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A Word from The Boss

3 proven ways to empower technology

Welcome to our 2019 Winter newsletter

In this edition, we share Isaac Regional client success story, a wrap-up of one of our 2019 #projectMAD initiatives to make a difference for those suffering with multiple sclerosis, present  another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

Successful companies know that IT is not an afterthought—it’s a critical ecosystem supported by a strong team and connected by technology and processes, and it’s all about creating accord between these moving parts.

To empower technology and optimise its role for the delivery of information within an organisation, there are three things leaders must do.

  • Operationally deliver relevant data, when and where it’s needed
  • Tailor the experience to meet everyone’s needs
  • Collaborate in real time to strategically make better decisions, faster.

I wish you all the best in your daily activities and would like to close by welcoming the following new staff Hine Laban Support Team Leader, Michael Short Senior Solutions Specialist and Mohsan Sadiq Project Manager in our Brisbane HQ. Our new clients AEROmetrex, APA Networks, City of Melton, Countrytell, Hunter Water, Isaac Regional Council and Cross Yarra Partnership to the extended Mipela family.

Hayden McDonald
Managing Director

Automation in Remote Regions Delivers Multiple Benefits to Council

Isaac Regional Council is the resources capital of Queensland, producing more than half of Queensland’s total saleable coal.

The Council’s role is to provide facilities throughout the region in an effective and efficient manner and encourage strategic and sustainable development of the area for the benefit of all residents. As part of Councils continuous improvement strategy, they have looked to technology and in turn to Mipela to implement an automated response system for their Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) enquiries, namely X-Info DBYD suite.

Automation of this service ensures valuable staff resources are retained for important work that technology can’t replace. Regional areas strive to retain great people that deliver value to Council, which was a large part of Isaac Regional Council looking for a solution to these DBYD tasks.

X-Info DBYD suite also delivers a service that responds to enquiries 24/7, regardless of weekends or public holidays.

Having an automated response system in X-Info DBYD suite now means that enquirers will get a quick, accurate response, ensuring Council are doing all they can to not only protect their assets but to also protect council residents from unforeseen disruption.

Latest Release Notes

Nearmap is now supported and can be used as background imagery within all mapping and geometry views among the X-Info suite of products.

Nearmap provides high resolution aerial imagery across Australia, allowing you to view your geometry data with clear, detailed and accurate background imagery.

Nearmap can be added as a background layer to the configuration settings for X-Info Connect, X-Info WebConnect, X-Info Maps and X-Info Aware.

PLEASE NOTE – as with Google Maps and Bing Maps, a Nearmap subscription is required. Clients must agree to Nearmap terms and conditions of use and a Nearmap licence key is required for use.

Powering through South Australia

ElectraNet’s Hill to Hill Transmission line project (H2H project) involves providing a new source of electricity supply to OZ Minerals’ Prominent Hill mine by constructing a new transmission line from Port Augusta to Roxby Downs in South Australia.

For ElectraNet, this is their first major project utilising their new ESRI Enterprise GIS system.

Project staff and contractors have been presented with expanded options for map products including web maps and apps on top of traditional paper based maps. This has meant educating users around possible products and working with them to understand how new products could suit their needs.

The project involves a large component of remote field work with occasionally limited internet connectivity. The challenges to staff using new hardware and software in the field have been managed by the Mipela GIS Specialist from the ElectraNet Keswick office in Adelaide.

The new GIS platform has also meant that ElectraNet project staff have been, for the first time, able to import and export project data in a variety of formats not possible previously.

Mipela’s onsite project GIS Specialist has become the go to point of contact for GIS on the H2H project. Datasets have been created and rationalised for the first time, advice around data transmittals have been provided to project resources and support has been provided to field users on a full time basis.

GIS has been used in ways not seen before at ElectraNet such as providing a monthly update map of construction progress previously managed in spreadsheets.

The work done on the H2H project has fed into the creation of the ElectraNet GIS Governance strategy as well as day to day GIS procedures.

Services provided for the H2H project have also extended into a new project – the Eyre Peninsula line duplication, giving project staff visibility to multiple projects through the GIS.

Tips and Tricks

Q1: Does X-Info WebConnect 5.1 work on my touch device?
A1: Whilst X-Info WebConnect 5.1 is not optimised for touch devices, such as iPads, tablets and touch phones, it will still be usable without full feature support. X-Info WebConnect Legacy (using Quick Finds) is compatible with touch screen devices.

Q2: Can I revert back to X-Info WebConnect Legacy?
A2: Of course! Select the Go to Legacy X-Info WebConnect button in the top right corner of the browser and this will take you back to Legacy X-Info WebConnect.

Q3: What is an alternative for X-Info WebConnect 5.1 on touch devices?
A3: X-Info Aware mobile data capture app replaces outdated, repetitive and manual processes for capturing data with a simplified digital solution that works anywhere using your existing mobile phone or tablet. 

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the Support Team at

Recent Events

300 teams, 5,300 riders, 10,600 wheels  – What a Day!

This year we raised $45,600 taking our total raised for MS Qld to $181,686 in the last 8 years we have supported this great event the MS Brissie to Bay. Due to the generosity of our 40 MAD riders taking the time to train and raise funds with their generous supporters, our strategic partners (DBYD Qld, ISGQ, MC Global, Powered, Sentanil Systems) and our teams kit sponsor Echelon Sports who choose to ‘Make A Difference’ for people living with multiple sclerosis, we could not have done this without your support – THANK YOU!

YPF Geotagging Adventure Race Brisbane

Friday 17 May saw several groups of YPFers scurrying around Fortitude Valley and Newstead solving cryptic clues to find their next destination as part of the Mipela geotagging adventure race.

Teams were given clues via X-Info Aware, Mipela’s mobile data capture app and had to take photos to confirm they had achieved each clue before heading onto the next – including finding a life sized Superman in a phone booth!

Fortunately the last clue directed them to well earned refreshments at the Newstead Brewery.

Upcoming Events

Adelaide User Group – 21 August

Mipela will be hosting its next Adelaide User Group on Wednesday 21 August at its office in the Adelaide CBD. We will have a guest presenter who will be talking about how using the Activities function in X-Info WebConnect has changed how they work.

This event runs from 5.00pm for about an hour and is followed by refreshments and nibbles at a nearby venue.

To register to attend please email and we’ll make sure you’re on the guest list.

Staff Update

Getting to know our new people

(L to R) Michael, Hine and Mohsan

MICHAEL SHORT – Senior Solutions Specialist

If you had to listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Coldplay ‘Magic’

What animal do you think most closely matches your personality? ‘Hawk’ – watch and listen (and act)

If you could choose one age to be forever, what age would it be and why? Forever age would be 11. Still innocent to majority of the ways of the world but old enough to enjoy it.

What are three items you would take with you to a deserted island? Fishing line, knife and hammock

What’s our favourite famous inspirational quote? “The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them” (anonymous)

What is your favourite sports team? ‘All Blacks’ of course!

HINE LABAN – Support Team Leader

Team Leader Who inspires you? Maybe it’s a musician or artist. … my children. They make me want to be a better mum and person.

What was the best concert you ever attended? Beyonce

Where’s your favourite place in the world? … anywhere with loved ones, good conversations and amazing food!

If you could be any animal, which would you be? … a Tiger. I fell in love with them when I worked at Dreamworld. Before the park opened some days I would go and sit at Tiger Island with my laptop and watch them while I worked.

What are you passionate about? My kids and CrossFit.

What is your favourite sport? I used to play a lot of netball but retired after a bad ankle injury. Now I do Crossfit – I love the community and I enjoy the constant challenge and variety. I’m a typical Kiwi who loves her rugby (All Blacks naturally) as well!

Whats your secret talent that no one knows about? Well it wouldn’t be a secret talent if I shared it! I do have excellent sleuthing skills though…

MOHSAN SADIQ – Project Manager

If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be? Carpentry

What’s your go-to productivity trick? Make a list and check it off

What trend do you hope makes a comeback? Analogue music – I’m an avid LP collector and can’t believe I left so much music back in Canada 🙁

If you could only eat one item for every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Eggs

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick? Email, Newsfeed, Banking app

What is your favourite sports team? Montreal Canadiens (that’s how you spell their name)

What energizes you at work? The people