Mipela GeoSolutions provides professional GIS Services in the areas of projects, implementation and support. Whether you’re a big organisation or small business; whether you’re looking for specialised support or working on a large scale project; we’re able to help you with your requirements and meet your budget.

Our professionally qualified services team understand your industry and know how you work. With almost 200 years of combined GIS experience and sound technical knowledge on all major GIS platforms we can deliver quality results. Our Australian team includes graduates through to senior specialists which let us deliver the best possible fit where you need it.

You can choose how much you need us, whether it is for adhoc work, or for a fixed period of time to obtain a more competitive rate.



Value is not just Cost and Time. What is your expectation about the Quality and Service you receive?

Service is supported by Communication, which is fundamental to our Project management system. Regular reporting, emails, phone conversations and Meetings are all logged for the benefit of the entire team, not just the parties involved.

Our Team approach means we work with you to achieve required outcomes.

The Quality of the Service we offer is managed by our QC System and peer review process. Our Australian GIS team have degrees in Surveying, Engineering, Mathematics and the Spatial Sciences. This diverse qualification pool brings together different skill sets that are applied to problem solving and crafting your solution.

The team is constantly looking to automate and optimize repetitive tasks. This results in faster, more consistent solutions.



Our team GIS Specialists are competent in the major Industry Desktop products as well as Open Source tools. We are able to provide on site GIS support, but can also work remotely if required.

Our systems are under constant review. All lessons learned are fed back to improve the process and solutions we deliver.


Continuous Learning and Feedback

Feedback and learning from experience are a crucial aspect of the GIS Services team. Using X-info Connect, issues and solutions are captured on the job.

This information is distributed via logs and reports to internal and external teams.

Each piece of information is tracked from inception to resolution, including technical solutions and constraints.

Information distribution promotes the knowledge base of the team ensuring growth and development, whilst ensuring knowledge retention and Technical continuity assurance for our clients.


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