We believe

  • Challenge the status quo, always looking to improve

  • Acknowledge our clients issue, and do the right thing

  • Responsible collaboration, we don’t let our team mates down

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We collaborate

We work closely with our clients to design the best possible overall solution. This means really getting to know a client’s business - what systems are in place already - what works, what doesn’t - what can be improved and how a solution can be delivered within the client’s timeframe and budget. If there’s a better way to do something (and there usually is) we’ll find it

We create

We draw on our extensive experience and use our own powerful and versatile X-Info product suite to build a tailored solution to perfectly meet the client’s needs. We take great care and attention to detail with every project we work on.

We refine

One of the dangers when developing largescale systems is trying to do everything at once and ending up with downtime for parts of the business. Our approach is to progressively develop and implement the components of the solution, minimising impact to existing business processes and allowing for a more natural evolution of the project to meet the design goals.

We deliver

Even after the final component of the project has been delivered, we maintain a close working relationship with each client, ensuring that the solution continues to meet the needs of the business as it grows.