Managing such large volumes of dynamic information can be a challenge for any organisation. Inaccurate records were resulting in large volumes of returned notices to land occupiers. The inaccuracy of its dataset exposed ElectraNet to the risk of legal claims and damage to ElectraNet’s relationships with its landowners and occupiers. The obligation to contact land occupiers versus property owners had been a challenge. However, new processes available through the use of X-Info Connect, as the single source of truth, has enabled ElectraNet to maintain its landowner data set in real time. Changes of ownership and land divisions are updated daily over the whole network.


Mipela had already been providing ElectraNet with its automated Dial Before You Dig responses system, X-Info DBYD suite, since 2011. They provide ongoing positive, proactive support to ElectraNet and seemed an obvious choice when it came time to implement a new land management solution. The X-Info Connect implementation was a collaborative process and delivered on ElectraNet’s business process requirements and legislative compliance.


In a nutshell the improved business processes that X-Info Connect has enabled offers an easy and flexible conduit to assist the business to continuously improve its data integrity and accuracy. ElectraNet now has a more proactive approach to engaging with its new land occupiers to introduce themselves, confirm details and preferred methods of contact, ensure knowledge is centralised and available securely to those who need it within ElectraNet. The net result is that ElectraNet no longer receives bags of returned mail. The Digital Cadastral Data Base (DCDB – property boundary data) is refreshed bi monthly in a process that compliments updated business processes and the accuracy of ElectraNet’s landholder dataset. Landholder communications and satisfaction levels have improved because the right people are receiving the appropriate correspondence. Contractor feedback has been extremely positive and the benefits clearly identified by them. They are now actively engaged with it and putting forward new ideas.


Providing ElectraNet with a flexible, intuitive system to build business processes

ElectraNet owns and operates over $2.5 billion of electricity transmission assets and has one of the highest network reliability levels in Australia.

An asset management, project management and contract management specialist, ElectraNet’s core business is building, owning, operating, maintaining and developing electricity transmission assets that transport high voltage electricity over long distances and to remote areas.

ElectraNet’s South Australian transmission network covers an area of over 200,000 square kilometres and passes across more than 15,000 properties, managed by around 8,500 landholders.

Legislation and good business practice, requires that ElectraNet must notify the land occupier each time they access these properties. On average this occurs four times a year and low level aerial inspections by helicopter at least twice a year.

ElectraNet relies heavily on contractors implementing its work programmes and maintaining the face to face landholder relationships in the field. Having an accurate and reliable system that also met contractor requirements was a major priority.

“ElectraNet was in a ‘world of pain’ with its ‘old’ system. Having X-Info Connect implemented has been an outstanding success, resolving all of the issues it faced. X-Info Connect has provided ElectraNet with a flexible, intuitive system that allows us to build business processes that provide positive outcomes”, said David Manley, Landholder Liaison Coordinator at ElectraNet.


  • Spatial representation of information has meant quicker snapshot reviews of areas.
  • The Property Information Management reports (PIMS, SA Lands Titles Office) received daily capture any changes to property ownership, property boundaries and title references along ElectraNet easements and are updated accordingly.
  • Centrally managed contact data that is available to relevant ElectraNet business units and external contractors, based on user permissions