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A word from the Boss

Crafting a culture to support decision intelligence

Welcome to our Autumn newsletter for 2022!

In this edition, we are excited to release X-Info Connect V6.4, share AGIG and City of Rockingham’s client success stories, introduce some new Wantoks who have joined the Mipela team recently, present another X-InFocus tech tip and update of our teams activities in connecting people with information.

To open I would like to introduce the following new team members, Tina Underwood – Senior Solution Specialist, David Gooding – GIS Specialist and Peter Van Duong – Software Engineer in our Products Team. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our most recent new clients Accel Energy, Bridgewater Projects and Windlab to the extended Mipela family.

We can all be responsive, reliable, repeatable in our day to day activities but for organisations looking to enhance efficiency we need better decision making processes. Nowadays, decisions have more wide ranging effects on the business. And decisions can be fuelled by data in a way they’ve never been fuelled before. How to craft a culture to support decision intelligence:

  • Start from the top with data-driven decision-making leadership and be patient, creating a data driven culture takes time
  • Encourage and empower team members with a data-driven mindset to collaborate across internal teams, departments, and business units
  • Select the right tools for you and your business needs to ensure you have traceability of the quality of your data
  • Focus on analytics to gain actionable insights to build self-assurance into decision-making
  • Make data-driven decisions by aligning with business goals, strategic plans and monitor the effectiveness

In a future where data is constantly flowing, organisations that harness it to drive decision making will have a competitive advantage. By creating a culture that values the importance of data and utilising tools that allow them to capture and use it efficiently, a business can develop better strategies for success. Please contact our Client Success team to find out more.

To close, our thoughts are with everyone in Qld and NSW that have been devastated by the recent rain and flooding events and the fires in WA. From all the team at Mipela GeoSolutions, stay safe!

Hayden McDonald
Managing Director

Using software to safely plant trees

One of Mipela’s long standing clients, The City of Rockingham in Western Australia recently rolled out X-Info Plans Management to proactively manage the safe planting of more than 600 trees.

In July 2021 the City of Rockingham has successfully secured $66,000 in grant funding from the State Government’s Urban Canopy Grant program to plant more than 600 new trees across the community. The Urban Forest Canopy Program is delivered by the City of Rockingham with support from the Water Corporation and WALGA.

Planting trees requires breaking ground, which means the City needs to lodge a Dial Before You Dig (now known as Before You Dig Australia) enquiry for each location. Managing the incoming responses from these enquiries (on average 6 responses per enquiry) takes a lot of time, effort and coordination. The City, who also have used Mipela’s X-Info DBYD suite automated response system for several years, identified that X-Info Plans Management would simplify and automate this manual process of ensuring it was safe to plant the trees without damaging any underground assets or putting their staff at risk.

City of Rockingham Mayor, Deb Hamblin said, “These trees will be invaluable to the City’s green capital and will play a significant role in providing a green, liveable City for current and future generations. The 2021/2022 Urban Canopy Grant program focuses specifically on reducing the urban heat island effect and aims to create cooler corridors for community members to enjoy.”

Utilising Map Activities

The Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (DBP) is WA’s key gas transmission pipeline. DBP forms part of the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) portfolio, delivering gas to more than two million Australian homes and businesses.

DBP use X-Info Suite to help manage its Lands Management, Encroachments, Dial Before You Dig, AS 2885 Safety Management Studies (SMS) and Pipeline Integrity Data to assist in protecting its WA and NT assets (approx 3,700km of gas transmission pipelines).

With the introduction of Map Activities to X-Info Suite in 2021, DBP’s GIS Manager, John Quigley, saw an opportunity to significantly improve how they were using X-Info Suite to share more information in an intuitive and meaningful way to more people across the business. John worked with the Mipela team to configure Map Activities right across X-Info Suite, enabling data to be visually represented on interactive maps, allowing users to quickly drill down into the detail or associated documentation.

John recently sat down with the Mipela team to talk about how X-Info Suite is used across their business.

“We have a long history of recorded communications with land owners associated with the operation of the pipelines”, said John. “The vision of how GIS could additionally assist in data management of new gas pipelines started way back in 1995. We have been able to build off this and increase the use of GIS across the business to assist users in their daily work. With the new Map Activities functions, we are now able to offer users improved search capabilities, with overlays of the most current aerial imagery and associated spatial data with increased speed, panning and presentation capabilities”.

“We are now able to utilise Map Activities and create customised online maps for various users across the business including Lands (Landowners, Easements, Encroachments, Approvals, Cultural, Environment, Access Roads, Mining and Exploration Tenements), Third Party Works (DBYD, New Crossings, As-Built), Regulatory (Pipeline Licence, AS 2885 SMS), Cathodic Protection (ILI Weld and Pipe Features, Maintenance Dig-Ups, CP infrastructure, CP and DCVG surveys), Engineering (Pipes, Welds, NDT, Coating, Drawings linked to location, Depth of Cover), Pipeline Development and Commercial (Potential new pipeline routes), Travel (SPOT mapping) and New Projects (Alignment Sheets, Line Lists, QA/QC, Progress mapping, As-Built)”.

“The volume of data in X-Info Suite is significant – not only from a historical perspective – but we are adding more and more data to the system. Recently we added approximately 550,000 ILI weld and pipe features from our recent pigging campaign. Activities has now enabled us to provide users with a quick and efficient way of finding data they are seeking”.

“It is important we collect and analyse new pipeline construction data appropriately so we can support our team to fulfil the quality and pipeline integrity requirements of the project. All pipes, welds and associated data and infrastructure are managed with the assistance of Sentanil Systems Construction Management System. We have now the ability to use hyperlinks to show associated images, photos, weld x-rays and documents for pipelines (that reside in QDMS) at a spatial location in Map Activities. This is a great way to search for documents via its location”.

“Capturing and mapping cultural heritage information is an important part of our business. All registered cultural sites for WA and NT are mapped. This is an important aspect of designing the route for a new gas pipeline. For the operating pipelines, we have many people travelling up and down the right of way (ROW) so it is important that they are aware of where nearby sites are. By double clicking on a site on an interactive map in X-Info Suite, they can quickly drill down into the detail associated with the sites”.

“With more than 6,500 crossings across the pipeline network, including roads, rivers, railways, third party pipelines and assets, the AS2885 Safety Management Studies are all managed within the X-Info SMS suite connection. “This would be very difficult to manage without X-Info SMS suite,” mentioned John. “The new map activities capabilities have given us the ability to enhance our presentation of the database and associated mapping that is used during the AS 2885 workshops”.

Another example, John said, “We are currently working with our travel team to improve our mapping interface with remote travel. Our operations and project teams work in very remote areas. By integrating our SPOT GPS travel data into our existing spatial data in X-Info Suite, we can quickly overlay our pipelines, facilities, access roads towns and accommodation, and locate where our people are travelling in relation to these. GPS data from vehicles is downloaded into the GIS via the SPOT system every half an hour. Map Activities has enabled us to produce a searchable tool to assist our travel team in managing our people’s remote travel”.

“I’m really looking forward to setting up the new bulk email tool that Mipela recently released in X-Info Connect 6.3. We are increasingly using emails as an efficient form of communication with our landowners and other entities associated with the pipeline. For example, every time we fly for aerial surveillance of our pipelines and facilities, we send an aerial notification email to affected landowners and airports. Recently notifications have extended to CP surveys and dig-ups, ROW slashing and maintenance, and landowner visits.  This new function will enable the process to be automated and give the ability to our Lands team to perform themselves”.

In summary John said, “Map Activities have really ramped things up for us. It allows the GIS data to be more and more utilised across the business. We have created Map Activities in X-Info Suite, based on roles and responsibilities, producing tailored maps and reports for those particular people and roles. We are seeing an increasing number of people across the business use GIS, and having quick and simple access to data and maps in the office and in the field is a key to this”.

Mipela’s process improvement Kamapin Project

Back in August 2021, Mipela commenced an internal project to eliminate complexity and manual process across the teams in order to become more efficient and proactive, add more value to our clients and allow us to scale. This project has become known as the Kamapin Project (Pidgin English meaning is to start, to reveal, to improve and to develop).

Before commencing the project, we analysed the changes happening for business globally due to the ongoing pandemic and determined how we might make use of this pivotal time for change in our own workplace.

The project follows the simple and transparent process of:

  1. Assess the current People, Processes and Systems
  2. Engage with relevant internal stakeholders to determine where there might be opportunities for improvements
  3. Ensure all possible improvements meet the Triple R criteria – Are the improvements Responsive, Reliable, Repeatable?
  4. Implement changes as agreed with internal stakeholders
  5. Monitor the progress of changes and make minor changes where needed.

The Kamapin Project has already resulted in major automation of critical systems and processes related to the client lifecycle, streamlining how we work with our clients. It will continue to work through process improvements of different areas of the business until the first phase is completed in June 2022.

Whilst everyone at Mipela is participating in the project, it has been facilitated and driven by Adam Herbert and Mia Slattery. Together they are ensuring the ongoing momentum of the project.

COVID update

Mipela GeoSolutions recognises that we have a duty to protect the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients, visitors and communities in which we operate, and comply with government health directives and legislation.

As we continue to make progress as across Australia towards our COVID-19 reopening targets, Mipela continues to adhere to the Federal and various State Governments and our Clients workplace requirements to protect the health and safety of our workforce. We expect that Covid will continue to have an impact, at least in the short-term. Our Leadership team meet regularly to review our top risks namely, business interruption, talent acquisition retention and upskilling, and cyber vulnerability. We focused to protect the health and well-being of our people, clients and colleagues.

Tips and Tricks

Keeping your DBYD data Current

We all know how important Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is for keeping your assets safe from incidents and damage.

X-Info DBYD suite is a great tool to manage and automate your DBYD responses however, as with any system, it’s only as good the data it uses.

Here’s a few tips on how to keep your X-Info DBYD suite data up to date – especially when you’re adding new assets to your portfolio.

Q1: How do I keep my DBYD data current?

A1: There are several ways to make sure that DBYD is using your most up to date information. This can be as simple as sending your spatial data that identifies your assets to the Mipela Support team for updating, as required. This can be on a monthly/quarterly basis or whenever you’ve made an update to your data. Mipela Support will then copy the data up to our hosted servers, test the data is working as expected and confirm the update.

Sometimes your data might be too big to email this is where FTP or Web Services can come in handy.

Q2: Tell me more about FTP

A2: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method to transfer data over the internet. It is very useful for large datasets and can also be set up to transfer data automatically on a set schedule, thus automating the process.

Q3: And what’s these services on the Web?

A3: A Web Service is another method to transfer data across the internet. X-Info DBYD suite can connect to WFS (Web Feature Service), WMS (Web Map Service) or Esri REST services. The benefit of these services is that the data is not copied to our hosted servers but accessed on demand from the client’s GIS system, meaning the asset data is live and available to the X-Info DBYD suite in real time.

Q4: What is my AOI and how do I keep it up to date?

A4: The AOI (Area of Interest) is the area that is logged with that triggers when you will receive an enquiry. If you’re adding new assets, always be mindful that they are still covered within your AOI. If your new assets extend outside your current AOI, a new one will need to be created and updated with This is something your friendly team at Mipela Support can assist you with.

Q5: Do I need to update by background maps as well?

A5: Cadastre can change over time, so it is also worth updating your background maps every few years.

Mipela recommends clients change their background layers to a State Government web service, rather than a static file. This will ensure it’s always up to date. It takes about 30 minutes for us to set this up. Simply contact the Support team to arrange this configuration.

Clients might also want to consider updating their response templates relating to the accuracy of this layer because it is not a fully accurate dataset – especially in remote areas where it is not reviewed by State Government departments as frequently.

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact the Mipela Support Team via email or call 1300 857 870.

Latest Release

X-Info Connect v6.4 Release

Mipela GeoSolutions are releasing the latest product versions for X-Info Connect and X-Info WebConnect in April, 2022.

Version 6.4 of X-Info Connect and X-Info WebConnect will include some exciting new features such as:

Save Draft Activity

This feature allows any global capture activity to be saved during the capture process so users can return to the capture later. A draft version of the activity will be saved in the current state and stored in a folder under the main activity.

Users simply click on the draft version to resume data capturing.

Note: This is only available in X-Info Connect Client (desktop application).

Export Data to an Esri REST Service

A new OutConn type has been added to the export function to allow data and geometry (points, lines and polygons) to be exported to an Esri REST Service.

Create and Send Bulk Emails in WebConnect

This feature was released for X-Info Connect in v6.3 and will be available in X-Info WebConnect version 6.4.

The bulk email activity enables workflow from start to finish to search and select one or many contacts, review and edit details that have been predefined for an email, using a rich text editor and preview the details before sending or saving. A configurable communication is created that records the email.

Enhanced Map Performance

Improvements developed in map functions and rendering of layers from this version and previous versions have enhanced the performance and usability of the map with a map activity or layout.

Staff Updates

We believe getting to know a bit about the people behind the business is really important at Mipela. Our Wantoks (Pidgin English for us or people) are more than just team members – we’re mates. We believe our organisational culture is really unique and it is represented every day in our values:

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Technical competence.

A fine example of this played out just last weekend when the floods hit Brisbane. People were emailing, calling and texting their fellow Wantoks to make sure they were safe, as events occurred – checking in on each other. Totally unsolicited teamwork.

We have started profiling individuals on our LinkedIn page so you can get to know a bit about the people you do business with.

Newbie profile

Introducing Tina Underwood, our newest Senior Solutions Specialist

“I am known as that crazy #DogMum. I have 2 furbabies, Abby and Dude and am happily married to Rodd Underwood, the BBQ Gnome. At Theunderwood’s, you could imagine a typical weekend would look like long family walks, drives, and BBQ socials with friends and family.  This is when I am not indulging in my studies and chilling out to Netflix,” Tina says.

“Professionally I love most things that are tech savvy, embracing challenges and helping organisations improve processes and management of asset data through location intelligent solutions.  My goal is to provide users access to meaningful data and information in real time.”

Something GISsy

GIS Trivia: Australia’s HOW big?

  • Overall, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, the USA (including Alaska and Hawaii), and Brazil
  • The land area of Australia is 7,682,300 square km. This represents 5% of the world’s land area.
  • Australia is the world’s largest inhabited island and the smallest continent
  • The Australian coastline totals 36,735km (ask the Mipela-MAD cyclists!)
  • Australia’s Highway 1 is the world’s longest national highway road in the world. It has a length of 14,500km.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is the longest coral reef in the world, extending over 2,012.5km
  • Between the towns of Ooldia and Nurina in Western Australia, is the world’s longest straight stretch of railway, 478.4km in length
  • Dingo Fence of Australia is the world’s longest fence, its 5,331km in length. The Dingo Fence is a ‘pest-exclusion’ fence built in the 1880s and completed in 1885. Its main purpose is to shield the fertile south-east part of Australia from dingoes. The Dingo fence is longer than the Great Wall of China.
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