In today’s competitive commercial environment, pipeline companies are faced with an increasing number of regulatory and operating challenges. Issues such as safety management, data integrity, reliability, materials traceability and the need to continually add value are at the top of the pipeline operator’s priorities. Implementing the right information technology is a critical element in integrating the numerous sets of data needed for effective decision making and for ultimately maintaining a safe and reliable infrastructure.

Construction Information Management System (CIMS) developed by Sentanil Systems to assist in pipeline management from project conception through to pipeline operation. CIMS has a modular design and provides flexibility for future expansion and customization. The system aids pipeline management by providing decision makers with extensive data analysis capabilities, map display and reporting facilities.

Recent key pipelines projects have included Enertrade’s North Queensland Pipeline, DBNGP Looping, QSN Link and QSN3 Looping, TNGP, Roma Brisbane Looping for constructors such as Nacap, McConnell Dowell, WDS, Saipem, on behalf of clients including DBP, Epic Energy, Jemena, APA and Santos.



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