Safety is paramount importance for Zinfra when maintaining the TGP. Their day to day field monitoring work is completed on the ground and from the air, and crews often work in isolated locations and in extreme weather conditions. Zinfra was looking for a mobile data capture app that is flexible and highly configurable to enable seamless integration to their existing systems, whilst connecting them to the field to plan their field work, manage their crews and share information efficiently and cost-effectively. In 2015, Zinfra approached Mipela to configure a hosted mobile data capture solution that manages tasks for remote workers via a tablet device and also provides automated reporting in real time, offering transparency of activities and real time results.


Zinfra has used Mipela software solutions for their operations and maintenance work since 2012, using X-Info Suite, consisting of X-Info Connect, X-Info Maps and the integration with Maintenance Connection for automated Dial Before You Dig responses, works management for third party crossings, and to manage communications with landholders along the pipelines. By implementing the new X-Info Aware application, field workers can now collect data on site at third party crossing locations and other field data collection tasks have been streamlined into X-Info Suite, allowing the decommission of their old data collection systems entirely. Zinfra can now also assign tasks to their crews in the field and undertake regular checks of the pipeline, based on work orders generated in Maintenance Connection, from both the air and ground, and keep informed of issues affecting the pipeline’s operation in real time. 


The implementation of X-Info Aware has significantly improved the management of remote field tasks for Zinfra’s workforce. The solution enables a collaborative approach of assigning, collecting, collating, analysing and sharing of information in real time among various key stakeholders, improving project management, operational efficiency and decision making. Zinfra can now see trends and updates for their works in real time and manipulate the data collected to generate meaningful intelligence to further streamline its processes and improve performance. This is particularly useful for cathodic protection test point monitoring as field data automatically updates charts and graphs accessible by engineers in the Tasmanian and Melbourne based offices.

Zinfra and Tasmanian Gas Pipeline

Going paperless in the field

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) is the only pipeline supplying natural gas to Tasmania. It transports natural gas from Longford in Victoria, under Bass Strait, to Bell Bay in Tasmania. The TGP is a part of a network of underground high-pressure gas pipes, which stretches over 20,000km and serves all of Australia’s states and territories.

The TGP asset is owned by Palisade, and Zinfra has operated, maintained and undertaken minor construction activities on the gas pipe for 14 years, since it was commissioned in 2002, under a field services agreement (FSA).

Zinfra delivers a comprehensive range of engineering, operations, maintenance and construction services to the utility infrastructure sector nationally. Their services include asset management, engineering, design, project management, construction, maintenance and asset operations.

“In 2012 Zinfra was using approximately four different programs and devices to view and collect data when operating and maintaining the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline. This data was manually transferred into other systems to update GIS layers or Landowner Databases, etc. In order to streamline these manual processes, we needed to update and bring together our data systems for our field team as well as our client, Palisade, so all captured data was in one place with live true data automatically synchronising using current mobile technology ie: smart phone or tablet. With Mipela’s suite of products we were able to tailor what we needed to deliver for our client. Over the past four years we have found a solution that not only meets our client’s needs but keeps our field employees up to date with live updates and work flows that save time, keep data current and easier to manage. When working with Mipela our team has found they have a “can do, nothing is a problem” attitude with continual improvement always at the front of their mind. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Mipela and I look forward to working on the next project with them”, said Matthew Stewart, Operator of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline – Zinfra.

“It has been great to be involved with Mipela as we have rolled out the X-Info Aware app. I’m now using the app to collect data from our bi-monthly aerial patrol of the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline which includes GPS location, photos and fault comments. Zinfra is also using the app for collection of data for Cathodic Protection Test Points, Right of Way faults and DBYD data. The support we have received from Mipela has been exceptional from setup of the app to suit our requirements, through to implementation and fine tuning as required”, said Greg Lovell, Operator Tech from Zinfra.

“Implementing X-Info Aware data capture software for Zinfra’s data capture – which includes cathodic protection, aerial patrols and pipeline faults – has improved not only our workflow and record keeping, but keeps us up to date with current technologies available. We also have other connections that are linked together, including DBYD and Landholder Database, as well as a live system which is very important for our employees to ensure they have the most up to date data when in the field”, concurred Graeme Bystersky, Works Coordinator, Zinfra/Tasmanian Gas Pipeline.