Our suite of services and products integrate and automate your internal and external knowledge, data and communications across physical locations and departmental structures. We work with you to activate workflow solutions that provide a central point where everyone within your organisation can easily and securely access information that’s tailored for them.

And there’s no need to replace your current systems. With the X-Info Suite you can unite them and make them work together.

What we do


Software solutions for automated business workflow
mobile data collection and data capture software
stakeholder relations and engagement management software


The X-Info product suite can be hosted Online (in our data centre) or OnSite (within your organisation).

workflow automation software solutionsX-Info Online deployment runs on our secure servers and behaves exactly as if it were running on your own computer. We utilise state of the art security including firewalls to ensure your data is secure.

X-info software onsite deploymentX-Info OnSite deployment runs on your own computer network (Intranet/LAN). Interfacing with other systems can be done without using the Internet.





GIS Services

Mipela GeoSolutions provides professional GIS Services in the areas of projects, implementation and support. Whether you’re a big organisation or small business; whether you’re looking for specialised support or working on a large scale project; we’re able to help you with your requirements and meet your budget.

Our professionally qualified services team understand your industry and know how you work. With almost 200 years of combined GIS experience and sound technical knowledge on all major GIS platforms we can deliver quality results. Our team includes graduates through to senior specialists which let us deliver the best possible fit where you need it.

You can choose how much you need us, whether it is for adhoc work, or for a fixed period of time to obtain a more competitive rate.




Our Projects team have the skills and experience to deliver the following services:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Project management
  • Data sourcing
  • Client data management
  • Map production and printing
  • Automated linear asset alignment sheet generation
  • Data conversion and cleansing
  • Search services
  • Training.



System Implementation

We get you up and running. Our systems implementation team have the product and industry knowledge to design and execute our software range to enhance your workflow automation solution and improve your community relations. The team work in close collaboration with our clients to explore and understand their current and future business processes. These processes are then interpreted into a customised and functional solution using the appropriate products, for location and Communication Information Management.




How can we help you?

Our support team are experienced to help you with any workflow automation software questions or problems including:

  • Software enquiries
  • Data management
  • Technical difficulties
  • Work requests
  • Training questions, feedback or requests
  • Feature requests.

Contact Support on:

1300 857 870

We’re available from Monday to Friday between 8:00am to 5:00pm (excluding Queensland and Statutory Public Holidays).