There are additional risks in the ground to those working in civil infrastructure beyond making contact and potentially damaging assets. Contaminated lands exist right across Australia, and asset owners have increasing requirements to manage the risks and deliver a Duty of Care to protect workers from potential exposure to hazardous materials.

The ability to automatically identify excavation risks near or within known contaminated land sites offers considerable time savings to our clients.


X-Info Suite uses information from the clients’ Before You Dig (BYD) automated response system to automatically identify excavation risks near or within known contaminated land sites. Once identified, the BYD enquirer automatically receives an email confirming they are within the buffer for a known contaminated land site and provided a detailed site plan, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Site Audit Statement (SAS) within just a few minutes of them lodging their Before You Dig enquiry.

Key Benefits

  • Lower risk, increased compliance
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces human error
  • Ensures transparency of who is working on your Contaminated Land sites at all times
  • Analyse your data and automate reporting
  • Quick and easy to implement and update.