The ability to effectively track, analyse and manage company stakeholder information is vital for growing businesses in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Mipela offers X-Info Suite, a cloud hosted solution which has been used by the Australasian energy and infrastructure industry for more than fifteen years to:

  • Capture and report on stakeholder interactions including property information, cultural heritage, environment and native title commitments, agreements and more through conversations, emails, agreements and other relevant communications
  • Automate complex contract management and payments via workflows
  • Seamlessly integrate maps and corporate GIS data
  • Ensure statutory compliance
  • Gather data in the field via a mobile data capture app – even offline
  • Provide secure access to information for an unlimited number of internal and authorised external users.


X-Info Suite consolidates stakeholder information management, saves costs and time by automating workflows, and provides our clients (and their contractors) with an easy access to a “single point of truth” of core business information. X-Info Suite allows your personnel to seamlessly perform often complex stakeholder and land access processes through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Key Benefits

  • Improve communication and accountability
  • Manage business processes efficiently
  • Quick and easy to implement and update
  • A truly flexibility solution that can align to your business processes
  • Access securely anytime, anywhere
  • Locate a single source of information that is always up to date and centrally managed
  • Analyse your data and automate reporting.

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