of Geraldton, heading east to the goldfields area of Western Australia, early this year
  • It is a complex project that involves CMS field data collection at four locations that are remote from the main CMS processing location
  • The field data capture module of CMS is also being used by Nacap’s environment team to capture fauna sightings and capture during the pipeline ROW clearing and trenching construction process.

MPC Kinetic slurry and raw water pipeline construction for FMG

The construction of MPK’s concentrate and return pipelines for FMG’s Iron Bridge project in Pilbara, WA is nearing its completion after construction commenced in late 2021. CMS has used been used extensively by MPK to meet the strict quality requirements of the project.

Nacap Port Kembla Pipeline Project for Jemena

This 12km pipeline project has just commenced, and CMS is being used by Nacap for pipe/weld traceability and MDR requirements of the project.

A word from The Boss

People. Competence, Creativity, Commitment

Welcome to our 2022 Spring newsletter

In this edition read on to discover how Mipela GeoSolutions’ “Celebration of Purpose” revolves around people. We provide our most recent client success story, Epic Energy’s transition to the Cloud to optimise and automate several of their business processes and workflows. We also learn how Jemena’s use of our X-Info suite to migrate their legacy Subdivision Management System (SUMS) Microsoft Access database, to a new integrated solution with Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR) online service adds value to their business.

“Celebration of purpose”

Mipela GeoSolutions started in 1997 and we went from offering Professional GIS Services initially based in Brisbane for projects in Queensland, to working on projects interstate in Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria and overseas in Papua New Guinea in the first three years, to diversifying our revenue into offering Products with X-Info Maps V1 released in 2002 and subsequent X-Info suite modules DBYD (Automated Response), Connect (Data Management), WebConnect (Data Delivery), Aware (Data Capture) 1st generation by 2013 and 2nd generation all administered from X-Info Connect by 2021, guided by our purpose of Connecting People With Information that we have become known for today.

It’s about the People

To our Wantoks: I am grateful for the opportunity to work with talented, dedicated, and passionate people every day. Their commitment to put our clients first and to live our values I believe have been integral to Mipela’s progress and success.

To our Partners: To be in business for 25 years, we recognize the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary value to both Mipela GeoSolutions and our Clients. We thank our partners for their commitment, expertise and skills in helping us serve our 250 plus Clients nationally across Australia, Internationally in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and now halfway around the world in the USA.

To our Clients: Thank you for trusting us for many years, in making us Energy & Infrastructure Specialists has given us a rich understanding of the Solutions we provide today. We are honoured to have your trust and will work tirelessly to continue to deserve it.

Shaping the Future

It feels like we’ve only just started.

This next 12 months, see us offering new Solutions, entering the next phase in product roadmap development around platform, alongside advanced data analytics and systems integration. We are creating new services, transforming our operations, improving our client end to end experience, and continuing to deliver value to our clients by automating their daily activities to providing assurance with their reporting and compliance in-line with the highly regulated sectors we operate in.

The journey hasn’t been easy. It takes courage, passion and perseverance. As Mipela GeoSolutions celebrates its 25th anniversary, I would like to toast our Wantoks (Past and Present), clients, partners and suppliers who have helped us simplify the way people connect with information. Let’s continue to shape the future together.

On a lighter note, I look forward to seeing our Clients in Brisbane 24-27 September for the 2022 APGA Convention & Exhibition. Focusing on this year’s theme of Connect, Share, Discover join us for a coffee at Stand 14 as we reflect on various projects of significance shared over the last 25 years that we have been lucky to be involved in with many of you and learn about how we are delivering assurance in your data, systems, people, projects and operating assets, reinforcing our commitment to being reliable throughout time.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and welcome our most recent new clients, HyperOne, Service Steam, Total Eren and thank the significant number who have renewed their annual contracts in the last three months, we greatly appreciate your support and thank you for the trust you put in us.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald

Founder and Managing Director

A truly epic project

South Australia gas pipeline operator, Epic Energy has been a client of Mipela since 1999. Over that time, Epic has adopted several software solutions using X-Info Suite products to deliver land management, third-party works preliminary design, Before You Dig responses and Safety Management Studies.

As part of an internal process improvement project, Epic identified several opportunities to utilise its existing X-Info Suite software to optimise and automate several of its business processes and workflows. These included automating annual landowner contact reports and automation of updating landowner/occupier/manager details. Furthermore, the introduction of the Works Management module to its existing X-Info DBYD suite would automate a permit management solution, associating Before You Dig enquiry responses to the respective land parcels in the land management system, ensuring appropriate permits are issued and managed accordingly.

Users were also recently introduced to a new browser-based user interface, using X-Info WebConnect. The introduction of activities not only simplifies the user experience but now access removes any irrelevant information from the user, based on role-based permissions.

In addition, the introduction of Mipela’s mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware, has allowed field workers to communicate and access information in real time, doing away with the need for paperwork.

Migration of this software solution to a cloud-hosted environment has also identified efficiencies in server and software management, eliminating the need to configure and maintain onsite infrastructure, increasing agility of the software and accelerating innovation looking forward.

“The introduction of X-Info WebConnect and X-Info Aware apps to support the Land Owner Contact program has created a minimum 50% efficiency gain for our frontline employees allowing these resources to be utilised in managing backlog workstreams that would otherwise require short-term labour investment,” said Jarrod Gilby, Manager of Business Improvement and Assurance.

“As well Epic has automated both the BYDA and Third Party Works process, creating a seamless solution for the updating of our SMS module, supporting Epics requirement of a paperless solution,” added Peter Faunt, Asset Awareness Officer.

Adopting this new functionality has resulted in improvements in business process automation and provides users with simpler user interfaces, requiring minimal training and efficiencies relating to working in a paperless environment.

This project is a fine example of Mipela connecting people with information.

The true power of data automation for Jemena

In late 2021, Jemena contacted Mipela to discuss the possibility of migrating its legacy 1990 Subdivision Management System (SUMS) Microsoft Access database to a new, automated solution, using X-Info Suite.

Jemena is a Referral Authority member of Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR) offered by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP). SPEAR is an online system that allows subdivision planning permits, certification applications and other land administration dealings to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved and tracked online.

As a Referral Authority, Jemena’s Subdivisions team receives ~400 referrals a month from SPEAR, requests for further information and consents to referrals that could affect Jemena’s existing and future electricity assets. This information was being manually entered into the Microsoft Access database and managed externally in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for the regulator, a time consuming and often onerous task in managing the volume of referrals. Mail merge template letters were also created in Microsoft Word, converted to Adobe .pdf files to be sent to recipients (SPEAR, Councils or authorities). This, coupled with the repetitive process of tracking in an accurate, consistent, efficient and timely manner the communications with all stakeholders for further information and consent were the key drivers for change.

Recently, the successful results of this project were delivered to the Jemena business.

“We are very happy with the results, X-Info Suite makes our Subdivision administration and work processes so much more efficient,” said Gail Ervine, Subdivisional Officer, Strategy & Commercial – Electrical Distribution for Jemena.

Automating these processes was not only a significant time saver but taking manual intervention out of the equation also meant less room for error.

The establishment of this new SUMS system included the migration of existing data from the legacy database, creation of simplified workflows so that the Subdivisions team could easily search and create reports from a browser based user interface to manage their day to day SPEAR processes.

Mipela has worked with Jemena to ensure this program is tailored to meets their needs and continues to provide enhancements, as and when required, to provide the best solution for management of SPEAR referrals within the Jemena electricity network.

Update on our process improvement Kamapim Project

As Team Mipela moves through to the final quarter of 2022, every day we focus on our becoming more Responsive, Reliable, and Repeatable.

Part of the recipe for our continuous improvement is to gain insight from some of the industries experts, to get a broader knowledge of their plans, their drivers and how we can add value to not only them, but also the individuals at Mipela.

It’s been a knowledge packed few months that was kicked off by our own GIS and Solutions Guru, Alana O’Connor, presenting on Trust and Credibility – there was so much talk about! Three things to consider… what you do reflects on your own Personal reputation, the reputation of the Company you work for and your Public reputation.

Now that we had our reputation in check, some of the Brisbane staff ventured out to attend the Pre-Excavation Management Around Subsurface Utilities Training Course with the team at DBYD Certification Ltd. This has provided a deeper understanding around the process Locators go through and also the importance of logging an enquiry Before You Dig!

Special guest and long-time friend to Hayden McDonald, Susan Jaques from Sage Consulting came into Mipela HQ and presented an Introduction and Overview of the Australian Standards & AS2885. Not only a lovely woman but she had so much knowledge to share that two of the team are now undertaking AS2885 Pipeline Pathways Training.

Mell Greenall from Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) came into Mipela HQ to talk BYDA and damage prevention. With a focus on education and awareness BYDA are focusing on lifting the focus of their awareness programs to focus on safe excavation practices and the importance of understanding the risk of underground infrastructure.

This coming week we are very excited to kick off the 2022 APGA Annual Convention and Exhibition with APGA’s President of the Board of Directors, Donna McDowall. Donna will be taking our knowledge of APAG to a deeper level, and we will have the opportunity to ask her about her journey in the industry.

Gosh, that was a lot, wasn’t it. Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their busy schedules to join the Mipela team and add value to our people and our Kamapim Project.

Jaci Button

A word from The Boss

When Risk Becomes Everyone’s Responsibility

Welcome to our 2022 Winter newsletter!

In this edition, we are excited to release X-Info Connect V6.5, share Tweed Shire Council’s ongoing client success story, introduce a new Wantok who has joined the Mipela team recently, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our team’s activities in connecting people with information.

Internal awareness about safety, risk and compliance with regards to the products and services Mipela GeoSolutions offer has been a significant focus internally across all teams in this last quarter. Our annual review of policies and procedures has seen us focus on the concept of the three lines of defence. This concept considers all employees and their leaders constitute the first line of defense, which ensures policy and procedure are understood. The second line of defense, in regular review is formed by the risk management function, which is the systems, controls and automated reporting by exception to ensure policy and procedure cannot fail (monitored and modified as required through our Kamapim continuous improvement process). The Internal Peer Review and training makes up the third line of defence to assess the effectiveness of controls. By highlighting everyone is a part of it, our teams understand their role in these defences, in the safety, risk compliance, risk prevention, and assurance of what we do for our Clients’ to be Responsive, Reliable and Repeatable in our everyday activities. To learn how X-Info Suite can help you manage your risk program contact our Client Success team to find out more.

To close, I would like to introduce our newest Software Engineer in our growing Products team, Arvind Kumar, who is based in Sydney. I would also like to recognise the dozens of long-term valued Clients who make up the extended Mipela family for the recent renewal of their annual contracts, we greatly appreciate your support and thank you for the trust you put in us.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Tweed Shire Council using technology to deliver value to ratepayers

Whilst Tweed Shire Council has adopted new technologies over the past ten years, the Council’s automated response system of choice has been Mipela’s X-Info DBYD suite.

Since 2013 Mipela has looked after the Shire’s protection of its communications, sewerage, water and stormwater assets. Now, with a new three year agreement through to 2025, we are excited to continue providing Council with peace of mind, making sure that enquiries to BYDA are quickly responded to.

The Council’s requirement for a robust response service is not just to protect their assets, but also to make sure that the people breaking ground in the Shire are getting the right information to support their work processes so they get to go home safely at the end of each day.

The Council is really dedicated to its residents and the ongoing Mobility Project, which Elizabeth has been involved in, is just one of many other initiatives that is already having great results.
The Mobility Project has removed paper based applications, spreadsheets and disparate workflows with a fully automated and integrated process. This means that when a client makes a request, for example when they are building a new fence and need the water meter moved, the work is done quickly and efficiently. There is less chance for vital job or customer details to be misplaced. The online application goes straight to the authorised person for approval, the job is assigned to the relevant field operator and the operator can book the job in immediately. Once the job is completed, Council’s property data is updated on the same day. Not only does this process reduce the job time by days, it also ensures accurate and timely communication with customers, transparency of where the job is up to and timely completion of the request.

Working with Tweed Shire Council, it is easy to see the benefits of the Mobility Project and how it will provide better service its community. Congratulation to all those who have worked on this project!

Women in Pipelines Forum (APGA)

Last year two of our Mipela team, Hine Laban and Alana O’Connor participated in the APGA Women’s Leadership program. Due to COVID, this event was held virtually.

In June this year they were able to meet other members of their cohort for a bonus in person session, facilitated by the talented Gretchen Gagel. It was a great opportunity to meet other women in the pipeline industry, including some clients, and to learn about building trust and credibility as leaders.

The following day, the wider Women in Pipelines Forum (WPF) held their first in person event, inconveniently scheduled for the morning after the APGA dinner. After a session on personal branding and how it can be used to advance their careers, the ladies heard from Dr Vanessa Guthrie, who has been a pioneer for women in leadership roles in mining and holds numerous board positions including with Cricket Australia.

Both Hine and Alana made new and established old connections, learnt new skills and are excited to see where the WPF goes in the future!


A word from the Boss

Crafting a culture to support decision intelligence

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter for 2022!

In this edition, we are excited to release X-Info Connect V6.4, share AGIG and City of Rockingham’s client success stories, introduce some new Wantoks who have joined the Mipela team recently, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

To open I would like to introduce the following new team members, Tina Underwood – Senior Solution Specialist, David Gooding – GIS Specialist and Peter Van Duong – Software Engineer in our Products Team. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our most recent new clients Accel Energy, Bridgewater Projects and Windlab to the extended Mipela family.

We can all be responsive, reliable, repeatable in our day to day activities but for organisations looking to enhance efficiency we need better decision making processes. Nowadays, decisions have more wide ranging effects on the business. And decisions can be fuelled by data in a way they’ve never been fuelled before. How to craft a culture to support decision intelligence:

  • Start from the top with data-driven decision-making leadership and be patient, creating a data driven culture takes time
  • Encourage and empower team members with a data-driven mindset to collaborate across internal teams, departments, and business units
  • Select the right tools for you and your business needs to ensure you have traceability of the quality of your data
  • Focus on analytics to gain actionable insights to build self-assurance into decision-making
  • Make data-driven decisions by aligning with business goals, strategic plans and monitor the effectiveness

In a future where data is constantly flowing, organisations that harness it to drive decision making will have a competitive advantage. By creating a culture that values the importance of data and utilising tools that allow them to capture and use it efficiently, a business can develop better strategies for success. Please contact our Client Success team to find out more.

To close, our thoughts are with everyone in Qld and NSW that have been devastated by the recent rain and flooding events and the fires in WA. From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Managing Director

Using software to safely plant trees

One of Mipela’s long standing clients, The City of Rockingham in Western Australia recently rolled out X-Info Plans Management to proactively manage the safe planting of more than 600 trees.

In July 2021 the City of Rockingham has successfully secured $66,000 in grant funding from the State Government’s Urban Canopy Grant program to plant more than 600 new trees across the community. The Urban Forest Canopy Program is delivered by the City of Rockingham with support from the Water Corporation and WALGA.

Planting trees requires breaking ground, which means the City needs to lodge a Dial Before You Dig (now known as Before You Dig Australia) enquiry for each location. Managing the incoming responses from these enquiries (on average 6 responses per enquiry) takes a lot of time, effort and coordination. The City, who also have used Mipela’s X-Info DBYD suite automated response system for several years, identified that X-Info Plans Management would simplify and automate this manual process of ensuring it was safe to plant the trees without damaging any underground assets or putting their staff at risk.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Deb Hamblin said, “These trees will be invaluable to the City’s green capital and will play a significant role in providing a green, liveable City for current and future generations. The 2021/2022 Urban Canopy Grant program focuses specifically on reducing the urban heat island effect and aims to create cooler corridors for community members to enjoy.”

How mapping retirement homes helps LendLease manage its 14,000 dwellings

LendLease manage 98 Retirement Living Villages across Australia. These dwellings consist of units, villas, townhouses, duplexes, apartments and are a mix on single and multi storey building. These dwellings provide independent and assisted/serviced homes.

Mipela have been working with LendLease to spatially map these dwellings to allow them to more efficiently manage the portfolio. This time consuming task involved the cadastral boundary capture of each village and the footprint of each individual dwelling. This data is then reconciled against LendLease’s CRM to correctly correlate each dwelling’s information. Being able to visually represent and drill down into the corresponding data provides LendLease staff with the information at their fingertips – knowing what the status of a dwelling is and where it is located within a village.

This data will also feed into their asset management system, providing a baseline of stock availability, refurbishment requirements and proximity to others as part of the natural and built landscape.

GIS Lead for the Property Division, Michael Krause said, “Being able to provide the business with visual tools about our dwellings has multiple benefits for our business. We’re just starting on this journey and the expertise of Neil Briton from Mipela has been invaluable in pulling this all together.”

“Now that we have provided this information to the business via a user friendly dashboard tool, we will be looking to further enhancement the data to assist with asset/facilities management.”

Utilising Map Activities

The Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP) is WA’s key gas transmission pipeline. DBP forms part of the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) portfolio, delivering gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses.

DBP use X-Info Suite to help manage its Lands Management, Encroachments, Dial Before You Dig, AS 2885 Safety Management Studies (SMS) and Pipeline Integrity Data to assist in protecting its WA and NT assets (approx 3,700km of gas transmission pipelines).

With the introduction of Map Activities to X-Info Suite in 2021, DBP’s GIS Manager, John Quigley, saw an opportunity to significantly improve how they were using X-Info Suite to share more information in an intuitive and meaningful way to more people across the business. John worked with the Mipela team to configure Map Activities right across X-Info Suite, enabling data to be visually represented on interactive maps, allowing users to quickly drill down into the detail or associated documentation.

John recently sat down with the Mipela team to talk about how X-Info Suite is used across their business.

“We have a long history of recorded communications with land owners associated with the operation of the pipelines”, said John. “The vision of how GIS could additionally assist in data management of new gas pipelines started way back in 1995. We have been able to build off this and increase the use of GIS across the business to assist users in their daily work. With the new Map Activities functions, we are now able to offer users improved search capabilities, with overlays of the most current aerial imagery and associated spatial data with increased speed, panning and presentation capabilities”.

“We are now able to utilise Map Activities and create customised online maps for various users across the business including Lands (Landowners, Easements, Encroachments, Approvals, Cultural, Environment, Access Roads, Mining and Exploration Tenements), Third Party Works (DBYD, New Crossings, As-Built), Regulatory (Pipeline Licence, AS 2885 SMS), Cathodic Protection (ILI Weld and Pipe Features, Maintenance Dig-Ups, CP infrastructure, CP and DCVG surveys), Engineering (Pipes, Welds, NDT, Coating, Drawings linked to location, Depth of Cover), Pipeline Development and Commercial (Potential new pipeline routes), Travel (SPOT mapping) and New Projects (Alignment Sheets, Line Lists, QA/QC, Progress mapping, As-Built)”.

“The volume of data in X-Info Suite is significant – not only from a historical perspective – but we are adding more and more data to the system. Recently we added approximately 550,000 ILI weld and pipe features from our recent pigging campaign. Activities has now enabled us to provide users with a quick and efficient way of finding data they are seeking”.

“It is important we collect and analyse new pipeline construction data appropriately so we can support our team to fulfil the quality and pipeline integrity requirements of the project. All pipes, welds and associated data and infrastructure are managed with the assistance of Sentanil Systems Construction Management System. We have now the ability to use hyperlinks to show associated images, photos, weld x-rays and documents for pipelines (that reside in QDMS) at a spatial location in Map Activities. This is a great way to search for documents via its location”.

“Capturing and mapping cultural heritage information is an important part of our business. All registered cultural sites for WA and NT are mapped. This is an important aspect of designing the route for a new gas pipeline. For the operating pipelines, we have many people travelling up and down the right of way (ROW) so it is important that they are aware of where nearby sites are. By double clicking on a site on an interactive map in X-Info Suite, they can quickly drill down into the detail associated with the sites”.

“With more than 6,500 crossings across the pipeline network, including roads, rivers, railways, third party pipelines and assets, the AS2885 Safety Management Studies are all managed within the X-Info SMS suite connection. “This would be very difficult to manage without X-Info SMS suite,” mentioned John. “The new map activities capabilities have given us the ability to enhance our presentation of the database and associated mapping that is used during the AS 2885 workshops”.

Another example, John said, “We are currently working with our travel team to improve our mapping interface with remote travel. Our operations and project teams work in very remote areas. By integrating our SPOT GPS travel data into our existing spatial data in X-Info Suite, we can quickly overlay our pipelines, facilities, access roads towns and accommodation, and locate where our people are travelling in relation to these. GPS data from vehicles is downloaded into the GIS via the SPOT system every half an hour. Map Activities has enabled us to produce a searchable tool to assist our travel team in managing our people’s remote travel”.

“I’m really looking forward to setting up the new bulk email tool that Mipela recently released in X-Info Connect 6.3. We are increasingly using emails as an efficient form of communication with our landowners and other entities associated with the pipeline. For example, every time we fly for aerial surveillance of our pipelines and facilities, we send an aerial notification email to affected landowners and airports. Recently notifications have extended to CP surveys and dig-ups, ROW slashing and maintenance, and landowner visits.  This new function will enable the process to be automated and give the ability to our Lands team to perform themselves”.

In summary John said, “Map Activities have really ramped things up for us. It allows the GIS data to be more and more utilised across the business. We have created Map Activities in X-Info Suite, based on roles and responsibilities, producing tailored maps and reports for those particular people and roles. We are seeing an increasing number of people across the business use GIS, and having quick and simple access to data and maps in the office and in the field is a key to this”.

When it rains it pours

By Rob Collett

In February 2022 South East Queensland and northern New South Wales experienced a third widespread flooding event within the last 50 years. The 1-in-500 year ‘rain bomb’ event dumped over 700mm of rain from Friday 26 February to Sunday 28 February across Brisbane and the surrounding areas (Bureau of Meteorology). While it didn’t quite beat previous records set by the infamous 1974 and 2011 floods, the sheer amount of rain over such a relatively short timeframe caught many by surprise and will not be soon forgotten by those who lived through it.

The role that GIS and mapping services more broadly have to play is integral to disaster recovery and infrastructure planning. This latest weather event is a key datapoint that indicates South East Queensland could experience severe flooding more frequently than what was previously believed, perhaps not as frequently as once per decade but not as infrequently as once-in-a-lifetime. Brisbane City Council provides an interactive flood map that outlines the anticipated flood areas, sources of flooding and the peak level of flooding for the 1974 and 2011 floods. Undoubtedly the 2022 flood data will be collated and added to this service in due course.

1974 Historic Flood Mapping (Brisbane CBD and Surrounds) – Brisbane City Council

2011 Historic Flood Mapping (Brisbane CBD and Surrounds) – Brisbane City Council

The key difference this time around between 1974 and even 2011 is the significant improvement in mapping technology during that time. Not only are GIS tools and services better and satellite imagery in higher resolution, but the advancements in supplementary data collection and processing tools such as drone technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and wireless networks means that we have a more complete picture over a wider area than 2011 or 1974. Even something as simple as thousands of people capturing flooded areas on their mobile phones and uploading the pictures and video to social media with geolocation metadata enabled has created an exponential number of datapoints that could be used to better model potential flood areas. While flood maps have traditionally used major water channels and elevation maps to model flood areas, new sources of information capture can also help identify previously unknown low points such as road intersections or runoff points as well as areas with insufficient drainage.

A word from The Boss

“In a time of crises, every decision counts!”

In this edition, we share ERA Water’s client success story, introduce some new Wantoks who have joined the Mipela team recently, present another X-InFocus tech tips and update of our teams’ activities in connecting people with information.

To open I would like to introduce the following new team members in our Products team, Umair Hassan as Software Engineer and an old hand, Shane Brown as one of Senior Software Engineers, back for his second time at Mipela. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our recent new clients that include BHP Mitsubishi Alliance, Captains Mountain Wind Farm, Eastern Region Alliance, Lend Lease Retirement Living, Service Stream and Valmec to the extended Mipela family.

Reflecting on 2021 has reinforced for me personally what we missed and what we could do without, but has helped to remind what we value is our time. Now more than ever, business decisions carry a lot of weight. The need to be able to be responsive, reliable, repeatable, in our day-to-day activities has never been greater. In order to make the most of your data and ensure you are taking actions that will benefit your business, you must evolve your decision making processes. For our teams internally at Mipela we have been focused on our “Kamapim” (to start, to reveal, to improve and to develop) continuous improvement project to eliminate the complexity and manual processes across our teams. Starting at the heart of our business with Support in this last quarter to become more efficient and proactive so we can add more value in delivering to our Clients. This has included alignment of Support processes with ITIL change control and incident management to align with Category A (Urgent Incidents, Faults and Issues), B (Fundamental Enhancements and Complex changes) and C (Standard Low risk changes, software updates and maintenance) support requests delivered by our Services (Solution\Support\Product) Teams has seen us half our support request cue by sharing the load.

To close I would like to acknowledge two very special teammates for their recent years of service milestone. Craig Williams our Products Team Architect and X-Info Suite guru recently celebrated nineteen years of service. Justin Fielke, who most of your will know having undertaken most roles in the business and looks after our Cloud platform that host the X-Info Suite, passed eighteen years of service. We take pride in your achievements and commitment as Wantoks to be emulated, thank you.

On behalf of the Mipela team thank you for your trust and support throughout 2021. I wish you ‘Compliments of the Season’, safe travels to wherever you might be with family and friends, best wishes for a rewarding and successful New Year which we look forward to with excitement and confidence, stay safe!

Stakeholder management and a global wind energy company

australian workflow process softwareGlobal wind energy company, Vestas, commenced using Mipela’s stakeholder management solutions for the Winterbourne Wind Farm project in New South Wales. Whilst this project moves through the permitting phase, Vestas relies on X-Info Suite for capturing stakeholder interactions, managing community engagement, and tracking contract payment obligations.

Vestas recently engaged Mipela to provide stakeholder management software for another development project, the Captains Mountain Wind Farm in South East Queensland. Work has also commenced to roll out more Mipela stakeholder management software for additional wind development projects.

ERA Water automates its asset protection with X-Info DBYD suite

Waterproofing Eastern Adelaide is being delivered by the Eastern Region Alliance (ERA); an alliance of the six councils in Metropolitan Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. The following three councils are directly involved in the planning and delivery of the project:

  • City of Burnside
  • City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters
  • Town of Walkerville

Easter Regional Alliance Water’s (ERA Water) 49 kilometre pipe network is reducing the reliance of potable water from the Murray River for irrigation.

ERA Water’s infrastructure captures storm water flowing down Third and Fourth creeks in Adelaide. This captured water goes through a treatment process and is stored during the winter months. In summer this stored and filtered water is distributed through the ERA Water pipe network to parks and reserves.

This drought proofs Adelaide’s eastern suburbs by supplying an alternate source of water supply to participating Councils and provides a cost effective alternate to SA Water.

We are proud at Mipela to care for and protect ERA Water’s pipe network with X-Info DBYD suite.

General Manager, Wally Iasiello said, “I was pleased with the support Mipela was able to provide in implementing an automated response system for our DBYD enquiries.”

More information on this interesting water conservation project can be found here.

A word from the Boss

Service Enhanced Solutions to accelerate your ESG Program

In this edition we provide a sneak peak of the X-Info Connect v6.2 release, ARTC’s rollout of X-Info DBYD suite and an update on new features available in X-Info Plans Management.

The energy and infrastructure sectors are at a point of inflection. Global events such as COVID-19 and a supply and demand unbalance are providing a challenging environment for companies, management, and technical teams on the frontlines. History proves that technology innovation accelerates when disruptive events occur.

How we look to develop a sustainable environmental, social, governance “license to operate” are each a significant objective. There’s never been a more important time for business to show stakeholders their human side. Not with words, but through actions. By doing the right thing and by delivering positive experiences for their internal and external stakeholders is we believe 100% about people.

Mipela GeoSolutions commercial-off-the-shelf Solution-with-a-Service allows you to focus on the lifecycle of your Service and Assets utilising our innovative X-Info suite technology to capture, measure and report on your daily activities with the view to optimise and continuously improve with technical assurance.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and welcome one of our most recent new clients ARTC to the Mipela family.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, let us know what we have done well or not so well in these last three months. It goes without saying that we take nothing for granted and are grateful for your ongoing support. We look forward to continuing our purpose of “connecting people with information”.

ARTC implements X-Info DBYD suite as their automated response system

ARTC is a vital part of the transport supply chain for Australia with a 8,500 km rail network across five states and working with rail operators to provide access to rail for business and producers across Australia.

Earlier this year, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) contacted Mipela to discuss automating their Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) responses.

Being a DBYD member, ARTC up until this point had been manually responding to each enquiry.

The business required a fast and reliable response system that directed all enquirers to seek authorisation before breaking ground within a radius of the rail corridor.

Ensuring timely responses provides ARTC with visibility of these enquirers’ requests in the interactive map on the X-Info DBYD suite dashboard.

ARTC now have a responsive and reliable system working 24/7 providing peace of mind.

Beware the Spreadsheet

If you’re managing your stakeholders on spreadsheets, you’re putting your project at unnecessary risk.

Spreadsheets have poor security for often important information and data quality can easily be compromised by user error or inputting of replicated data. Version control can be a nightmare and this also puts the integrity of your data at risk. This is especially the case when you have multiple people accessing the same spreadsheet. There is also a strong inability to track who makes changes or deletions – intentional or otherwise.

Designed to be more of an accounting tool than a data repository, spreadsheets don’t have great search and collate capabilities. Reporting is tedious – pulling a report from a spreadsheet is like pulling teeth!

Often stakeholder management professionals are more right brained than left – not very methodical and process driven. Basically, stakeholder management professionals aren’t suited to using spreadsheets.

The time it takes to enter and re enter information into a spreadsheet is costly and takes stakeholder management professionals away from their core role – engaging with stakeholders.

Mipela recently released a stakeholder management solution that is quick to deploy simple to use. X-Info Stakeholder Management is a commercial-off-the-shelf product that provides you the ability to capture, find and report on all stakeholder interactions. Send us your user details and existing information in templates we provide you and we’ll get you up and running in just a few days. From there you can add additional functionality to the solution as you need to by utilising our Technical Support Contract (TSC) or bundles of TSC hours for more detailed enhancements.

There’s more info available here on our website.

Contact our Client Success team for more info on +61 7 3252 5589 or info@mipela.com.au.

If you are breaking ground out in the field – we have you covered!

X-Info Plans Management is a web based app that automates the collation of your incoming DBYD responses.

With X-Info Plans Management, you simply lodge your enquiries with DBYD, then receive a single notification to let you know all responses are ready for viewing through the X-Info Plans Management app where your staff can access all maps, documents and associated communications.

X-Info Plans Management now has a new tab called Plans Management Field Portal specifically designed for field workers to view on their smart device.

This new tab allows easy viewing for field crews to quickly search and retrieve all the responses to the DBYD enquiries that they have lodged. All information is made available in an easy to view format and there is no chance mixing up responses from another job, we have filed them all together. One enquiry gives you all the responses, letting you get on with the job.

Once open, you can share a PDF response vie email, text or any other messaging service to external parties by using the forward option at the bottom of the screen.

There’s more info available here on our website.

Contact our Client Success team for more info on +61 7 3252 5589 or info@mipela.com.au.

A word from the boss

Empowering people to identify insights

The last quarter at Mipela has seen a significant number of our Client Success, Solutions, Support, Product teams working diligently in the Dial Before You Dig space as we prepare with our Clients to cutover to the AADBYDS new Referral Service of the Future on 1 July 2021. I personally would like to thank everyone involved internally at Mipela, externally with our Clients and the Association for the collaborative team effort that has been undertaken to ensure this national service can continue to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks which provide essential services (power, gas, water, telecommunications) we use every day.

This important project has made me think about how do we make more accurate decisions? We have tasked our teams with constantly improving and innovating different aspects of the organisation, from operational efficiency and client experience to actual performance. The constant hurdle is uncovering where untapped value lies to further innovate. To achieve this, we have tried to create an environment with no judgment or opinions on data. Using data to communicate our progress or highlight where we are missing information, to do our daily activities, helps to uncover areas of real potential and, once rectified, improves the experience for everyone. In doing so we have had to communicate candidly to ensure everyone understands the shared goals we are looking to achieve for a successful project.

June sees US going the extra distance in our 11th year of supporting the MS Brissie to Bay in our #projectMAD “30 Day Challenge”. Our team of 54 MAD participants from Mipela, Partners (DBYD Qld, ISGQ, MC Global, Powered, Sentanil Systems), Suppliers and Colleagues have committed to a virtual trip of 25,000km (one kilometre for each person in Australia that has MS) around the coastline of Australia #makeeverykmcount raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and funds to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for those living with this debilitating disorder. Thank you to everyone who us supported us to date in raising $46,744 is very humbling considering the times we face. For those interested in our journey to date click on this link.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, let us know what we have done well or not so well in these last three intensive months. Personally, for me it has been a time to be reflective, adaptive and I want to continue to be proactive. It goes without saying that we take nothing for granted and are grateful for your ongoing support.

When community focus is key to the success of your project

The Walcha Energy project is located around the town of Walcha, located in the New England tablelands, approximately 55km south of Armidale in New South Wales. The Walcha Energy Project combines solar and wind energy generation with pumped hydro and battery storage to provide a sustainable and reliable source of renewable energy for NSW. Its generation potential is equivalent to 15% of NSW’s electricity demand.

They are committed to reinforcing a strong sense of community and is focussed on delivering a project that produces benefits for the whole community and wide New England region.

In August 2019 Walcha Energy approached Mipela, looking for a stakeholder management solution. A few weeks later Mipela implemented X-Info Suite to provide a web based solution that can manage stakeholders, property information, agreements and associated commitments and associated interactions. Users are also able to capture data in the field using the mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware.

While the conversations with landholders in the region had been underway for more than seventeen years, the engagement initially was quite informal and spreadsheets were used to capture interactions and relevant information. Now all information, including the historical information already captured, is available from one source in X-Info Suite and can be used for several different purposes including tracking stakeholder interactions, sending bulk communications, geospatially capturing data and managing commitments.

“As the project progresses, we continue to increase our functionality within X-Info Suite, establishing additional automated reports, mobile data capture forms and activity workflows to work smarter, not harder,” said Mark Waring, Director of Walcha Energy.

Walcha Energy are focussed on making sure the local community understand the positive impact and benefits of the project. By capturing landowner, stakeholder and interaction information now, it will ensure its future use is high value in ensuring their social license to operate aligns to Walcha Energy’s vision to deliver a holistic, flexible and authentic engagement process with all landowners and community stakeholders.

How Gladstone Area Water Board saves time processing permits using X-Info DBYD suite

Back in 2013 Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) were one of Mipela’s first clients to utilise the Works Management module that is associated with the Dial Before You Dig process.

Works Management module is an optional module that compliments X-Info DBYD suite by automating the management of permits. It provides a seamless workflow solution to view, action and report inquiries that have authority to conduct proposed works in the vicinity of the Client’s infrastructure from X-Info DBYD suite for the Client’s “Permit to Work” processes.

X-Info Works Management module is integrated into the same dashboard as the Client’s current X-Info DBYD suite portal.

This module can be applied to works in specific areas such as road reserves or high risk assets.

Tina Underwood, Technical Officer – GIS and Drafting at Gladstone Area Water Board said, “The Works Management module has provided so much value to our business. Not only does it automatically filter out the DBYD responses that will not require a permit, but the workflows also make sure that the permits are processed in accordance with the procedure, meaning no one drops the ball and no application is missed.”

“And it’s all there in the same system, along with any captured communications, contact details and associated documents. It’s the perfect audit trail.”

In early 2020, Gladstone Area Water Board further enhanced its permit management by introducing the use of mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware to the process. This app allows the inspectors to receive and respond to tasks assigned to them in real time, mitigating the need for paper forms. Following an inspection and approval, the permits can be automatically issued via email to the nominated person.

Mipela delivers more efficiencies to APA Group

APA is a leading Australian energy infrastructure business. The company has been a client of Mipela since 2002 when X-Info DBYD suite was first implemented to initially protect its Queensland transmission pipelines. Since that time Mipela have worked closely with APA Group to automate many business processes including land, stakeholder and third party works management, safety management studies and of course Dial Before You Dig automated response system – to name just a few.

As Mipela continually develops and evolves its software, there are often opportunities to optimise and further automate existing business processes. This was the case in a recent project that was undertaken to reduce the large number of changesets and simplify the current workflows for all of APA Group’s National third party works and DBYD assessment processes using X-Info Connect Activities.

Mipela were able to provide APA Group with a proof of concept which assisted in getting early adoption of the proposed changes with key stakeholders and clear benefits realisation. During the project, an agile approach was taken to test for business process improvement and data management, contributing to a well run project and excellent outcomes for all involved.

“Searching encroachments now is much easier and intuitive for users. It has reduced workload for each team member by 1 to 1.5 hours a day,” said Rae Wood, Team Lead Infrastructure Protection Services. She added, “The time it previously took to process and manage DBYDs assessed as encroachments has significantly reduced, resulting in an average time savings of 37% for that assessment type.”

Manager Infrastructure Protection, Engineering and Planning, Ross Larsen said, “This was a well run project that has delivered great results for APA Group”.

Helping protect Queensland assets is at the tip of your fingers

Earlier this year, Dial Before You Dig Queensland, in conjunction with Construction Skills Queensland, delivered a new safety initiative for its Queensland Dial Before You Dig members. This initiative, called the Infrastructure Damage Incident Gateway (IDIG) is a data capture and benchmark reporting tool aimed at quantifying asset damage to its members.

IDIG is a tool that enables users to submit asset damage information for analysis and reporting purposes, allowing this information to provide important focus on minimising future damage. The aim of IDIG is to reduce damage to infrastructure assets through proactively providing a clear focus for targeted damage prevention campaigns.

IDIG has several user interfaces, based on what, where and how a user wants to access the system. For field workers there is a mobile app that can capture damage and associated information such as photos, video, or GPS locations or a browser based portal that can also be used on any device – in the field or in the office. IDIG can also work in areas with no internet connectivity, cleverly caching data on the device and automatically sending it through as soon as the user returns to connectivity.

Under the hood IDIG sits on Mipela’s X-Info Suite software, delivering an easy to use and intuitive user experience. The configuration of this solution is similar to the Australian Pipeline and Gas Associations’ Pipeline Incident Database and the Australian Association of Dial Before You Dig Services’ Infrastructure Damage Reporting System but it takes it to the next level with its mobile data capture app.

“The team at Mipela were instrumental in providing valuable experience to support the development of this solution,” said Dial Before You Dig Queensland’s Utility Liaison Officer, Alison Sharkey. “This secure system is flexible in how it can be used and allows our Queensland Dial Before You Dig members to have a strong grasp on any damage reporting. IDIG is aimed at providing greater awareness, workplace health and safety and benchmarking to provide better damage prevention outcomes”.

IDIG is available to all DBYD Queensland members at no cost. For more information please contact Alison Sharkey from Dial Before You Dig Queensland directly.

Responsive engagement, requires intuitive interactions

Reflecting on 2020 seems like living in an era where the status quo has been thrown out the window, there is a need to be able to make good decisions, faster in our day to day activities. For our teams internally at Mipela we have been focused on asking lots of questions as a catalyst for figuring out what happens next. We should never assume before trying to connect the dots in what we promise, delivery and support for our clients. We have been continually looking to improve our processes by looking at what tasks we can automate using the X-Info Suite to, over time, be able to better understand any trends, in turn using that information to make better decisions. Our plan is this inquisitiveness and process improvement leads to better skilled specialists in our teams and solutions for our clients as our combined knowledge increases.

Managing Cultural Heritage across Barada Barna land

Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation provide specialist cultural heritage and support services to corporations and individuals, particularly in the resources sector within the QCD2016/007 Native Title Claim area.

Mipela and Barada Barna have worked together on various projects over the years. Barada Barna recently contacted Mipela to provide a solution that would remove the subjectivity from cultural heritage management for their Native Title Claim area.

Mipela worked with Barada Barna to deliver a data management regime for cultural heritage that is technically sound and business based. X-Info Suite provides Barada Barna with risk reduction, improved coordination of field teams and cost savings not just in cultural heritage management but also in any other project component or process that might depend on cultural heritage clearance.

Field workers are able to capture information, photos, videos and audio recordings using our mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware. Any information captured in the field is immediately sent to a cloud hosted server and made available for consumption by all users of X-Info Suite. X-Info Aware also has an offline capability that captures the data point in time in remote areas with poor data connectivity, automatically caching the data back to the cloud hosted server as soon as the mobile device returns to mobile or wireless coverage. Using tools like X-Info Aware significantly expediates the notification and assessment of any cultural heritage finds.

Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation’s Cultural Heritage body is Winnaa Pty Ltd. Winnaa currently does Cultural Heritage work for more than twenty mines, gas and exploration tenements over our country and employs approximately 15 traditional owners.

“With us moving to digital mapping and recording this will make the process of doing our Cultural Heritage surveys and Cultural Heritage clearance work more efficient and less time consuming as now we can have all our reports digital instead of paper copies. I believe this will make our Cultural Heritage process more streamlined and we can keep a closer eye on the mining and gas companies in our area,” said Graham Budby, Treasurer of Barada Barna Aboriginal Corporation.

As with its other cultural heritage clients, Mipela looks forward to an ongoing successful relationship where continuous improvements can be made to these processes into the future.

“The Power of Communication” – see your world from a new perspective

I am sure you will all agree 2020 has served as a real time experiment in the technology space, accelerating existing trends and disrupting today’s reality in everything that we do. We believe success in the New Decade requires New Perspective in how we Communicate and Engage with people. If you have large volumes of data, looking to improve the quality of information your teams need on a day to day basis or interested in how to make more accurate decisions, please contact us. We will be showcasing the hugely anticipated release of X-Info Connect v6.0, empowering people to identify insights reliably, increase the speed of communicating tasks and outcomes, allowing you to see your world from a new perspective.

Ever wondered how TransLink manage their Bus Stops?

TransLink is a division of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads with management responsibility of adds, moves, maintenance and changes for more than 17,000 active bus stops across the State.

In 2018 TransLink invited Mipela to participate in a proof of concept to replace its existing, end of life Bus Stop Portal with a new Bus Stop Management System (BSMS). This solution required the ability to store, manage and allocate works on bus stop infrastructure and its corresponding components. The new BSMS would also include the additional functionality of being able to receive bus stop infrastructure upgrade funding applications from Councils and assess these applications via workflow with internal users.


The incumbent solution was end of life and unsupported, so timing in delivering the new solution was of the essence.

The TransLink project team had existing business based roles to perform whilst also being committed to the project. This coupled with the part time nature of some of their subject matter experts, timing and effective communication was key. The project adopted changes to optimise the engagement opportunities with face to face workshops proving the most effective.


TransLink’s new BSMS has delivered the required functionality with the flexibility of being able to improve existing processes and adopt a continuous improvement approach to how the team works.

The new system has allowed TransLink’s BSM team to bring on board new Councils and bus companies across the State.

Users can easily access the information they need to perform their jobs in an intuitive, browser based portal.

Interactive mapping functionality allows users to quickly drill down to the area they are interested in and access the relevant information without trolling through lists of irrelevant data.

The mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware has introduced the ability for users to capture information in the field and share in real time with the BSM team in the office. This significantly reduces the maintenance time if there is an issue and improves turnaround times for repairs and installations.

Contractors, bus companies, Councils, and other relevant parties can easily gain access to their relevant data via a browser based portal.

Reporting is automated either through scheduled .pdf files that are emailed to nominated personnel or real time dashboards that show what each user need to see in order to perform their role and meet their targets.


The flexibility of this project was a result of a true ongoing partnership between the TransLink BSM team and the Mipela implementation team. The lines of communications were always open and are still well utilised.

The BSMS project has delivered well and truly above the functional and non functional requirements of the project. Workflows were streamlined as the project progressed, whilst still delivering on the core requirements.

The end product is a highly flexible system that the BSMS will continue to configure to improve their existing processes and workflows.

Managing contaminated land compliance

Mipela recently rolled out a solution to automate and manage contaminated land compliance and reporting using X-Info DBYD suite’s Works Management module to the City of Sydney. This solution adds an additional layer (pardon the GIS joke) of protection to human safety and the environment in and around contaminated sites.

The solution uses spatial data to automatically identify excavation risks near or within known contaminated land sites. Once identified, the respondent automatically receives an email confirming they are within the buffer zone for a known contaminated land site and are provided with a detailed site plan, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Site Audit Statement (SAS) – all within just a few minutes of them lodging their Dial Before You Dig enquiry.

This sort of workflow automation that can be used for all types of environmentally sensitive sites like:

  • Contaminated land (PFAS, PCBs, etc.)
  • Hazardous disused assets (eg. decommissioned asbestos pipes, tanks)
  • Ecological regeneration sites
  • Natural ecological hazards (eg. acid sulphate soils, toxic weeds, invasive species).

APGA moves Pipeline Engineers Competency System (PECS) to a a new platform

Further to our recent article in the previous newsletter about the Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) moving its Knowledgebase to X-Info Suite, we are delighted that the Pipeline Engineering Competency System (PECS) is now also available on the same platform.

Now, when APGA Members log on to the X-Info Suite platform where the APGA Knowledgebase moved in July, they will see in the dashboard that the PECS can also be accessed from this location.

All the information on the PECS, including the onshore and offshore competency standards libraries, the tools and resources, information about registering as an Oil and Gas Pipeline Engineer and other supporting information is now available on the new platform.

Access to the new platform will be via a link on the APGA website, either on the Knowledgebase page or the PECS page.

“The PECS platform is now the single source of truth for the PECS,” said APGA CEO Steve Davies in an email to members. “The competency standards in the PECS are reviewed over a five-year cycle, so please check frequently to make sure you have the current version.”

“Another new feature available via the platform is the ability to download the master lists of competency standards. These are downloaded directly from the database so are always up to date.”

“Doing the right thing”

With COVID19 restrictions lifting around Australia, our teams are still working from home and recently been heading into the office one day a week for product planning, reviewing work in progress, solution implementation projects, system efficiencies, lesson learnt sessions and the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues has been greatly appreciated by all. When decisions are made with respect to any of these initiatives and their impact, we will communicate them as soon as we can.

June saw US going the extra distance in our 10th year of supporting the MS Brissie to Bay in our #projectMAD “30 for 30 Challenge”. Our team of 57 MAD participants from Mipela, Partners (DBYD Qld, ISGQ, MC Global, Powered, Sentanil Systems), Suppliers and Colleagues committed to a virtual trip of 25,760km around the coastline of Australia #makeeverykmcount raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and funds to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for those living with this debilitating disorder. To check on how they went, read the article further through this newsletter.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, let us know what we have done well or not so well in these last three intensive months. Personally, for me it has been a time to be reflective, adaptive and I want to continue to be proactive. It goes without saying that we take nothing for granted and are grateful for your ongoing support.

Systematising pipeline risk management

Australia’s largest gas pipeline network owner and operator, APA Group is responsible for more than $21 billion of energy assets across Australia.

Under Australian Standard AS2885, APA Group are required to conduct Safety Management Studies (SMS) on all pipelines to ensure compliance and that key management personnel are fully informed of the operational risks associated with the operating assets.

In 2018, APA Group started using Mipela’s X-Info SMS suite to automate this process. X-Info SMS suite is specifically designed to provide pipeline owners with a comprehensive system that can manage their tasks associated with the operation, maintenance, suspension of operation, decommissioning and abandonment along with all their proposed transmission pipeline asset projects AS2885 workflows, quality control and reporting. Where a threat is identified as “credible” and failure is possible, the risk must be managed to ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Possible). X-Info SMS suite guides participants through an Initial Risk Assessment workflow and Residual Risk Assessment to reach ALARP.

Since that first project, APA Group have completed 12 workshops for more than twenty pipelines using X-Info SMS suite. The design SMS workshop for the Western Outer Ring Main project (Victoria) was the latest to be undertaken. APA Group have also loaded over 300 pipeline assets into the SMS database in preparation for the next round of workshops.

“Using a proven methodology and sound system like X-Info SMS suite not only saves a considerable amount of time from study to study but the automated reporting and reminders are critical in managing any identified threats,” said Phill King, Manager Systems and Assurance at APA Group. “Being able to quickly reference and analyse the status of our threats enables us to also to better resource plan and minimise the risk for all,” King added.

Moving forward, the next steps in the APA SMS story is to plan and “flatten the curve” for the upcoming SMS reviews.

The APGA Knowledgebase has moved to a new platform

The Australian Pipeline and Gas Association (APGA) has moved its Knowledgebase to a new platform – ours!

As part of a strategic move by APGA to consolidate its applications, the following membership systems – Knowledgebase, Pipeline Engineering Competency System (PECS) and Tools/Resources will join the Pipeline Operators Group (POG) incident database using Mipela’s X-Info Suite. Users will be able to access these tools from links on the APGA website via a secure browser based portal.

“The new platform offers easier operation and straightforward searching for APGA members on a more robust platform,” APGA CEO Steve Davies said in an email to members. “Building and supporting industry capability is one of APGA’s strategic aims and has been our core business for more than 50 years. The APGA Knowledgebase is the central location for APGA technical material.”

“The APGA Knowledgebase is the first section of what will eventually become the central point for accessing APGA technical material. The next section to be transferred will be the APGA PECS which will happen later this year. We are excited to be able to make this material available on a purpose-built platform.”

The Knowledgebase is a major reference recourse for the pipeline industry, collecting knowledge, experience and lessons learned over decades. It contains more than 1,600 items of technical and other information from seminars and conferences in the pipeline industry, as well as working documents from major projects, collected over many decades. It has become an important reference for members working on projects or who simply have an interest in the technical aspects of the industry. It is easily searchable via a number of search terms.

These are challenging times

These are challenging times and things are changing rapidly. As a business we are taking on the challenges of COVID-19 just as we would our purpose of connecting people with information.

Mipela GeoSolutions has given us many things. Persistence, Team and Fun and it has also given us you – an incredible community and without you, there is no US! Whatever your current predicament, we wish you the strength to get through this.

Our priorities continue to be the safety, wellbeing and health of our team, the communities we live in and to ensure the continuity of our operations, support and essential services for our clients.

Our approach will be to follow the Health authorities, official Government advice and recommendations and exercise caution and common sense to take measures to minimise spread, protect everyone’s health and maintain operations as we work our way through it and the situation improves.

For US it’s business as usual, with all of our staff working from home. Our teams, suppliers and valued partners are operational with multiple contingencies in place to deal with the changing circumstances. Overall, we anticipate the nature of engaging support (email, phone and ticketing) and the capacity of support, along with our hosting services to remain unchanged. We’re also using the time to continue our push of the product development of our X-Info Suite, innovative solutions and iron out any kinks in our client experience so we can come back stronger when the challenges that we all currently face subside.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, queries, concerns or just want a chat. Keeping up our communications in these times will be critically important. We are here for you always and grateful for your ongoing support.

From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Experience really counts when it comes to stakeholder management

JLL Infrastructure Advisory are a leading provider of niche land and property approval services to the energy, transport and communications sectors. They reduce approvals risk for projects and secure the requisite land approvals when access to land is required to develop projects.

Working on behalf of a large state based energy company, JLL sought assistance from Mipela in providing a suitable land access management solution to assist with a large lineal asset project.

Whilst members of the JLL team have been exposed to Mipela’s X-Info Suite through several mutual clients over the years, this was a first project directly between JLL and Mipela. Getting the structure of the project and an agreed plan in place was a key success factor to this project being delivered on time and on budget. Having a flexible client and an agile implementation approach resulted in functionality being delivered within the solution that was well above the clients’ expectations. This, in turn, lead to an additional project phase, specifically focusing on stakeholder management, being added to the project.

JLL Infrastructure Advisory’s Head of Infrastructure, Jamahl Waddington said, “The team at Mipela made this project easy. We were able to engage with the Mipela team both in person here in Adelaide or online. I was particularly impressed by their ability and flexibility in integrating with various data sources, mitigating the need for users to have to access multiple applications to do their job.”

Projects like this often include several groups of users from other companies who are all working on the same project. By being able to easily configure X-Info Suite to ensure that Company A only gets to see what Company A requires to see in order to conduct their role in the project was critical.

“Property access and acquisition negotiations can be of a highly a sensitive nature and being able to secure certain information can be critical to the success of the project,” said Waddington. “Mipela’s obviously experienced team were also able to provide valuable insights into best practice relating to land access.”

“We look forward to using X-Info Suite on this project and hopefully others in the future.”

City of Greater Dandenong implements DBYD automated response system

Late last year the City of Greater Dandenong contracted Mipela GeoSolutions to provide them with its Dial Before You Dig automated response system, X-Info DBYD suite. The Council had just become new members to the Dial Before You Dig Association in a move to better protect their assets.

The Council required user authentication using Azure Active Directory over OAuth2, a new function that Mipela offers its clients. Having its own product development and solution specialists inhouse enables Mipela to be able to continuously improve its offerings in this manner, offering these new features to all clients once they have been released.

Ensuring communication channels are open through a dedicated project team is one of the key measures of success in this project running as smoothly as it did.

“The Mipela team were proficient and experienced in guiding us through the Dial Before You Dig automation process. We’re new to this and having that level of support and expertise made the transition a smooth one”, said Milind Joshi, City of Greater Dandenong’s GIS Coordinator. “They were able to coordinate with our ICT team to ensure the Active Directory authentication was established with a minimum of fuss.”

“From a Mipela perspective, it’s always great to hear back from a happy client that their project has gone so well”, said Karen Thompson, Mipela’s Client Success Team Lead.

The City of Greater Dandenong can rest assured its underground assets are much safer now with Dial Before You Dig and X-Info DBYD suite.

Some days are great, some days are good, some days are bad

With work I am sure you will agree, some days are great, some days are good, some days are bad – we’ve all been there. I thought I would share some thoughts on how to be more productive using technology, with the aim to be working smarter, instead of harder:

  • Focus on Systems Instead of Goals – systems are the best way to progress since they reward effort and we can control all the variables
  • Track and Measure Output, Not Input – we need to have a sense of direction in those efforts, to know what we are trying to accomplish, a system is an ideal way to control how to achieve an output
  • Live by the 80/20 Rule – helps you gain clarity on what is truly important to sustain innovative work
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks – means more time to focus on creative and productive work
  • Be Data Driven – allows you to focus on the facts and eliminate the emotion and opinions in our day to day decision making processes.

Our recent new clients include Canadian Solar, Goldwind’s Coppabella Wind Farm and Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm as well as Veolia’s Springvale Mount Piper Power Station Water Treatment Plant and pipeline to the extended Mipela family.

Stakeholder management – the answer is blowing in the wind

australian workflow process softwareVestas Australian Wind Technology – the local arm of Danish wind energy giant Vestas – recently engaged Mipela to provide a stakeholder management platform for a new wind farm project that they are developing near Walcha in NSW.  The project, known as the Winterbourne Wind Farm, has a potential capacity of 700MW which would make it the largest wind farm in Australia if it were built today.

Vestas also wanted a stakeholder management platform that could be scaled to future development projects.  Mipela implemented X-Info Suite to provide a web based solution that can manage stakeholders, property information, agreements and associated payments as well as associated communications. Users are also able to capture data in the field using the mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware.

While the conversations with landholders in the region had been underway for the past fifteen years, the engagement had been quite informal. Owner names were tracked on a simple spreadsheet and Google Earth was used for the property and asset locations. Now all information, including the historical information already captured, is available from one source in X-Info Suite and can be used for several different purposes including bulk communications, geospatially capturing data and payments.

Project Director of the Winterbourne Wind Farm, Doug Landfear said, “The team at Mipela have provided us with a best practice stakeholder management system that has the flexibility to provide us with a comprehensive solution into the future as this project matures. Their expertise and experience in delivering the solution made the process simple – we were able to start working with the software in a matter of weeks. The Mipela Solution Specialist was insanely efficient and made the project a breeze.”

One other interesting dimension is that Vestas purchased the project from Walcha Energy who is developing other renewable energy projects in the Walcha area.  Walcha Energy is also using X-Info Suite to manage its stakeholder management across these other assets.

Flavour of the month – renewable energy projects

There is an exponentially increasing number of renewable projects being undertaken across Australia at the moment, in various stages of maturity. According to Clean Energy Council’s website, there are currently 103 projects that are in construction or due to start soon across Australia. These projects will deliver over $27 billion in investment, 17,747 MW of new renewable energy capacity and create 16,656 direct jobs.

Mipela has been very active in this sector, undertaking work from concept phase like desktop analysis right through to the operational phase of community consultation and stakeholder engagement and progressing to land access management.

Recently one of our long standing clients, CNC Project Management, implemented a new stakeholder management and contract management solution for one of their renewable energy clients. CNC Project Management has worked with Mipela providing X-Info Suite solutions to automate these often time consuming business functions to its clients for more than ten years.

In one of the current examples, CNC Project Management are engaged to efficiently manage all stakeholder engagement including the automation of contract milestones, stakeholder communications and land owner liaison. They use X-Info Suite to automate many of the workflow processes associated with this work and capture all related engagement communications.

This project is just one of dozens that Mipela are currently working with to provide stakeholder management, community consultation and land access solutions to using X-Info Suite. For more information, just give our Client Success team a call on 1300 807 770.

3 proven ways to empower technology

In this article, we share Isaac Regional client success story, a wrap-up of one of our 2019 #projectMAD initiatives to make a difference for those suffering with multiple sclerosis, present  another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

Successful companies know that IT is not an afterthought—it’s a critical ecosystem supported by a strong team and connected by technology and processes, and it’s all about creating accord between these moving parts.

To empower technology and optimise its role for the delivery of information within an organisation, there are three things leaders must do.

  • Operationally deliver relevant data, when and where it’s needed
  • Tailor the experience to meet everyone’s needs
  • Collaborate in real time to strategically make better decisions, faster.

I wish you all the best in your daily activities and would like to close by welcoming the following new staff Hine Laban Support Team Leader, Michael Short Senior Solutions Specialist and Mohsan Sadiq Project Manager in our Brisbane HQ. Our new clients AEROmetrex, APA Networks, City of Melton, Countrytell, Hunter Water, Isaac Regional Council and Cross Yarra Partnership to the extended Mipela family.

Hayden McDonald
Managing Director

Automation in Remote Regions Delivers Multiple Benefits to Council

Isaac Regional Council is the resources capital of Queensland, producing more than half of Queensland’s total saleable coal.

The Council’s role is to provide facilities throughout the region in an effective and efficient manner and encourage strategic and sustainable development of the area for the benefit of all residents. As part of Councils continuous improvement strategy, they have looked to technology and in turn to Mipela to implement an automated response system for their Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiries, namely X-Info DBYD suite.

Automation of this service ensures valuable staff resources are retained for important work that technology can’t replace. Regional areas strive to retain great people that deliver value to Council, which was a large part of Isaac Regional Council looking for a solution to these DBYD tasks.

X-Info DBYD suite also delivers a service that responds to enquiries 24/7, regardless of weekends or public holidays.

Having an automated response system in X-Info DBYD suite now means that enquirers will get a quick, accurate response, ensuring Council are doing all they can to not only protect their assets but to also protect council residents from unforeseen disruption.

Powering through South Australia

ElectraNet’s Hill to Hill Transmission line project (H2H project) involves providing a new source of electricity supply to OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill mine by constructing a new transmission line from Port Augusta to Roxby Downs in South Australia.

For ElectraNet, this is their first major project utilising their new ESRI Enterprise GIS system.

Project staff and contractors have been presented with expanded options for map products including web maps and apps on top of traditional paper based maps. This has meant educating users around possible products and working with them to understand how new products could suit their needs.

The project involves a large component of remote field work with occasionally limited internet connectivity. The challenges to staff using new hardware and software in the field have been managed by the Mipela GIS Specialist from the ElectraNet Keswick office in Adelaide.

The new GIS platform has also meant that ElectraNet project staff have been, for the first time, able to import and export project data in a variety of formats not possible previously.

Mipela’s onsite project GIS Specialist has become the go to point of contact for GIS on the H2H project. Datasets have been created and rationalised for the first time, advice around data transmittals have been provided to project resources and support has been provided to field users on a full time basis.

GIS has been used in ways not seen before at ElectraNet such as providing a monthly update map of construction progress previously managed in spreadsheets.

The work done on the H2H project has fed into the creation of the ElectraNet GIS Governance strategy as well as day to day GIS procedures.

Services provided for the H2H project have also extended into a new project – the Eyre Peninsula line duplication, giving project staff visibility to multiple projects through the GIS.

Bringing  together data, systems and people

Eating your own dog food, also called dogfooding, occurs when an organization uses its own product.This can be a way for an organization to test its products in real-world usage. Hence dogfooding can act as quality control, and eventually a kind of testimonial advertising. Once in the market, dogfooding demonstrates confidence in the developers’ own products.


From marketing and sales, to solutions, to support, to products, to admin, to the board, everyone at Mipela truly believe that using the X-Info suite makes them more productive, their work more enjoyable, and their workdays less stressful by connecting our data, systems and people. What is fascinating about the latest release of X-Info WebConnect business process software, we believe that the web browser based Activities are allowing Mipela to:

  • Encourage fact-based, decision making
  • Empower individuals and teams to be inter-dependent
  • Encourage productive use of valuable time and our resources
  • Increase trust, accountability, and visibility of completing our daily tasks
  • Create a good feedback loop of where we are at, so we can look to continuously improve

This also allows us to test the latest versions of our products in real life usage to validate before it’s released, enabling proactive resolution of potential inconsistency or dependency issues, which is a humbling process.

There’s no watering down the importance of DBYD responses at Allwater

Allwater operates and maintains metropolitan Adelaide’s water, wastewater and recycled water systems for SA Water under a joint venture contract. SA Water and Allwater work closely together, collaborating on strategy and sharing skills and expertise to manage water services across metropolitan Adelaide. In conjunction with SA Water, Allwater is committed to supplying excellent and affordable water services to Adelaide metropolitan customers.

In late 2018 Allwater chose Mipela’s X-Info Plans Management software to provide their field crews and their client, SA Water, with a tool to automate the collation of all DBYD inquiry responses into a single repository.

For both Allwater and SA Water this meant:

  • Transparency of responses across crews
  • Improves compliance
  • Reduces time of skilled staff doing repetitive administration work
  • Ease of use for across office and field staff
  • Reduces project planning risk
  • Access to necessary data to allow planning by a wider group

The Mipela Implementations team rolled out X-Info Plans Management swiftly and with simple training, allowing Allwater to start using the software immediately.

IT Manager, Don Taylor said, “The team still lodge their enquiries with DBYD as they have in the past, but now receive a single notification to let them know all responses are ready for viewing through the X-Info Plans Management portal, where they can access all responses, maps, documents and associated communications. They can even check the details and status of each job in the portal on any device at any time – even before the final responses are in. It also allows other people to access the same data. This saves time and confusion for the planning and dispatch teams.”

With X-Info Plans Management, Allwater saves precious time collating hundreds of response emails each day, eliminating possible errors caused by human intervention and significantly reducing the processing time for each DBYD enquiry.

Tanami Gas Pipeline data integrity and materials traceability

Sentanil System’s Construction Management System (CMS) was a key tool used in the management of the pipeline Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements of the recently completed 440 km Tanami Gas Pipeline in Northern Territory.

Newmont Mining Corporation engaged Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) to build a gas pipeline to supply gas to its Granites and DBS mines, approximately 550km north-west of Alice Springs. This 440km pipeline follows the alignment of the Tanami Road, passing through a mix of pastoral land, Aboriginal freehold land and Crown land to connect the existing Amadeus Gas Pipeline to Newmont’s Tanami gold mines. It provides Newmont with the ability to use cost effective, reliable and cleaner gas fired power generation in place of existing diesel power generation.

AGIG contracted MPC Kinetic to construct the pipeline, which commenced early in June 2018, and was essentially completed by the end of December 2018. MPC Kinetic engaged Sentanil Systems for the use of the CMS system and associated support for the pipeline construction.

It was a challenging project due to the remoteness, associated limited communications infrastructure and the fast pace of construction. Two mainline crews working simultaneously usually a few hundred kilometres apart and the stringent MDR validation requirements following each hydro test section. Hence it was important to collect the right and relevant data in the field by the inspectors on the intelligent handheld data or scan units, using our data capture program. The program has recently been enhanced to enable intelligent lookups based on other linked lookups (eg. electrode batches and welding procedures) and also provides the ability of GPS data capture at the same time, if required.

Key QA/QC activities and statistics

CMS was also used extensively to produce many of the MDR report requirements, which were subject to extensive third party validation immediately following completion of the 8 hydro test sections. CMS was used to produce the weekly progress ‘Rainbow’ charts.

The CMS project data has been integrated with the survey and other locational related data, and uploaded into AGIG’s corporate X-Info Suite, GIS, Land Management, DBYD and AS2885 systems to provide ongoing support for the operations and maintenance phase of the pipeline.

Sentanil would like to thank AGIG and MPC Kinetic for their valued support during all phases of this very successful project.

Sentanil is one of Mipela’s sister companies.

Incident management and risk analysis of Australasia’s pipelines

The protection of valuable pipeline assets weighs heavily on the minds of both asset owners and operators. The costs associated with damaged or inoperable assets can run into the millions of dollars in material, labour and lost revenue costs, along with impacts on health and wellbeing.

In 2014, Mipela implemented X-Info Connect for the APGA (Australian Petroleum and Gas Association’s) POG (Pipeline Operators Group) to capture the necessary information needed to analyse and inform operators about pipeline incident trends, including data relevant to AS2885. With a web enabled interface (X-Info WebConnect), operators are able to securely log in via an Internet browser and record incident or near miss data with relative ease.

Pipeline owners and operators need to record and analyse information about pipeline incidents in order to understand how they can better protect assets and prevent these incidents from occurring.

A recent upgrade of X-Info WebConnect to version 5.1 has enabled the Activities function to simplify use of the system. This way a user sees only what they need to see in order to perform their tasks. Users can now create an event, find an existing event and look up incident history by case with data going back to 1965.

Steve Dobbie, Business Manager at APGA said, “Over time, this data can be used to detect the existence of spatial patterns in the occurrence of incidents, enabling operators to undertake risk mitigation strategies. The more operators that contribute to the database, the more meaningful the data becomes”.

Greater Shepparton City Council moves to X-Info DBYD suite

Greater Shepparton City Council is located in the heart of the Goulburn Valley and is the fourth largest provincial centre in Victoria, boasting a population of over 65,000 residents.

Council had gone down the path of automating their Dial Before You Dig responses a few years earlier but were having issues with product usability and reporting. They needed access to an automated response system for the Dial Before You Dig enquiries that gave them real time reporting and data availability that could assist them in identifying upcoming planning from external contractors.

Once they had chosen and implemented Mipela’s X-Info DBYD suite, the results were immediate. They were able to free up their resources to focus on working together with the public to plan on minimising disruptions to the community from development or roadworks. Council staff have greater access to the DBYD enquiries through the portal to gauge what kind of work and frequency is planned within their Council region to forecast of workloads and potential environmental impact. Contractors are communicating more clearly with Council as a result of the DBYD response information that they are receiving.

Russell Hardie, Permit Inspection Officer for Greater Shepparton City Council said, “X-Info DBYD suite runs seamlessly in the background and provides us with advanced reporting. Not only does X-Info DBYD suite protect our assets but the range of real time data available is being used to benefit the community providing minimal disruption from any development or roadworks”.

If you’d like to learn more about how automating your Dial Before You Dig responses can work for your organisation, contact our DBYD specialist, Jaci, on 1300 807 770.

What is X-Info SMS suite?

X-Info SMS suite (Safety Management Study) is specifically designed to provide pipeline owners with a comprehensive system that can manage their tasks associated with the operation, maintenance, suspension of operation, decommissioning and abandonment of their pipelines. In addition, X-Info SMS suite also manages data relating to any proposed transmission pipeline asset projects AS2885 workflows, quality control and reporting.

Why use X-Info SMS suite?

Pipeline owners use X-Info SMS suite to gather, store, display and report on information pertaining to design, safety and operational related hazards that cause or are capable of causing loss of pipeline integrity associated with the pipeline infrastructure (as set out in AS2885).

  • New Assets – X-Info SMS suite can provide a full pipeline safety management study.
  • Operational Asset – Safety management study reviews (five year Workshop style review).
  • Change Management – Local adhoc reviews as necessary for specific issues, for example new crossings, excavations, new tie in points, change of location class (development.
How it works
Threat library

Uses pre-configured threats for common crossings. Add specific physical and procedural protections unique to your asset. Threats can be associated locations via point and section geometries. Non-location threats are also captured against the entire asset.


Assigns actions to field teams to complete – reminder emails automatically notify responsible parties.

Risk Assessment

Where a threat is identified as “credible” and failure is possible, the risk MUST be managed to ALARP (As Low as Reasonably Possible). X-Info SMS suite guides participants through an Initial Risk Assessment workflow and Residual Risk Assessment to reach ALARP.

Case study

Specific details have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

  • Three pipelines
    • Pipeline A – approx. 5km – 97 threats
    • Pipeline B – approx. 200 km – 552 threats
    • Pipeline C – approx. 5km – 61 threats
  • 456 crossings
  • 727 threats
  • 80 follow up actions
  • SMS workshop completed in 2 days.

Putting your pipeline Safety Management Study information in one place

“Transmission pipelines have long operational lives (in Australia the Roma to Brisbane is our oldest operating highpressure pipeline in excess of 49 years), the environments around them change over time as do personnel responsible for planning, designing, constructing, commissioning, operating, maintaining and decommissioning. These changes are likely to have effects on a pipeline. In the short term, change will be associated with increased construction activity and its associated risk, in the long term change may alter the risk profile of a pipeline. This is particularly true on the urban fringe of towns and cities, where population growth and housing pressures lead to increasing expansion of urban boundaries and the transformation of rural and semi-rural land into suburban and urban environments containing residential, commercial and industrial communities.”
‘Guideline for investigations of land use around pipelines to guide initial location classification under AS 2885’ (August 2014)

It is now 21 years since AS 2885.1-1997 was published with its ground breaking section SAFETY, developed to provide a methodology for the pipeline industry to demonstrate the safe design, and construction of high pressure transmission pipelines. The SAFETY process was renamed ‘SAFETY MANAGEMENT STUDY’ (SMS) in the 2007 revision of AS 2885.1. Now the greatest change guiding our way forward has been the relocation of all details of safety management to a new standard “AS2885.6 Part 6:2017 Pipeline safety management” with final comments recently submitted 10 August 2018.

Mipela GeoSolutions X-Info SMS suite is a configurable, out of the box solution to capture, manage, display and report for your AS2885 proposed and operating pipelines:

  • Design parameters
  • SMS Workshop attendance record(s)
  • Location Class and Secondary Class assessments including definition of high consequence areas
  • Show typical threats which correspond to the whole pipeline route and location specific threats (point and length)
  • Protective measures (both procedural and physical)
  • Display radiation contours in the event of full bore rupture
  • Risk evaluation
  • Actions captured in a workshop which would need to be completed in time
  • Integration with your businesses Asset, Dial Before Your Dig, Encroachment, GIS Services, Integrity and Lands Management systems for history of contact and previous surveys.

Making Lodging DBYDs Easier

Linbeck Contractors provides construction, repairs and maintenance and licenced plumbing services to asset owners in the gas and water industry.

Their work involves underground works, which all require a Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiry to be lodged, to ensure no damage is caused to underground assets. The lodging of an enquiry and receipt of responses is a time consuming process, something Linbeck’s Administrator, Melanie Hurditch hadn’t realised exactly how much until they started using X-Info Plans Management.

By implementing Mipela’s X-Info Plans Management, Linbeck were able to significantly reduce the administrative tasks related to collating, printing and scanning their DBYD responses. Linbeck’s field teams now have access to every job 24/7 through X-Info Plans Management via a browser on their smart phones.

Linbeck’s Director, Joe Lynch said, “Mitigating risk was one of the key factors in seeking out a solution but the economic and environmental benefits have since become clearly evident.”

For more information on X-Info Plans Management, contact Jacqueline Button on 1300 807 770.

Drawing in the Power of Collaboration

There has never been a more important time to discuss the initiatives and recognise the progress of being advanced across the Oceania region and the world in Damage Prevention.

Did you know in Queensland Construction the following horror statistics were recorded:

  • Every year electrical distributors report up to 30 excavators contacting overhead and underground powerlines
  • A Dial Before You Dig Telecommunications member reports 20,000 strikes per year to their network with damages accumulating to $20,000,000
  • In 2017 there were more than 10,000 incidents across Queensland impacting hospital services, telecommunications and electricity and gas supplies due to strikes of underground cables and pipes.

Queensland’s Dial Before You Dig’s General Manager, Paul Newman said, “The $5 billion increase in infrastructure spending earmarked for Queensland in the budget was likely to see a hike in the number of digs going wrong during excavations”.

In a few weeks time, the inaugural “Oceania Damage Prevention Conference” (ODPC) will be taking place on 20-23 August 2018 at the Gold Coast Conference and Exhibition Centre.

Over the last 20 years Australia has established a very good national referral service designed to assist in preventing damage and disruption to Australia’s vast infrastructure networks.

The Conference will bring together Locators, Contractors, Service Providers and Utilities to showcase best practices and international learnings.

Mipela GeoSolutions is proud to be an official sponsor supporting the ODPC and would highly recommend you attend.

Desktop GIS Analysis for Preliminary Route Selection

Mipela GeoSolutions have provided pre feasibility desktop study services for route selection to several of our clients.

The conceptual model uses freely available GIS datasets at a national scale across the following themes:

  • Cultural Environment (Cultural Heritage and Native Title)
  • Land Use (Australian Land Use and Management (ALUM) classification)
  • Topographic (rivers, slope (SRTM – 30m)
  • Infrastructure (road, rail, pipeline, powerline)

Projects may prioritise following existing infrastructure corridors for route selection which is achieved in the GIS model by a “weighted overlay” model (see image). This approach allows the route selection to give higher priority to existing infrastructure corridors (co location).

In most cases avoiding high potential agriculture land or National Parks would be weighted with a lower priority. Changing the parameters (eg. equal weighting vs co-location) provides multiple route options that may be compared side-by-side during preliminary selection. A Constructability Matrix indicating the number of road, rail and river crossings is also produced as part of the analysis.

For more information on GIS desktop analysis work, please contact our Client Success team on 1300 807 770.

X-Info DBYD suite Perfect Fit for ATOM

Australian Terminal Operations Management (ATOM) is a company dedicated to operating 3rd party bulk fuel facilities safely, reliably and effectively for its customers. With a head office in Melbourne, ATOM currently operates and maintains 17 bulk fuel terminals across Australia.

National HSSE & Operations Excellence Manager for ATOM, Leon Harris, identified that having a lot of underground pipeline exposed them to potential significant risk when third parties are working close by.

ATOM were in need of a robust system to ensure they were informed of any potential digging and to provide the information to manage the actions of third parties within a certain parameter of their asset.

The implementation of X-Info DBYD suite gave Leon assurance that adequate controls are in place to mitigate any incidents.

Leon said, “X-Info DBYD suite has created a barrier to risk for their assets. In addition, the automation allows resources to focus on high risk areas, eliminating the administrative burden that comes with manual processing.”

The introduction of X-Info DBYD suite is providing everyone with an extra level of safety with little to no effort by the ATOM team.

First Gas Land Management

Based in the energy rich region of Taranaki, First Gas supplies gas to more than 65,000 customers across the North Island of New Zealand.

First Gas owns and operates more than 2,500kms of high pressure gas transmission pipes and nearly 5,000km of gas distribution pipes that supply natural gas from the Taranaki region to industrial consumers throughout the North Island.

Earlier in 2017, First Gas engaged Mipela GeoSolutions to provide a comprehensive Lands Management System to help them manage their extensive property portfolio and its associated stakeholders. First Gas were looking for a solution that could automate the day to day management of its easement database, land and planning (risk assessment for owner/operator, visit and permit history) and to capture all associated information for their annual landowner contact program. Integration with First Gas’ existing GIS system, ESRI, was integral to the success of the proposed solution.

Mipela successfully implemented X-Info Suite to manage the Lands and Permit business functions at First Gas. This solution offers key workflows and automated processes that align to the nominated business procedures. First Gas have also embraced the opportunity to further optimise their business moving forward in a flexible and hassle free manner.

The implementation of an Automated Response System for their Before You Dig enquiries for part of their distribution business was also delivered. This solution is now protecting distribution assets with timely and detailed responses. This has enabled First Gas to refocus resources to pro-active asset management, rather than administration tasks.

Since GoLive of X-Info Suite, First Gas has noticed positive enhancements in operational efficiencies, reducing landholder update timeframes from one hour to five minutes.

The First Gas standard of data integrity has been clearly defined and is maintained by applied user security and live feeds from point of truth data sources such as GIS property. This ensures that the business can validate the information generated from the X-Info Suite and trust it to support their decisions and workflows.

The availability of on demand and templated reporting has ensured transparency companywide to key business information from the Lands Team.

Future strategies for field mobility solutions using X-Info Aware will see First Gas move core information seamlessly through the business from field to office to GIS to third party owners.

“The future potential application of X-Info for lands management is exciting and will provide a one stop holistic management tool for all First Gas land stakeholder management,” said Anthony Joines, Land and Planning Manager, First Gas.

Managing Your Information

The value of data across the life of a project

So, what’s the real value in reusing your data over the lifecycle of a project? It’s pretty simple when you lay it out like the following diagram. Data is an asset, assets have a value. You don’t go and buy a new digger every time you want to dig a hole, do you?

Traditionally, project owners have split their projects into phases, sometimes with different people responsible for different phases. In turn, there is often a disparity in how they manage their data and different tools or systems are used to manage that data. By thinking ahead and providing a platform or solution that can address multiple requirements, there is an economy of scale introduced. In turn, your single source of data creates greater value.

The key is making sure the right people get to see the right pieces of information at the right time. Having a configurable solution that can align to your business processes and are refined as those processes change is critical to effectively managing data over the lifecycle of an asset.

If you’re like to learn more about this concept, give Karen a call on 1300 807 770 and see if Mipela can assist you.

Managing Your Information – from beginning to end

Over the lifecycle over a project, there are a number of activities that are conducted that, by the nature of the activity, accrue large amounts of data. Here’s an example.

You’re in the early planning phases of developing a lineal asset. Before you send someone out to “walk the line”, you’ll most likely engage an environmental consultant and a GIS consultant and a cultural heritage consultant… get the picture? Each of these people commonly work independently to provide you with the information you need to progress your plans. Some of this information is also used to establish leases and property acquisitions.

A lot of this data is reproduced unknowingly across the independent consultants. Repetition costs money.

And we’re still in the planning phase… we haven’t even mentioned engaging with landowners and other stakeholders yet… or field and maintenance teams once the project moves to operational mode…

Mipela can help you map out the lifecycle of your project and work with you to plan how you can mitigate the repetition. Centrally manage all of your data – geospatial and other business information – in one single source of truth; connect the right people to the right information; provide real time data entry from the workers in the field; and reporting on demand.

Minimise risk and maximise your data investment across the whole lifecycle of your project.

If you’re interested in becoming part of a pilot program we’re running on this topic, we’d love to hear from you. Call Karen on 1300 807 770.

The importance of data across the life of your assets

There is a huge amount of data that is collated across the lifecycle of an asset (from project inception to operations to decommissioning) – whether it be a pipeline construction, mine or any other lineal asset.

There are more often than not a number of hoops to be jumped through from a legislative perspective and data needs to be collated, reports prepared and compliance activities conducted.

Mipela GeoSolutions has provided a number of services to assist clients in this space for the past twenty years. From providing GIS support for initial desktop studies to route selection to stakeholder engagement software and field service management, Mipela has a suitable solution for its clients’ needs. But where this becomes really powerful is when you think about the data across the life of the project – there are many instances when the data is gathered and used more than once. Add in the people engagement factor to this and there are also a number of risks that can be mitigated by using a single source of truth across the lifespan of the project – from the pre feasibility activities through to end of life.

In our next newsletter, we will explore this topic in more detail. In the interim, if you’d like to find out more, just give us a call on 1300 807 770.

Mipela assist Luminous Energy in planning solar farms in Queensland

Farming in Australia is in a state of turmoil. Many farmers are saddled with unsustainably high debts and are hit by unstable crop prices. Extreme weather events, from mass flooding in 2011 to intolerable droughts in 2014, exacerbate the difficulties faced by Australian farmers. By diversifying into solar generation, farmers can regulate their annual income and secure their finances.

Luminous Energy specialises in the planning and development of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, from initial site selection to connection and commissioning. They organise the development of solar farms, taking projects from initial site selection up to the point at which they are ready to be built.

Luminous recently sought assistance from Mipela with data management and mapping support to produce plans suitable for property agreements and site constraint mapping for three proposed solar farm sites in Queensland.

As part of the planning and development process, Luminous are required to submit site development plans to local council and plans to accompany ecological assessments to State and Federal Government. With the decision makers being geographically spread between Australia and the UK rapid revisions of mapping was required. Having someone experienced on the ground who can interpret requirements and turn the work around in a timely manner like Mipela has been critical to the project so far. This well managed revision process has resulted in better project delivery with quickly delivered result in an effective manner.

Tasmanian Irrigation

“In August 2017, Tasmanian Irrigation migrated from a manual system of responding to dial before you dig enquiries and implemented the X-Info DBYD suite automated solution.

This has proved to be a cost-effective method to reduce the internal resources required to respond to enquiries, improve response times and reduce opportunities for human error.

This has led to a reduction in risk to our underground assets. The process of implementation was well managed by Mipela and their staff were supportive and accommodating throughout this process.”

Emily Tys, GIS Manager, Tasmanian Irrigation

The Value of X-Info Plans Management – Zinfra

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to X-Info Plans Management, a browser based solution that automated the collation of your incoming DBYD responses.

Zinfra were one of the first companies to hop on board with this new solution in the later part of 2016. The value of using this tool is clearly demonstrated the savings in time and resources taken to receive and reconcile the incoming responses.

“Being able to check on any job via a web based console gives us the opportunity to just get on with the other planning and scheduling tasks associated with field work”, said Jason Luichareonkit, Business Systems Manager at Zinfra. “We have seen a significant business process improvement since introducing X-Info Plans Management”.

The number of DBYD enquiries Zinfra is making using X-Info Plans Management in NSW alone has increased manyfold – a true testament to the buy in and peace of mind from the business.

“We are currently onboarding Zinfra’s other states to realise the value of X-Info Plans Management in our planning and scheduling work.”

“I have worked with many system integrators and I must say that the attitude and the customer focus centric approach of every one at Mipela is outstanding. Nothing was too big of a deal. All enquiries and teething issues during and after implementation were answered in a timely manner”, added Luichareonkit.

Together, we grow

APA Group has grown to be Australia’s number one gas infrastructure business which operates more than $20 billion worth of assets.

Mipela is proud to have worked alongside APA since the 2000’s. Here’s a timeline that demonstrates how we have supported APA since 2007 using our X-Info product suite.

X-Info Plans Management

The “no brainer” solution to manage your incoming Dial Before You Dig responses

If your team are lodging large quantities of Dial Before You Dig enquiries with 1100.com.au, then we’ve got something you might be interested in.

X-Info Plans Management is a browser based solution that automates the collation of your incoming DBYD responses. Once all responses against an enquiry have been received, each nominated user will receive an email directly to advise them that the enquiry has been fulfilled – it’s that simple! Within that email they will receive a hyperlink to all of the information sent by the asset owners – including the email content and any attachments (which is often where the really important information is) and a link directly to the X-Info Plans Management dashboard so that they can check on any of the detail.

Not only does X-Info Plans Management significantly reduce the administration burden on your projects, it increases compliance and reduces project planning risks through proactive features such as automatically reminding you every 28 days when your current dials are due to expire.

In summary, X-Info Plans Management gives you a peace of mind that all DBYD enquiries are followed through accordingly. It’s a no brainer, really.

Real time data capture and reporting in remote field environment made possible with X-Info Aware

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) is the only pipeline supplying natural gas to Tasmania. It transports natural gas from Longford in Victoria, under Bass Strait, to Bell Bay in Tasmania.

The TGP asset is owned by Palisade, and Zinfra has operated, maintained and undertaken minor construction activities on the gas pipe for 14 years, since it was commissioned in 2002, under a field services agreement (FSA). Zinfra delivers a comprehensive range of engineering, operations, maintenance and construction services to the utility infrastructure sector nationally.

Zinfra has used Mipela software solutions for their operations and maintenance work since 2012, using X-Info Suite, consisting of X-Info Connect, X-Info Maps and the integration with Maintenance Connection for automated Dial Before You Dig responses, works management for third party crossings, and to manage communications with landholders along the pipelines.

By implementing the new X-Info Aware application, field workers can now collect data on site at third party crossing locations. Other field data collection tasks have been streamlined into X-Info Suite, allowing the decommission of their old data collection systems entirely. Zinfra can now also assign tasks to their crews in the field and undertake regular checks of the pipeline, based on work orders generated in Maintenance Connection, from both the air and ground to keep informed of issues affecting the pipeline’s operation in real time.

“Implementing X-Info Aware for Zinfra’s data capture – which includes cathodic protection, aerial patrols and pipeline faults – has improved not only our workflow and record keeping, but keeps us up to date with current technologies available. We also have other connections that are linked together, including DBYD and Landholder Database, as well as a live system which is very important for our employees to ensure they have the most up to date data when in the field.”

Graeme Bystersky
Works Coordinator
Zinfra/Tasmanian Gas Pipeline

“With Mipela’s suite of products we were able to tailor what we needed to deliver for our client. Over the past four years we have found a solution that not only meets our client’s needs but keeps our field employees up to date with live updates and work flows that save time, keep data current and easier to manage. When working with Mipela our team has found they have a “can do, nothing is a problem” attitude with continual improvement always at the front of their mind. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Mipela and I look forward to working on the next project with them.”

Matthew Stewart
Operator of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline – Zinfra

X-Info SMS suite – Safety Management Study

X-Info SMS suite is the latest offering by Mipela that is specifically designed to provide pipeline owners with a comprehensive system that can manage the Clients tasks associated with the operation, maintenance, suspension of operation, decommissioning and abandonment along with all their proposed transmission pipeline asset projects AS2885 workflows, quality control and reporting.

AS2885 requires Licensee Approval for Safety Management Studies. X-Info SMS suite ensures that Client’s key management personnel are fully informed of the operational risks associated with the operating assets. It is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution that gathers, stores, displays and reports on information pertaining to design, safety and operational related hazards that cause or are capable of causing loss of pipeline integrity associated with the pipeline infrastructure (as set out in AS2885).

X-Info SMS suite can provide a full pipeline safety management study (generally for new assets), safety management study reviews (generally a five year style review) and local adhoc reviews as necessary for specific issues.


  • Updates and revises your pipelines Threat Libraries to maintain AS2885 compliance
  • Location analysis
  • Threats identification
  • External interference protection in accordance with AS2885 standard
  • Other threats and mitigation measures
  • Failure analysis
  • Risk evaluation
  • Reports and outstanding actions
  • Filing – numerous types of important data.

Property Information Service made easy

Since its inception, Queensland Urban Utilities had primarily sourced its property information from Brisbane City Council’s Coreland application. On 30 June 2016, this arrangement ceased and an alternative data source was required. Queensland Urban Utilities’ area of interest covers five Councils – Brisbane, Somerset, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and the Scenic Rim Regional Councils – and the solution needed to align the process of acquiring property data across all regions.

Queensland Urban Utilities selected Mipela to provide a suitable Property Information Service solution that would support business functions including; billing, managing customer enquiries (via the Contact Centre, mail, email and social media), maintenance operations for meter reading, and spatial analysis for asset capital works and operational planning. The objectives of the project were to reduce costs associated with acquiring property data, improve accuracy of the data, and align acquisition of the data to enable a more efficient use of data within the business.

The Property Information Service was designed using Mipela’s X-Info Connect, with X-Info WebConnect providing a browser based lookup interface for staff to reference both historical and the ongoing new data.

Property, ownership, valuation and geographic information from Department of Natural Resources and Mines is combined into a database within X-Info Connect and automatically updated daily, with the service checking each data source for any changes. This data is then automatically delivered from X-Info Connect for consumption by the business for various purposes.

The Property Information Service has been established with future requirements in mind, as additional Queensland Urban Utilities applications come to require access to property information. This cloud based solution is fully managed by Mipela, with no administrative requirements by Queensland Urban Utilities staff.

Now, large volumes of data and updates are received and automatically processed for delivery by X-Info Connect into the Property Information Service. The integrity of the data has significantly increased and there is an increased level of comfort in the data being received. Queensland Urban Utilities has provided the business with a cost saving, reliable source of property information that can be used by various areas of the business in a consumable format.

Your competitive advantage in field service management

We are in a new era of oil and gas exploration and production. With commodity prices being in a slump many new developments across the world have been shelved. In Queensland we have seen all three LNG proponents, QCLNG, GLNG, and APLNG scale back their development expenditures. Understandably the focus for all these energy companies has switched to getting the most out of their existing assets.

As energy and infrastructure companies move from construction into operational mode, they require vendors with matching skill sets. This new era of work requires groups who can service multiple sites in an efficient and cost effective manner. The companies that are able to flourish in this competitive phase are only able to win contracts if they are able to demonstrate a serious competitive advantage.

Mipela GeoSolutions is excited to announce the launch of X-info Service Suite. X-info Service suite has been designed as an out of the box configurable online tool which streamlines the way in which its users receive work orders from their customers and provide work instructions to their employees in the field. Its field data capture capabilities then allow everyone to see and understand which tasks were completed on each site.

We have developed this tool to help service companies drive value through efficient and clear communication with both their clients and service technicians. We have a proven track record of giving our clients a clear competitive advantage though X-info Service Suite.

Remote field task management and data capture providing results for real time consumption for Veolia

Veolia is a global leader in environmental solutions, working closely with some of Australia’s largest companies to help them reach their sustainability goals. Veolia is governed by an adherence to the highest levels of safety, no compromises and work in partnership with its clients to minimise hazards, reduce risk and build a respected and lively safety culture.

In late 2015, Veolia successfully won the vegetation management services contract with QGC. This body of work includes the management of remote maintenance teams to undertake assigned tasks and report back in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Having worked with Mipela since 2009, the team at Veolia partnered with Mipela to configure a hosted solution that not only managed the tasks for the remote workers via a tablet device but also provided automated reporting to both Veolia and their client QGC, offering transparency of activities and real time results. The solution had to be fluid enough to handle changes from Veolia’s client, QGC. Mipela were agile in their approach to the deployment and could quickly scope and configure variations collaboratively as they were required.

Mipela implemented X-Info Connect to manage, manipulate and report on the data; X-Info Aware to capture the data in the field on users mobile tablets; and X-Info WebConnect to provide a browser based interface into select data for QGC and the maintenance companies.

In early 2016 Veolia’s first work crew undertook their assigned maintenance task near Miles in the Surat Basin. Before and after photos were captured as part of the task process. Information on herbicides used were also collected as part of the maintenance process and reported accordingly. This information was then available for consumption by the Veolia team in real time for review, analysis and subsequent reporting to their client, QGC.

In summary, real time reporting of remote field activities is available using mobile devices. Tasks, scheduled or adhoc can trigger additional actions, such as emails or SMS, to notify others of issues or risks.

X-Info Aware tagline 96dpi

TGP optimises their field workforce with mobile data capture app

Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) were one of our first clients to test the X-Info Aware mobile data capture app over the last 12 months and have made the decision to fully adopt the product into their business.

X-Info Aware has been implemented to allow for end to end process automation. Using step procedures generated when Dial Before You Dig enquiries are submitted, the office staff are able to assign data collection forms to the field staff. This enables field crews to access and complete their daily task lists on their devices and send their data back to the office in real time.

TGP are now looking to further streamline their field data collection tasks by adding new data capture forms to their system to enable both adhoc and assigned tasks to be completed in the field and integrated back into the central database, streamlining data capture processes, improving audit and reporting functionality and eliminating manual processing from their day to day activities.

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More than just maps… How do we add value to your GIS?

At Mipela GeoSolutions our team uses a variety of systems and procedures to maximise your GIS productivity. It is not just about the maps. It is about efficiently integrating or massaging the data you have into information products and solutions. These products inform decision making in your organisation.

Mipela have built systems and workflows around GIS Work Request systems, Data Management logs, QC Checklists, Job Tracking, Issue logs. These systems are integrated into our GIS Project Management adding value to your project by ensuring knowledge retention, Continuous Learning, Quality Control and Continuity Assurance.


Value is not just Cost and Time. What is your expectation about the Quality and Service you receive? Service is supported by Communication, which is fundamental to our Project Management system. Regular reporting, emails, phone conversations and meetings are all logged for the benefit of the entire team, not just the parties involved. Our Team approach means we work with you to achieve required outcomes.

The quality of the service we offer is managed by our QC System and peer review process. Our GIS team have degrees in Surveying, Engineering, Mathematics and the Spatial Sciences. This diverse qualification pool brings together different skill sets that are applied to problem solving and crafting your solution. The team is constantly looking to automate and optimise repetitive tasks. This results in faster, more consistent solutions.


Our team GIS Specialists are competent in the major Industry Desktop products as well as open-source tools. We are able to provide on site GIS support, but can also work remotely if required.

Our systems are under constant review. All lessons learned are fed back to improve the process and solutions we deliver.

Continuous Learning and Feedback

Feedback and learning from experience are a crucial aspect of the GIS Services team. Using X-info Connect, issues and solutions are captured on the job.

This information is distributed via logs and reports to internal and external teams. Each piece of information is tracked from inception to resolution, including technical solutions and constraints.

Information distribution promotes the knowledge base of the team ensuring growth and development, whilst maximising knowledge retention and technical continuity assurance for our clients.

Working together as a team towards greater success

We believe it takes a great workplace to produce great work. We’ve built a collaborative and people-focused culture that drives our business. We’re all unique, with our own skills, knowledge and personalities, and it’s these differences that allow us to compliment and learn from each other, to support each other, and most importantly it’s what unites us as a company. So it’s with great pleasure we share some insights about Rob Choucroun who was awarded the Mipela GeoSolutions “2015 Justin Fielke Wantok Annual PRIDE Award” by his peers in this issue.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ElectraNet who recently hosted our inaugural X-Info User Group meeting in Adelaide, and in particular, David Manley, whose passion about his work in community relations and landowner engagement was evident for all those who attended. I believe what sets David apart is his inclusion of his team internally within the business in building their capability and his constant thirst for knowledge on how they are travelling in the industry to share what they are doing internal with peers externally. This is a credit to his leadership style, the company’s commitment to ongoing professional development and their continuous improvement ethos.


Automated back end processes provides Gladstone Area Water Board with improved responsiveness for issuing of permits

The repetitive manual processing involved in handling communications, issuance of Permit to Work and data management within Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) in response to their DBYD enquiries has proven to be time and resource intensive and prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Mipela implemented a Works Management solution for GAWB to provide a seamless workflow automation solution to view, action and report inquiries that have authority to conduct proposed works in the vicinity of GAWB’s infrastructure from X-Info DBYD suite for their “Permit to Work” processes. The objective was to automate back end processes and centralise data to create certainty and responsive issuing of permits and reports.

With a fully automated Works Management module in place, GAWB is able to view, action and report on asset queries such as Permit to Works applications, resulting in massive improvement in turnaround time for permit issuance.

The automated workflow has also significantly increased workflow accuracy and compliance to processes and information coming from a single source of truth. The on demand reports enable GAWB with visibility and control which will assist with better decision making and proactive asset management.

The project has resulted in an internal “Safety Challenge” award to the GAWB team who submitted the project as a work process initiative by changing the way they do things to manage and remove risks when working in or around concealed infrastructure.

To find out if Mipela’s Works Management solution can meet your business reporting needs please contact Phoebe Tan, Business Development Executive on 1300 807 770.

Summer 2015

Four steps for effective business process improvement

The demand to simplify both informal and formal business processes continues to increase as expectations change, new technologies emerge and competition grows can be addressed by following these four steps:
1) Identify the need for change by reviewing current issues or potential risks which should consider how each process impacts your organisation, resources and stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, suppliers, etc.).
2) Once you have decided which process you are going to improve you can analyse the current procedure to set realistic improvement objectives by answering the following questions:
• What in the process is broken?
• Which steps in the process create roadblocks?
• Which step requires the most time to complete?
• Which step causes the most delays?
• Are there any steps that cause costs/resources to go up?
• Are there any steps that cause quality to go down?
3) It is crucial that management understands the need for change to ensure they will support recommendations.
4) Create an Improvement Strategy that includes what steps in the process are broken, why and how they should be improved and any financial and resource implications.

If you are looking to gain operational efficiency, standardise data capture and business processes, increase visibility of information and business operations or enable collaboration amongst internal and external teams contact us today to discover how the X-Info products can simplify your day to day activities.

Summer 2015

Field Data Conversation Efficiency

Murray & Associates (Qld) Pty Ltd is a team of professional Land and Engineering Surveyors and Town Planners. They demonstrate integrity and professional commitment to Queensland service provision and were established in 1946.

Working on the Origin Gas Pipeline Project, Murray were collecting data in the field but needed to transfer that data in accordance with the Origin Field Data Collection Dictionary. After consulting with Mipela GeoSolutions, a three stage approach was agreed to conduct a Feasibility Study, Develop a Model then Operationalising that Model. The model processed the source shapefiles and converted them into feature classes in a file geodatabase as provided by Origin.

The feature mapping file defined which shapefiles were to be transferred to the corresponding feature classes. It was configured for one to one mapping, many to one mapping, or one to many mapping. In addition to the feature mapping file, there was an attribute mapping file for every shapefile/feature class relationship.

Murray & Associates director, Andrew Campbell said, “Murray & Associates has been really happy with the communication and clear strategy presented by Mipela from the outset of this project. Mipela are a very professional company and we look forward to working with Mipela in the future.”

In a nutshell, Murray’s were satisfied because their business process was enhanced and they were able to turnaround work for their clients quickly. Their client, Origin was also satisfied, for getting their data sooner and in a suitable format.

For more information, please contact Dirk Craigie.

Spring 2015

Treasure your data?

The volume of data businesses handle each year increases substantially as the business expands. It is critical therefore that the data is managed effectively and efficiently. Five data considerations are highlighted below:

  1. Good data should make it easy for your staff to identify and complete their daily assigned and ad-hoc tasks on any device.
  2. Decide what data you need to retain and how you intend to use it. For instance, how is the data going to help or improve your business processes and your bottom line?
  3. Collect data in a standardised format. Present staff with categories to guide their answers. A tick in a box is much easier to process, record and use than a typed word or phrase.
  4. Streamlining the business process from point of capture to storage. What is the final destination and what rules, processes, systems will you need to put in place to automate the delivery?
  5. Collecting data in line with privacy regulations. Consent is the most important factor in harvesting and retaining data.

If the issues above sound challenging or other data capture software problems make you feel like you can’t locate “X” on the map, give us a call. We can help.

Spring 2015

New, bold, brilliant – X-Info Aware

Mobilise your business activities through X-Info Aware, Mipela GeoSolutions mobile data capture app for use with X-Info Connect.

X-Info Aware enables the mobile workforce to transform complex repetitive work tasks and workflows into a simple user experience. It gives users rapid access to information anywhere, anytime.

X-Info Aware is designed to work with either a single X-Info Connect connection, or multiple simultaneous connections.

The data collected while mobile, is automatically synchronised directly with X-Info Connect when the device is connected to the internet.

Why X-Info Aware?

  • Mobile and efficient
  • Simple and spatially enabled
  • Seamless data integration and synchronisation
  • Easy workflow monitoring
  • Rapid access to information anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with Android

X-Info Aware is an easy to use digital solution that works anywhere using your existing mobile device.

Click here to check out more info on X-Info Aware.

Spring 2015

SEA Gas improves efficiency of land management

The importance of effectively tracking, analysing and managing company information is recognised throughout the business world as an integral part of doing business.

SEA Gas is a partnership that has been established to develop, own and operate the underground pipeline system transporting natural gas from Iona, northeast of Port Campbell to both South Australia and Victoria. SEA Gas employs its own staff to manage and operate the pipeline system and was seeking to upgrade information management systems used to assist in managing its landholder and community relationship data.

SEA Gas was capturing data in multiple databases resulting in inefficiencies in data handling, potential introduction of errors and delays in information collected being available to the team. They recognised that being able to capture data accurately once and then use it many times would improve efficiency and in turn reduce costs.

Enter Mipela GeoSolutions.

Mipela GeoSolutions offered SEA Gas a solution with its X-Info Suite Online. The solution is fully supported and maintained, reliable and easy to use, allowing users to:

  • Record landholder, property information, contacts, conversations, emails and other relevant communications for many parcels of land and hundreds of landowners
  • Seamlessly integrate maps/corporate GIS into stakeholder, property and information from a variety of mapping systems and external data
  • Provide links within the software to relevant documents stored on the server or hyperlinks to relevant websites that can assist with the preparation of documents
  • Provide simultaneous secure access to information for an unlimited number of internal and authorised external users, when required

The aim for SEA Gas was to have a robust system that supported and streamlined the existing . The company wanted to ensure a future where they had auditable records of communicating with  on safety matters and could be assured of accurately tracking landholder issues to resolution. Since getting X-Info Suite operational, SEA Gas has been able to capture more and better quality information.

“We really like working with Mipela” said Scott Clune Maintenance Systems and Land Liaison Officer for SEA Gas. “Moving onto X-Info Suite has made us more efficient, more consistent and we are easily able to access up to date information as a consequence and integrate it into our integrity management programme”.

The  solution takes the core functions of Stakeholder Relations Management, Project, GIS Services, Live Property Updates and Document Management Systems and integrates them into a unified knowledge solution for clients business.

Spring 2015

Reach your business potential with X-Info Aware

X-Info Aware replaces outdated, repetitive and manual processes for capturing data with a simplified digital solution that works anywhere using your existing mobile device. Your field staff workflows are automated, corporate systems integrated and reporting optimised with captured data immediately available to decision makers through X-Info Connect.

Simplify operations: To assist you in running your business at its optimum efficiency, X-Info Aware’s forms replace repetitive, manual paper based processes within your business with real-time assigned and ad-hoc tasks, depending on your field workforce’s role and geographic location.

Improve data quality: Easy-to-use forms ensure data is validated at point of entry to minimise transcribing errors and ensure consistency with corporate standards. Field users can perform inspections and other data collection tasks, filing reports that include the attachment of photos and other supporting information.

Streamline task timeframes: Out-of-the box functionality allows you to easily monitor your business processes using X-Info Connect’s dashboards and automated reports sent via email / SMS. Manage workflow configuration using tasks that can be scheduled, monitored or triggered to allow available data to be fed into back-end systems in real time. This ensures all tasks are completed on time and your projects remain on track.

Compliance ready information: All new and edited data is automatically date/time stamped against a User ID to support quality assurance of task completion that can be viewed, printed and exported. Data can be grouped and graphed by user and date range.

Shape workforce morale: Users are provided with instant feedback and validation that their work is necessary and utilised, delivered a more efficient and integrated workforce.

Winter 2015

Perfect match: X-Info Connect and Maintenance Connection

First it was X-Info Maps integration with Maintenance Connection, now Mipela GeoSolutions has found the perfect addition by enabling X-Info Connect to also communicate with Maintenance Connection.

This new pairing enables users to visualise assets through embedded GIS functionality, allowing users to:

  • Automatically create WorkOrders and Assets through the mapping interface within Maintenance Connection
  • Automatically create a WorkOrder based on a trigger from X-Info Connect.


When a new DBYD Works Management request is created, a WorkOrder can be automatically generated for that request within Maintenance Connection. The resulting WorkOrder number can then be populated back to X-Info Connect and linked to Maintenance Connection to enable other automated or adhoc actions such as emailing, populating GIS files or adding communications. The request and WorkOrder can also be visualised on a map (in either X-Info Connect or Maintenance Connection) and interrogated through tools in the X-Info Maps interface.

Through this integration, workflow is improved between the two systems resulting in users having a seamless experience to achieve the business objectives of managing their assets and stakeholders.

  • Automates WorkOrder creation for Affected DBYD responses in Maintenance Connection
  • Automates status of open and closed DBYD WorkOrders back into X-Info Connect
  • Eliminates manual intervention of allocated WorkOrders to appropriate resources
  • Eliminates forwarding Affected DBYD response emails to allocated resource for interpretation
  • DBYD and associated WorkOrder statistics can be tracked and reported on.

Overall, this new workflow automation software functionality improves the automatic generation of WorkOrders rising from DBYD enquiries, or any other Works request initiating business data, and further integrates the automation between X-Info Connect, X-Info Maps and Maintenance Connection.

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