ElectraNet’s manual response process was time consuming and prone to human error. A 48 hour timeframe was the standard in replying to the volume of enquiries which predisposed ElectraNet’s underground assets to being damaged.


X-Info DBYD suite brings efficiency and control to the very important task of protecting ElectraNet’s underground assets by automating the response process with an immediate turnaround timeframe.


The simple hosted solution includes detailed reporting tools that ensure transparency of activities near their assets, allows ElectraNet to focus on their business of providing a safe and reliable transmission service.


SA’s Electricity Transmission Specialist uses X-Info DBYD suite

ElectraNet is South Australia’s electricity transmission specialist, supporting the sustainable development of the state by consistently delivering reliable electricity transmission services at the lowest long-run cost to customers. Customers include power generators, the state’s electricity distributor ETSA Utilities and large industry.

In reinforcing and expanding the transmission network to meet South Australia’s growing demand for power, ElectraNet currently has over 150 engineers working on a significant number of transmission developments, worth in excess of $150 million a year to the community. With power demand continually growing, the timely and cost-effective establishment of new electricity transmission assets is essential, so that all electricity consumers have access to reliable electricity supplies into the future.

The successful implementation of X-Info DBYD suite allows ElectraNet to focus on their business of providing a safe and reliable transmission service knowing that dial before you dig enquiries are being responded to efficiently and accurately.