The amount of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) data the Asset Planning and Property (APP) team handle each year grows increasingly larger, as does the need to provide this data in a meaningful format to a number of users who require access to this data to assist them in their own work areas. Regular reporting is demanding more time and resources; and as a result contributes additional costs to the business.  This prompted the APP team to look at implementing an automated system for their DBYD reporting requirements.


X-Info Report suite is a fully configurable business intelligence tool that consolidates data from multiple systems and interprets and displays key information in standardised PDF report formats. Reports are fully designed to meet City of Port Phillip reporting requirements and include text, tables, figures, images, charts and maps. The reports can also be filtered to display nominated outputs and data ranges as required by the team. The Executive Leadership team at Council drove the requirement based on the simple premise that they knew they had the data, they just needed it to be organised to create better quality information in order to make better decisions and effect better outcomes.


City of Port Phillip is able to enhance their existing reports and develop a self serve report library to provide end users with  time data, on demand. The reports can be styled to suit the business brand, be used for mail merge activities, and scheduled for distribution to multiple email recipients on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual basis. Each one addresses critical Key Performance Indicators and enabled the business to be intimately informed and proactively in touch with the key facts.

City of Port Phillip

Accountable Reporting for City of Port Phillip

City of Port Phillip is a Local Government in Victoria on the northern shores of Port Phillip, south of Melbourne’s central business district. In December 2013, the Mipela GeoSolutions X-Info DBYD suite online automated response system was activated.

In January 2015, City of Port Phillip approached Mipela GeoSolutions to provide them with a scope of works to implement the X-Info Report suite which was implemented, defined and integrated with the X-Info DBYD suite processing environment. One is a scheduled monthly report in PDF format that is distributed to nominated email recipients. The information provides the team with an overview of the DBYD enquiries received by activity per month across a twelve month period.  Another uses the Connectors functionality where a scheduled CSV output file is generated containing filtered DBYD enquiries received for the past 7 days and scheduled for automatic email distribution to recipients on a weekly basis.

“The automated reporting has given the team peace of mind. “We don’t have to go looking for the data, it comes to us,” said John Williams, Coordinator Asset Management, City of Port Phillip.