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A word from the Boss

Welcome to our Summer newsletter for 2019!

In this edition, we share Vestas’ client success story, a wrap-up of our 2019 APGA Convention Infrastructure for the Future”, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

With work I am sure you will agree, some days are great, some days are good, some days are bad – we’ve all been there. I thought I would share some thoughts on how to be more productive using technology, with the aim to be working smarter, instead of harder:

  • Focus on Systems Instead of Goals – systems are the best way to progress since they reward effort and we can control all the variables
  • Track and Measure Output, Not Input – we need to have a sense of direction in those efforts, to know what we are trying to accomplish, a system is an ideal way to control how to achieve an output
  • Live by the 80/20 Rule – helps you gain clarity on what is truly important to sustain innovative work
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks – means more time to focus on creative and productive work
  • Be Data Driven – allows you to focus on the facts and eliminate the emotion and opinions in our day to day decision making processes.

Our recent new clients include Canadian Solar, Goldwind’s Coppabella Wind Farm and Clarke Creek Wind and Solar Farm as well as Veolia’s Springvale Mount Piper Power Station Water Treatment Plant and pipeline to the extended Mipela family.

To close I would like to welcoming the following new staff:

  • Adam Herbert Solutions Project Coordinator
  • Karen Church Software Engineer.

On behalf of the Mipela team thank you for your trust and support throughout 2019. I wish you ‘Compliments of the Season’, safe travels to wherever you might be with family and friends and best wishes for a rewarding and successful New Year which we look forward to with excitement and confidence.

Hayden McDonald
Founder and Managing Director

Stakeholder management – the answer is blowing in the wind

Vestas Australian Wind Technology – the local arm of Danish wind energy giant Vestas – recently engaged Mipela to provide a stakeholder management platform for a new wind farm project that they are developing near Walcha in NSW.  The project, known as the Winterbourne Wind Farm, has a potential capacity of 700MW which would make it the largest wind farm in Australia if it were built today.

Vestas also wanted a stakeholder management platform that could be scaled to future development projects.  Mipela implemented X-Info Suite to provide a web based solution that can manage stakeholders, property information, agreements and associated payments as well as associated communications. Users are also able to capture data in the field using the mobile data capture app, X-Info Aware.

While the conversations with landholders in the region had been underway for the past fifteen years, the engagement had been quite informal. Owner names were tracked on a simple spreadsheet and Google Earth was used for the property and asset locations. Now all information, including the historical information already captured, is available from one source in X-Info Suite and can be used for several different purposes including bulk communications, geospatially capturing data and payments.

Project Director of the Winterbourne Wind Farm, Doug Landfear said, “The team at Mipela have provided us with a best practice stakeholder management system that has the flexibility to provide us with a comprehensive solution into the future as this project matures. Their expertise and experience in delivering the solution made the process simple – we were able to start working with the software in a matter of weeks. The Mipela Solution Specialist was insanely efficient and made the project a breeze.”

One other interesting dimension is that Vestas purchased the project from Walcha Energy who is developing other renewable energy projects in the Walcha area.  Walcha Energy is also using X-Info Suite to manage its stakeholder management across these other assets.

What’s new – product update

New Feature for X-Info Aware – Report

A new feature has been added to X-Info Aware that allows users to report any problems or issues they may be experiencing from within the X-Info Aware app. A form is launched for you to complete which lets you add general and specific details about the issue. When submitted, the Mipela Support team are immediately notified and can investigate using the information provided.

  1. To Report an issue, select the system Drawer.
  2. Scroll down or collapse the list of tasks and select ‘Report Issue’.

A form will be displayed for you to add the following details:

  • X-Info Aware Tab – details which tab you were on when encountering the issue
  • Task Name – this only applies to the Assigned and Available tabs – select the name of the Task you were working on
  • Field Name – again applies to the Assigned and Available tabs – select the name of the Field the issue refers to
  • Problem – defines a general category for the problem, for example Cannot Open
  • Steps to Reproduce – allows you to enter the steps you went through to the point you encountered the issue
  • Connectivity – defines the type of connection you had at the time of the issue, for example Mobile
  • Additional Information – this is your opportunity to add any images or screenshots as reference information.

The form will be submitted by https, however users can change this to send by email (you’ll find this in Settings). It’s worth noting that when email is selected, the default email account configured on the device will be used.


Engaging with the Mipela Support team

The Mipela Support team provides ongoing technical support for clients with a current Technical Support Contract bundle. Technical support includes (but is not limited to):

  • Investigating and resolving incidents or issues
  • Software upgrades and maintenance
  • Training
  • System review and optimisation
  • Enhancements
  • Data updates
  • Template updates.

Q1: How do I contact the Mipela Support team?

A1: The most common method of communication is through email, or you can call the team on 1300 807 770. They’re also happy to attend onsite Client meetings or meet face to face at Mipela’s HQ at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane.

Q2: What do I do if I am having an issue and need to send a request to Support?

A2:  Here are some simple guidelines to follow, when sending an issue to Mipela Support.

  • Keep it simple, summarise it as best you can, but be specific and to the point
  • Do not combine multiple issues in the same request even if they seem similar. Submit a separate request for each issue.
  • Please detail all steps/actions clearly and in sequence
  • If possible, provide screenshots or photos of the issue and the steps so that we can reproduce your issue. Images of the issue can provide more detail and save on time when investigating the problem at hand. We recommend using Step Recorder, a free and easy to use Windows tool, to automatically capture the details for a User.

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact Mipela Support team on 1300 857 870.

APGA conference recap

Another year, another awesome APGA conference full of smiles, laughs and a few refreshments.

Thanks to all who popped by our exhibition booth to say hi.

The Mipela APGA conference team were dressed to impress at the gala dinner.

The Pineapple people (as we affectionately became known)

Shot in the Paddock (last seen at the Winners and Losers fancy dress party)

Life’s a Beach

Enjoying their new CoolCabana, Ian and Katy Spence spent the day recently at the beach in sunny Queensland.

The CoolCabana was Mipela’s giveaway at the recent APGA conference and the winner, Susie Bartlett from CNC Project Management kindly regifted it to the young family.

Staff updates

Adam Herbert

Adam joins us at the Solutions Project Coordinator, with more than ten years in the industry.

He plays the guitar which he learnt from his grandfather. He took that passion and combined it with woodworks and has since built himself a few guitars. The first one he made was a Flying V (pictured), which I’m sure you’ll agree is extremely impressive!

Karen Church

Karen joins us as a Software Engineer to assist the Products team with the busy times ahead. While she has 15 years’ industry experience, her interest in computers began at the young age of six when she started writing programs in BASIC!

She’s an adrenaline junkie and avid footy fan, fitting right into the midst of the Mipela crew.

We like, we like to party

On 15 November, the Mipela team headed to Victoria Park, Brisbane for a competitive round of Christmas Putt Putt and a fair go at the driving range, all the while overlooking views of Brisbane city.

One of the main highlights of the night included a hole in one completed in succession by both KT and Karen Strike on one of the hardest holes of the course, featuring none other than Santa.

It was a great chance for the team to reflect on the busy year that was and gear up for the final month of 2019.

Finally… Season’s Greetings

Mipela’s offices will be closed from Friday 20 December 2019. We will be back bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday 6 January 2020. The Support team will be providing limited coverage to our clients over this period.