Tweed has historically completed DBYD requests in-house manually. This worked well for a small number of enquiries but as the number of enquiries grew this task became a full-time job. Council needed to free up the human resource and the automated digital solution provided the added benefit of not needing to have a fall-back when the staff member took any leave. In addition to this, all DBYD enquiries will be responded to much quicker than we could manually process them and they will provide consistent content, which was an issue with manual processing.


Mipela GeoSolutions proposed that Tweed Shire Council implement X-Info DBYD to assist with reducing enquiry response times and risk mitigation. The solution was straight forward, and easy to implement, with both Mipela GeoSolutions and Council working together to produce the solution.


This is now one less worry we have within Council. We have the confidence that the processing will occur in accordance with our business needs without our intervention. We can view and access reports on a needs basis and we have freed up one full-time human resource that can now concentrate on other important tasks for Council.

Tweed Shire Council

Tweed Shire Council – using technology to deliver value to ratepayers

Tweed Shire covers 1,303 square kilometres and adjoins the NSW Local Government Areas of Byron, Lismore and Kyogle, and north to Coolangatta on the Queensland border. Tweed Shire Council asset coverage extends from treatment plants to reticulation systems, which covers approximately 550km of sewer mains, 600km of water mains and further storm water assets. These assets are registered with Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) 1100 phone and internet request service, as a way to protect their asset and community safety.

Tweed Shire Council has adopted new technologies over the past ten years, the Council’s automated response system of choice has been Mipela’s X-Info DBYD suite.

Since 2013 Mipela has looked after the Shire’s protection of its communications, sewerage, water and stormwater assets. Now, with a new three year agreement through to 2025, we are excited to continue providing Council with peace of mind, making sure that enquiries to BYDA are quickly responded to.

The Council’s requirement for a robust response service is not just to protect their assets, but also to make sure that the people breaking ground in the Shire are getting the right information to support their work processes so they get to go home safely at the end of each day.

“Quick responses to BYDA inquiries are important to Council and our local community because waiting can cost precious time and money. Our residents deserve good service and we want them to have confidence Council is providing efficient and affordable, reliable services across each department,” added Elizabeth Seidl, Acting Manager Water & Wastewater from the Business and Assets team at Tweed Shire Council.