With increasing development, your underground assets are at risk more than ever before and the number of referrals you receive will continue to grow. Unfortunately, responding to the volume of enquiries coupled with the repetitive process of producing response documentation and maps is an onerous task that is prone to errors and inconsistencies.

Community and staff safety is a priority for any business. It is imperative the processing of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiries is handled in an accurate, consistent and timely manner.

Australian made workflow process software solutionsX-Info DBYD suite is a revolutionary workflow process software solution, developed by Mipela GeoSolutions, that automates the response process, saving you time and money. The process brings efficiency and control to protecting your underground assets. It also prevents damage and disruption to the vast underground pipe and cable networks which provide Australia with the essential services we use every day – electricity, gas, communications and water.

X-Info DBYD suite is a registered and certified Australian Made product.

X-Info Dial Before You Dig at a glance

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More about the X-Info Dial Before You Dig process

X-Info DBYD suite brings efficiency and control to the critical task of protecting your underground assets. Enquiries from the DBYD call centre are received via email. These emails contain a GML object file that is processed against the X-Info DBYD suite database. The system automatically receives and processes the file, creates a map and written response in PDF format and then automatically generates a response, ready to be sent directly to the enquirer via email, fax or letter. This response clearly outlines if their operations will encroach on your asset and what action, if any, needs to be taken. The response is then archived for future reference. The complete process requires little or no human intervention. However, X-Info DBYD suite does have the capacity to direct the response emails to an internal email address for review prior to being distributed to the enquirer.

Improve your turnaround times

X-Info DBYD suite generates Dial Before You Dig responses to enquirers in seconds, and handles large enquiries with its smart strip mapping feature efficiently.

Reduce your human errors

Avoid human errors by automating the repetitive task of processing DBYD enquiries with X-Info DBYD suite. The web based system also allows you to generate different responses based on the type of activity, such as digging, boring, excavating or blasting.

Reduce your costs

By automating the Dial Before You Dig response process, your existing resources can be diverted to other priorities. X-Info DBYD suite is fully web based, and provides a mapping system that can be easily accessed and administered. Mipela GeoSolutions can host your complete system thereby reducing your IT overheads and saving you time.

Share your information

X-Info DBYD suite provides you with an inbuilt report suite that allows you to automate and provide management with a comprehensive view of what is taking place. The web mapping tool lets you publish all enquiries and responses, allowing you to share your information with authorised users.

Management Console

The DBYD Management Console provides functionality for sending, editing and reprocessing enquiries and offers more flexibility for managing DBYD requests. All DBYD requests can be viewed in the console, showing full enquiry details, including the location of the enquiry in spatial format and a link to the response PDF file. The system allows the ability to reprocess a response with the option to send it by email, phone or fax for responses requiring action or intervention.

Reporting and Archiving

Automated reporting can be configured to send an email (or multiple emails) at a specific date and time to a specified recipient as often as required. The report contains the request details, the response details, and the location of all files associated with the request. Automated archiving can also be configured to run as required.

Enhanced Reporting

All Dial Before You Dig enquiries can be evaluated using the X-Info DBYD suite reporting options. A range of advanced reports are available to users so your DBYD data can be reviewed and managed to the benefit of your business.

Enhanced Web Mapping

Access a visual overview of where activity is happening around your assets with the click of your mouse by viewing responses in a map. Users can search for particular attributes, view individual responses, export a response to other mapping systems, like Google Maps, and most importantly, share relevant information with other users. For line and polygon requests, the point is shown at the centroid. Thematics can be applied to requests with common attributes, such as ‘affected’ and ‘not affected’ responses.


Maps of DBYD requests can be produced as heatmaps which give you a dramatic view of request activity. This mode calculates the point clustering coefficient for each pixel in the map, then false colours each point using the intensity of each point. Blue represents cold, orange is medium and white is hot.

System Requirements
Operating System

Minimum Windows Server 2012

Software Required

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0

Email Setup
  • IMAP enabled server or Exchange Server with EWS enabled
  • The email server is expected to receive large volumes of traffic. It is recommended the server has no traffic restrictions or limitations.
Web Server Options
  • IIS 8.0 or higher
  • .Net 4.0
Supported Formats
GIS Vector Data Formats
  • MapInfo TAB Format (excluding MapInfo Grid Files)
  • TAB files on Access Database (.mdb)
  • ESRI ArcView Shape File (SHP)
  • Shapefile spatial index files (.sbn)
  • Oracle Spatial Tables (8.1.7 or later)
  • Personal Geodatabase
  • ArcSDE connections
  • GML and KML files
  • SQL Server Spatial
  • ESRI File Geodatabase (only supports sequential processing, not parallel processing)
  • WFS – Web Feature Service
  • PostGIS
GIS Raster Data Formats
  • GeoTiff (TIFF)
  • ERmapper Compressed Wavelet – ECW (with internal geo-referenced header information or Tab header file).
  • JPEG – JPG (with world file – jgw)
  • JPEG2000 – jp2
  • WMS – Web Mapping Service
  • ESRI Mapping Services
Databases Supported
  • SQL Lite
  • SQL Server
  • PostGIS
System Architecture

Key applications

We provide workflow process software solutions and services to many of Australia’s most significant underground asset owners.

Current sectors

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Communications (telco, cable, fibre optic)
  • Water
  • Local Councils (stormwater drains, sewerage infrastructure, irrigation and network cabling)
Case studies
Busselton Water
Central Highlands Regional Council
CitiPower and Powercor
Epic Energy
Gladstone Area Water Board
Mackay Regional Council
Toowoomba Regional Council
Tweed Shire Council
Western Downs Regional Council